Electrosensitives Fall Out

The trustees of the charity Elecrosensitivity-UK have sacked their manager/spokesperson Rob Read, who is not too happy about it.

Read is quoted here as saying:-

“The funds we raised together … as well as the £9,600 via the Awards for All scheme of the National Lottery, revert to being the property of the trustees. They have demanded the return of computer, printer and office equipment some of you unselfishly provided for our use.”

I would have thought that given his stated belief in the dangers posed by such equipment, Read would have been glad to get rid of the computer etc.

On a serious note, he seems to ave a rather hazy grasp of charity law and financing. The money and equipment are and always were the property of the charity. They were never Read’s property and he only had the use of them while he was connected with the charity. Now that the connection has been cut, the trustees quite rightly require the return of equipment and money for which they are legally accountable.

He has set up a rival organisation, Independant Electrosensitivity-UK, which has been registered at Companies House (and not the Charity Commission, so this new organisation is not a charity)

The new trustees, who allege that Read tried to block their apointments, say they intend to run Electrosensitivity-UK in a “more professional manner” but do not comment on the reasons for the sacking.

One clue might be the fact that Independant Electrosensitivity-UK was registered on 5 December last year, which kind of suggests that Read has been planning his move for some time. All organisations take a very dim view of their staff becoming involved with rival organisations (including setting them up!) while still on the pay-roll, if Read was doing this then his sacking is justified.

The research for the above has been shamelessly cribbed from the posts by lecanardnoir, ACH, BobP, megachicken and j on the Bad Science thread linked to in the second paragraph.

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One Response to “Electrosensitives Fall Out”

  1. jdc325 Says:

    Schadenfreude, anyone? This is off-topic and out of context, but I think it’s funny that Rod Read once wrote “sorry if I sound maniacally bitter…” on the ES-UK website. He’s got something else to be bitter about now.

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