Joseph Chikelue Obi is Feeling the Heat

It is beginning to look like Joseph Chikelue Obi’s attempts to silence criticism of his quackery has been a spectacular own-goal.

I was reading this earlier:-

“…Alighting from the back seat of an Extended Black Daimler Limousine at the start of a Whirlwind Alternative Medicine Tour …a warmly chuckling Dr Obi said:-

“…all of those Tuppeny Defamers who are gleefully expecting us to use the very same modus operandi more than once, should please kindly think again.

“My fundementally humble message to all Skeptic Internet Service Providers (out there) today is therefore extremely loud and exceedingly clear: Stop condoning the ruthless harassment of Alternative Medicine Practitioners – or be fully prepared to face the dire financial consequences of your actions!”

The italics are all Obi’s.

That last paragraph is clearly a cry of pain. Obviously he has realised that Positive Internet won’t cave in to his ludicrous threats in the way Netcetera did and so he is making threats of unspecified actions against Positive Internet and other providers with backbones.

Netcetera’s cowardice has generated a lot of bad publicity for them (this blog is now on the first page when you google Netcetera btw) and as the cause of the problem, some of the shit is splashing onto Obi.

If you google Joseph Chikelue Obi, the very first hit is this. The fourth is Quackometer which is currently unavailable. This is the fifth, this is the seventh, this is the eighth and this¬†is the tenth. Six critical hits, and that’s just on the first page. There’s lots more on subsequent pages.¬†Enough to make you warmly chuckle.

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