Getting the Measles Message

Are the arrogant, selfish, middle-class ignorami who would rather believe the ravings of JABS than the knowledge of qualified medical practitioners finally getting the message?

I read this yesterday – Ian Cleverly’s account of his children’s bout with measles, caught because he thought that not vaccinating them “seemed like a good idea”. I’m glad to see Cleverly (never was a person more mis-named!) got the kicking he deserved in the comments section for his selfishness and assumption that he knew better than medical professionals about medicine. Fortunately his children did not suffer any of the severe effects of measles but some of those to whom they will inevitably have passed on the infection will not be so lucky.

Little H’s school circulated a letter to all parents. They have had cases of measles at the school so it would appear that not only are some parents negligent enough to fail to ensure that their children are protected against disease, they are too obtuse to recognise the onset of a serious illness.

It has been known on the internet for a while that there is an outbreak in Lewisham so I was not surprised to see something like this. In fact MrsH saw the epidemic coming in September which prompted my first post on this blog.

It’s good to see the mainstream media and the chattering classes catching up with the blogosphere.

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2 Responses to “Getting the Measles Message”

  1. nicolleshanman Says:

    I’m with you, the recent Southern California outbreak in San Diego County as well as the on going one in Arizona in the US are just other examples.

  2. HJ Says:

    Hmm, I’ve vaccinated my child, but I might enquire at his intended school whether they have a policy to ensure all students are – thanks..

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