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Crap Science from the Department of Education

March 24, 2008

Sometimes the Government comes up with really stupid ways to implement their policies. Most of us are aware that reducing our carbon-footprint is a good idea but one idea in my area is going to be counterproductive on two counts.


Are They Proud of Themselves?

March 18, 2008

Andrew Wakefield, Jackie Fletcher and the wilfully ignorant JABS nutters, the pig-ignorant journalists and all the rest of the merry crew who perpetrated the MMR hoax – are they proud of their achievement? (more…)

More Fish Oil Slipperiness

March 14, 2008

I have already commented on the non-decisions made about the non-trial of fish-oils in Durham here. More information has come my way. (more…)

Woo Lies

March 8, 2008

Debate with woos for any length of time and there are some debating points you can guarantee will crop up. (more…)

Jodrell Bank to be Closed

March 7, 2008

In a short-sighted move by the Science and Technology Facilities Council, the iconic British radio telescope faces closure. (more…)

The Great Durham Fish Oil Saga

March 1, 2008

When is a trial not a trial? When is a Council decision not a Council decision? When is an attempt to improve exam results not an attempt to improve exam results? The answer, it would appear, is when Durham County Council have anything to do with it. (more…)