No bad science or even venting anger today, just ruminations about how “Fings ain’t what they used to be”.

Second hand bookshops and stalls seem to be disappearing. I know there’s still plenty on the Charing Cross Road but many of the shops in South London I used to haunt twenty years ago have gone. They were a great source of cheap out of print books and were worth regular visits because you never used to know what was going to turn up because someone was dumping Grandad’s book collection.

For my geeky sins I collect old SF magazines and issues from the 60s and 70s would regularly show up at these shops (older ones on occasion too, I’ve managed to acquire a number of the old pulp magazines with their lurid covers – including what may be the first ever bug eyed monster) and could be bought fairly cheaply.

In many cases, I presume the owner has died and his (occassionally her) heirs did not want to run the business. Understanable, I suppose, the profits must have been quite small so it would make sense to empy the shop and sell it on as a vacant retail premises. Still a shame though; there’s not much I miss about the 80s but I would have liked to have kept all the Popular Book Exchanges.

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2 Responses to “Bookstalls”

  1. dvnutrix Says:

    Indeed, I used to be a menace for 2nd hand bookshops – I’d have traded a train ticket home to buy more books, for which I have never had the space, because I am so susceptible to their lure.

    Now – bleuch, I can pass through entire streets without breaking my stride once.

  2. Melissa G Says:

    Hey, you! 😀 It’s Melissa from the ancients mists of the past Bad Science forum! Just found your blog from your comment on Kathleen Seidel’s blog and thought I’d say hi! Drop me an email if you like– I miss you and all the other Bad Science-ites!

    FWIW, I sure love the secondhand booksellers, myself!

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