JABS and Public Health

If you look here you will find the mission statement of the pressure group JABS.

The opening sentences read:-

“JABS as a self-help group neither recommends nor advises against vaccinations but we aim to promote understanding about immunisations and offer basic suppoet to any parent whose child has a health problem after vaccination.

We want comprehensive information for all parents to make an informed decision on the benefits and risks of vaccination.”

Scientifically there is nothing wrong with the above statement and in a democracy, public health initiatives must be open to public scrutiny.  Any parent concerned about vaccinations and reading the above will surely believe s/he has found a site where the pros and cons of vaccination are dispassionately discussed.

The reality is somewhat different.

Here, for example, on 24 January the poster Gus The Fuss advises a parent whose child has an ear and throat infection that she should stop giving the child antibiotics as “they destroy the immune system” and to consult a homeopath. He also advises her to keep any wireless devices such as baby monitors (!) at least twenty feet away as “wireless waves stop detoxification”.

Fortunately two other posters, jo123 and tristanod intervened and suggested that a doctor should be consulted before any such advice was taken. The parent later said she was continuing with the antibiotics.

On this thread, another parent was expressing concern over tetanus, polio and diptheria vaccinations that were due to be administered at her son’s school. Once again jo123 advised her to speak to her doctor. In response Truth Seeker claimed that doctors are “… not allowed their own opinion and tied down to saying what the Drug Company tells them to.” No evidence is offered for this conspiracy theory.

“Truth Seeker” has form when it come to spouting this particular line. Here, for instance, on 17 January he claims that pro-vaccination doctors are just following orders. He further claims that vaccines do not work half the time, contain “toxins” and cause chronic disease and cancer in later life in support of his wild claim that the risks of side effects and damage from vaccines is hundreds of times greater than the risks of measles, mumps and rubella.

Another poster requests evidence to support this but it is never forthcoming. The supposedly neutral moderator remains silent about this dangerously inaccurate remark.

I say supposedly because the moderator, aka Jackie Fletcher aka jabsadmin, obviously has an antivax axe to grind.

Here on 24 January jabsadmin quotes Sir Kenneth Calman explaining why, due to lives saved and disabilities prevented by vaccination, MMR should continue. She says that it is:-

irresponsible of him to state “The risks from MMR vaccine are extremely small and the risks from disease considerable”

She witters on about having discussed the issue for an hour with senior officials and claims this as proof that the Government is aware of problems with the MMR vaccine, not realising that in a democracy you listen to people who disagree with you. In any event, the Department of Health is on to hiding to nothing here. If they hadn’t listened to her, she would have accused them of suppressing the truth.

On the subject of suppressing the truth:-

The poster DeeJ tried to inject some commonsense into the debates. He was accused of being paid to post and his membership was deleted shortly thereafter.

A thread discussing the demolition of Andrew Wakefield’s 1999 letter by black triangle was deleted.

A thread discussing positive aspects and experiences of vaccinations was deleted.

Even jabsadmin started to realise that this wholesale censorship would look bad to neutrals so she posted this on 29 January claiming that all posts disagreeing with the antivax line were from a single person who was a “compulsive nuisance”. This is nonsense. Some, and only some, of those posts were from me. I have spoken to people who posted some of the others.

The reality is that jabsadmin and her acolytes have already decided what the truth is and ignore any evidence that does not fit into their world view of a Big Pharma dominated Government poisoning its citizens for never stated reasons. Unfortunately for them there is rather a lot of evidence for them to ignore.

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8 Responses to “JABS and Public Health”

  1. jdc Says:

    Excellent stuff JQH.

  2. Bill Says:

    Not only do they delete poster’s accounts but then they lie about it. Jackie claimed accounts were unavailable because of technical problems with the website.

  3. Norbury Says:

    If only this would have an effect. I feel sometimes like we’re pissing into the wind.

    I posted as Jenson on JABS. For any JABS people reading this I am not JQH, and I never posted under any other name.

  4. Bill Says:

    We are pissing into the wind.
    The Jabbers views on vaccinations are at the core of their personal identities.
    They will take those beliefs to the grave.

  5. jaycueaitch Says:

    Probably true Bill. But as with posting about homeopathy, I don’t expect to have any effect on the true believers. I’m aiming for the undecided and don’t-knows.

  6. Roxy the dog Says:

    I just wanted to post there. I realise why they stopped me posting now.

    Not only did I tell a mother to consult a doctor, I told her to ignore the whale.to link that had been posted. I had a look at the link, saw that it was full of nonsense, and said so.

    It seems that the author of whale.to posts on JABS.to

    They are totally bonkers, but I think they are dangerous too.

  7. PhD Scientist Says:

    Kudos from me if you can even be bothered to debate with those delusional obsessives. The one I have encountered the most in the Blogosphere is John Stone, who haunts the medical blogs and also posts at the Guardian “Comment is Free” threads as “Pluralist”. For a taste of his indefatigable craziness try here.

  8. Bill Says:

    The litany of bad advice at Jabs continues.

    The same poster who was going on about ‘Jewish medicine’ also said that a child’s temperature couldn’t be too high.

    Some of this advice could get a child killed.

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