Pearl Harbour – An Inside Job?!

If the internet had existed in the 1940s, would the CT brigade have been posting stuff like this?

The events of 12/7 deserve a closer examination than they have received so far from the press, who lap up whatever lies Roosevelt chooses to feed them!

The official version, that the Japanese Navy launched a surprise raid and destroyed most of the Pacific Fleet and most of the airplanes stationed in Hawaii just does not stand up to any kind of scrutiny.

1. All three aircraft carriers just happened to be out of port. We are told that the USS Enterprise was delivering Marine Corps fighter planes to Wake Island, that the USS Lexington was delivering scout bombers to Midway Island and that the USS Saratoga had gone to the West Coast for refit and repairs. Excuse me! Isn’t Pearl Harbour a Naval Base, with a dry dock facility? Why weren’t the repairs done there?

2. We are asked to believe that virtually none of the aircraft stationed on the island were ready for take off and that those that were were outfought by Japanese aircraft. Eyewitnesses say that the so called “Zeros” looked remarkably like Spitfires. Spitfires are a British aitcraft and we all know Churchill is keen to get the USA in the war on Britain’s side!

3. According to the official version, many of the ships sunk in the harbour were sunk by torpedoes dropped by “Japanese” aircraft. When torpedoes are dropped from bombers they go quite deep before resurfacing. If you tried that in a harbour the torpedoes would just stick in the mud & blow up there.

4. The Navy claims to have captured someone called Lt. Sakamaki who they tell us was the commander of one of the mini-submarines that supposedly took part in the raid. Nobody is allowed to get close to him – he is kept isolated from other prisoners in the brig, the corridor leading to his cell is full of Army guards and when he has his daily excercise period he is surrounded by guards. According to the official version, this is to stop him committing suicide as he is required to do by the bushido code. If this was true, wouldn’t he have committed suicide before being captured? Isn’t it more likely that the military don’t want anyone talking to “Lt. Sakamaki” because they don’t want anyone finding out that he’s a Hawaiian Jap and has no more involvement with the Japanese Navy than does Governor Poindexter?

5. Despite all the damage supposedly done, the Navy claim that the damaged ships an be raised and repaired! Were they really sunk, or just scuttled?

6. If the Japanese had really attacked Hawaii, they would know that America would want to strike back and that Hawaii is the ideal advance base for that. Thus they would follow up the raid with an invasion & occupation to deny us the use of Hawaii and use it as an advance base of their own to attack the West Coast. Has such an invasion even been attempted? No!

The reality is that this attack was probably carried out by the British Navy, with the assistance of our top brass, who made sure that there would be no real fight by sending our aircraft carriers away, lining up our land-based planes to be bombed and scuttling our ships in the harbour, accompanied by a few explosions to make it look like they were being sunk by the “raiders”

President Roosevelt used this “raid” to scare Congress into declaring war on Japan. Ineviably Germany, Japan’s ally, declared war on us! Roosevelt has wanted to get involved in the European War and now it’s been handed to him on a plate!

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3 Responses to “Pearl Harbour – An Inside Job?!”

  1. woodchopper Says:

    An excellent post JQH.

    And funnily enough, there is a vigorous 12/7 revisionist/denialist literature that tries to portray Roosevelt and Churchill as being complicit. While most people accept that the Japanese dropped the bombs, you will find many people that claim that Roosevelt and Churchill let them attack in order to bring the USA into the war. Unfortunately, the whole thing hits the rails when the revisionists are asked to produce any evidence.

    Now the really interesting thing is that the 12/7 ‘conspiracy’ is then cited as evidence for a 9/11 conspiracy.

  2. John Boy Says:

    There are holes in the official story to pearl harbour but unfortunately not enough hard core evidence for it to stand up, and comparing Pearl Harbour to 9/11 is nothing short of ridiculous, there is more than enough evidence to prove in a court of law that 9/11 was a MIHOP inside job.

    Didn’t the PNAC boys state they needed ‘a new pearl harbour’ to kick things off in the middle east?

    I think so.

  3. jaycueaitch Says:

    Let’s hear this evidence , then.

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