What’s Needling JABS?

As I pointed out in my last post, JABS appear to have an unstated policy of deleting any posts or threads which do not toe their antivax, antiEBM line.

This debating technique has been likened to a child sticking his fingers in his ears and yelling “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!” over and over again.

Certain elements on the site now appear to be taking this technique to the next stage by metaphorically sticking their fingers in someone else’s ears and yelling “You can’t hear them! You can’t hear them!”; there appears to be a concerted effort to persuade JABS’ visitors not to visit or attempt to post on badscience and other sceptic sites.

Here, for example, the poster john said on 16 October last year:-

“…they will not allow posts that are too revealing, they remove them or they never get past the moderator…”

On this thread brainduck invites JABS posters to come over to badscience to discuss vaccination. On 13 February she repeats the invitation, saying:-

“…hopefully we can all enjoy a sensible discussion. There are lots of people who would like a conversation somewhere posts won’t be mysteriously deleted.”

John Stone responds:-

…if you are actually pretending that Goldacre would let us post freely, I think you are dreaming.

Judge the level of censorship here and here.

Minority View on JABS does not want you to do this. He claims that badscience is:-

” …infested with a rather nasty spyware. Visit there with extreme caution.

This is complete excrement of the male bovine of course. If you visit here you will find that a major antivirus software company thinks the site is safe.

Why are they posting this nonsense on JABS and why is Jackie Fletcher allowing it to stand? I am not a mind reader so I cannot say for certain but I strongly suspect that they have so much emotional investment in their conspiracy theory that they cannot bear the thought that others, particularly their target demographic of concerned parents, might not agree with them. 

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6 Responses to “What’s Needling JABS?”

  1. Dr* T Says:

    It’s bizarre, isn’t it. The logic goes:

    I don’t think we’d be allowed to post freely, so I won’t. (Despite there being plenty of ‘lively discussion’ about all other subjects)

    Rather than what in fact JABS have shown is THEIR website policy, where posts go missing all over the place if they show dissent to the central theme.

    The hypocrisy points exactly as you say to a bunker mentality and paranoium extremis (…is that a real phrase? Sounds intelligent 😉

  2. Sophie Says:

    What gets me is the conspiracy theories, that somehow the entire medical establishment (made up of people who’ve devoted decades- their entire lives- to medical study and healing people) are on the payroll of big pharma/government/evil aliens. 1-Real life simply is not that exciting and 2- I’ve temped throughout the NHS and they can barely co-ordinate a payroll, let alone a massive cover-up.Also how have they now decided Ben Goldacre’s a pharma plant?

  3. Darth Tater Says:

    It’s amazing what these people will say to stop their colleagues getting a glimpse of another point of view. Purely coincidentally, the only time my computer’s been infected with anything during the past year was when I followed a link to a thread on the JABS forum…
    I followed another link there today and found myself directed to a login page rather than the thread the link pointed to. Do JABS now have a policy where the rest of us can’t even read their views without signing up.

  4. brainduck Says:

    Got this email the other day which seems to have come via JABS – most odd:

    to brainquack

    show details
    19 Feb (2 days ago)
    Hello brainduck

    You received the following message from: janekamara (jane_kamara2008@yahoo.co.jp)

    At: http://www.jabs.org.uk/forum/

    From jane kamara
    Abidjan , Ivory Coast
    West Africa .

    Dear after going through your profile i decided to contact you for friendship and assistace.I am miss jane kamara the only child of late MR and Mrs richard kamara. my father was poisoned to death by his business associates because of his wealth and during my fathers sickness he called me on his sick bed as his only Daurther because my mother died when am young and told me about the money($12.500.000) he deposited in a bank here in our country that it was because of this money he was poisoned that if he dies i shall look for some one whom i trust to help me transfer this money out of this our country to his account for investment purpose abroad while i will continue my education then the person will be managing the investment.Dear am soliciting your assistance to help me transfer this money out of this country for my life sake while i will come to meet you to continue my education in your country.

    Dear am looking forward to hear from you so that we can discuss on what will be your compensation for this assistace.

    Thanks from jane kamara’

    Beware JABS, they will get you obvious spam?

  5. jaycueaitch Says:

    That’s a bit rich after their comments about spyware on Bad Science. I suppose they’re devoting so much time to preventing sceptics posting or even registering that they don’t have time to repel the scammers.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Gus or similar got taken for a ride…

  6. We Are All Kathleen Seidel « Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] attempts to silence those with whom they disagree. I have already pointed out how JABS censor their website and ban those who hope to inject a little rationality into their debates. Obviously the American […]

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