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The Uncharacteristic Silence of Private Eye

October 30, 2007

The satirical magazine Private Eye includes a regular column entitled “Street of Shame” covering the bed-swapping, political infighting and boozing that goes on amongst Fleet Street’s finest. You would have thought, then,  that the departure of Roger Alton – editor of  the  Observer –  after a series of “discussions” with Alan Rusbridger – editor of the Guardian would be grist to their mill. (more…)

How the SoH Spun the SAS Malaria Sting

October 26, 2007

While fact-checking for my last post I reread the Society of Homeopath’s press release which they issued following the Newsnight/Sense About Science malaria sting. Since they cite this in their letter to the Guardian as evidence of how seriously they took the revelations about homeopaths giving potentially lethal advice on avoiding malaria, I thought I’d reproduce it in full with my comments. (more…)

SoH Letter to the Guardian

October 25, 2007

If you visit you will find the text of a letter they have sent to the Guardian in resonse to Ben Goldacre’s column ‘Threats – the homeopathic panacea’. The column can be found at and presumably on the Guardian’s website as well. The Society is trying to spin its way out of the issues raised by Dr Goldacre. (more…)

A Beginner’s Guide to Homeopathy

October 24, 2007

Homeopaths often bang on about how their remedies are “natural”. The result of this is that many people think that homeopathy and herbalism are the same thing.

Wrong. Herbal remedies are made from plants, some of which contain active ingredients. Willow bark tea contains the same active ingredient as aspirin, for example. The main problems with herbal remedies are that the amount of active ingredient varies and the presence of other ingredients can have a synergistic effect. Homeopathy is something else altogether. If you are not aquainted with the reality of homeopathy, you will be convinced that I’m making the following up. I assure you I am not.


More on the Society of Homeopaths versus Dr Lewis

October 23, 2007

It would appear that Ben Goldacre’s criticisms of the Society of Homeopaths (read them at ) have stung, judging by the letter they have sent to The Guardian. (read it at ).


The Society of Homeopaths – A Pretence of Professionalism

October 17, 2007

Homeopaths are constantly trying to make out that they are a proper profession. They even have a professional body – The Society of Homeopaths (SoH) – which claims to regulate their activities. Last year, Sense about Science caught out a number of their members selling homoeopathic malarial prophylactics. One explained that it would “fill up the malaria shaped hole in your energy”! At the time the SoH pretty much refused to admit there was a problem.


Dangerous Advice

October 3, 2007

Archishop Francisco Chimoio in Mozambique has claimed that two unnamed European countries are infecting condoms with the HIV virus as part of a program to wipe out Africans (  ) Even if any European Governments were genocidally minded, (more…)