Spam and Spammers

I’ve just logged on for the first time since Christmas and discovered that the spammers have been busy. Because on a couple of occasions legitimate comments have been caught in the filter I had to skim through the haul.

What struck me was the total sameness. Every damn one of them was chock full of links to porn sites. Now I’ve heard that accessing porn is the most common net activity so purely on economic grounds it makes sense for the pornographers to tout their wares on the web but FFS is nobody selling or buying anything else?


One Response to “Spam and Spammers”

  1. Baddest Says:

    My spammers – up to fifty a day – just offer to enlarge my penis, or give me vi*gra to make the aforementioned, work. Very little pron. Our e-dresses must have been sold to different villains.

    As the spam all pints to the same two sites, how come they are still allowed to trade?

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