Patricia Moroney Pwned

I snail-mailed my response to the SoH “investigation” on Saturday, so Patricia Moroney should have it by now. As promised, here is the text of my letter:

Dear Ms Moroney

Re. Sue Young

Thank you for your letter of 24th October concerning the above.

I note that you “understand” that Ms Young “has a disclaimer printed on all pages of her blog highlighting that the information is not a substitute for medical advice or opinion”. It cannot be very prominent because I do not recall ever seeing it.

You go on to say that there seems to have been some misunderstanding in the interpretation of the articles. This may be true but given that she adopted a policy of deleting any comments made that disagreed with her it became impossible to enter into a debate and thus reach any kind of understanding.

You make no further comment on her letter, of which you kindly enclosed a copy, so I assume you agree with the points made. If that is so, then I feel clarification is in order.

Contrary to her assertion at the top of the second page that she made only one other comment about AIDS, there is in fact another. In post 14 in the debate following The Parliament of Owls 3:2007 Suppression she states:-

‘You ask “Do you accept that AIDS is a syndrome? Do you accept that HIV causes AIDS? Do you think that homeopathy can treat AIDS or syphilis?” My answer, yes, yes, yes.’

This, by the way, is where the issue about homeopathy and syphilis, which Ms Young accuses me of “slipping in”, arose. Since her computer search failed to find it I suggest she has her software checked for flaws. Or searches Googlecache.

Regarding mercury she says:-

“…our Public Health Department knows that mercury is a poison in large amounts so they fill our children’s teeth with it” and concludes:-

“These people were fit and well before they went to their dentists…”

What interpretation can be put on this other than orthodox dental treatment makes people ill? In fact, on rereading, she appears to be saying that the NHS is engaged in a policy of deliberately poisoning children.

In between whiles she also appears to be accusing the NHS (I am assuming that this is who she means by the “Public Health Department”) of putting excess salt and sugar in food. She actually says “they” but said Department is the only referent. She may not have the intention of putting people off getting conventional treatment but anybody reading this and believing it will be put off.

She claims that her black friend’s comment about a “final solution for the white race” is actually a call for homeopathy to be a solution for all the world’s ills. She does not directly quote him as saying this so I am left with the impression that this is the spin she is putting on a highly offensive remark. Regarding her belief that homeopathy can “treat” the tendency to go to war, all I can say is that this is a claim that even the pharmaceutical giants would not dream of making.

She goes on to talk of the “abuse” from commenters on her website. Since this is discussed in a letter countering my complaint about her, I have to assume that she is accusing me of this abuse. If you read my posts you will find that they are not abusive. Nor were the posts she refused to allow, although they did point out the damage reliance on alternative medicine was doing in the South African townships. She also likens the disagreements with her views to racism. My wife is a black South African and suffered real racism under apartheid. She does not regard disagreement with someone’s opinions on homeopathy as racist.

She also mentions the “Ben Goldacre crowd”. Just for the record, I am a regular on the Bad Science forum but Dr Goldacre has nothing whatever to do with my complaints and I fail to see the relevence of bringing him into it.

Regarding the Zero Tolerance document from her GP’s surgery, I have no disagreememts with it and can only say that I find it bizarre that someone who lives by the principles it espouses could find the use of the phrase “final solution” acceptable, even if meant metaphorically, in a race relations context.

Yours sincerely

John Hawcock  

Incidently, if you google “Patricia Moroney Society of Homeopaths”, the first two hits are the Quackometer blog, and the third and fourth are articles on “Letting off Steam”! Wonder if she’s found out yet? 

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3 Responses to “Patricia Moroney Pwned”

  1. jdc Says:

    Nice one JQH. Perhaps this time they will launch a really thorough investigation. I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Mojo Says:

    Have you seen this, posted without comment by Sue on 17th November?

    Copied from here:

    “In such a situation, Homeopathic treatment can ensure control of diabetes, high blood pressure and Nephritis within one or two years and can completely cure these.”

    Named diseases. Claim of cure.

    It also seems to be claiming that “medicine” is the main cause of kidney disease.

  3. jaycueaitch Says:


    I’d complain but given the rigour of the last investigation I think I’d be wasting my time. I did post a polite query on Sue’s blog asking if she agreed with the article – my post was deleted within 5 minutes. Wonder if she’ll back-track to here to debate?

    Somehow I doubt it but you never know.

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