Ofgem Get Their Act Together

This isn’t about woo but I am angry about it and what the hell, it’s my blog.

If you go here and scroll down to “The Great Gas Bill Rip-Off” you will find I was sounding off on 9 January last year about the fact that whenever the wholesale cost of energy went up, so did our power bills but they did not follow wholesale energy costs down.

Today I read that the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) has finally realised that there may be a problem for consumers and are investigating. I think there just might be. In 2006, British Gas made profits of £95million. Their profits last year, after a rise in prices supposedly caused by whole sale energy price rises, were £571million. Price rises of 15% on gas bills were recently announced. We all quite rightly name and shame woos who rip people off but when it comes to serious exploitation, you can’t beat a corporation.


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