Barmy Tsunami Conspiracy Theory

While surfing recently (a site frequently cited with approval by the antivaxxers on JABS), I came across a gem of a conspiracy theory about the Asian Tsunami.

In short, the author “Georg” (who does not appear to have a surname), claims that the US triggered the Asian Tsunami (aka the Boxing Day Tsunami) using a nuclear bomb in order to create a “natural” disaster so that they could intervene and take control of Aceh Provinces oil reserves.

Frankly, the stupid here makes many 9/11 troofers seem sane clear thinkers.

In evidence for this, “Georg” cites an anonymous friend who is a volunteer for the German disaster relief organisation Technisches Hilfwerk (THW).  According to “Georg”‘s unnamed friend (hereinafter referred to as GUF), marine life had disappeared and bodies were not decomposing. GUF and his colleagues took water samples and found them to be radioactive. Apparantly THW volunteers carry geiger counters with them wherever they go.

GUF offers no tangible evidence for any of this because it his claimed all his samples, notes and his laptop were confiscated on his return to Germany. Oh, and he was forced to sign a non-disclosure document too. One cannot help thinking that if the US were prepared to kill 250,000 people in order to gain control of Aceh’s oil, they would have had few qualms about making a few nosy Germans disappear. Especially as the interview with the Secret Service and signing of a non-disclosure document does not appear to have persuaded GUF to keep quiet.

Now, according to this, the surface energy release of the Indian Ocean earthquake that triggered the tsunami was the equivalent of a 26.3 megatonne explosion. Not quite the biggest thermonuclear bomb ever built so technically feasible – though one might wonder why the survivors failed to mention seeing a mushroom cloud.

However, the epicentre was not on the surface but deep inside the Earth and released enough energy to shift the Earth’s axis by a few centimetres and alter the length of the day by a small fraction of a second. The total energy release was the eqivalent of a 9,560 gigatonne explosion. America’s total nuclear arsenal is about 60 gigatonnes.

Anyway, more stupid follows as this all leads up to:

“…a special contingent of 2000 US marines invaded Aceh province after the tsunami, who had strangely been ready on their ships in the vicinity and were heavily armed (and with no “humanitarian goods”) to facilitate a part autonomy from Indonesia for that oil-rich province. Wonder who created the “rebel” movement that these marines came to bring to power? Wonder who got the oil contracts?

You might not approve of the “War on Terror” but it is being fought. Al-Qaida is active in Muslim Indonesia (remember the Bali bombs?) so it is perhaps not surprising that the American military are patrolling in the region. Nor that they were heavily armed. Being armed is useful if you’re fighting a war.

As for the rebel group GAM, they had been fighting a guerilla war against the Indonesian Government but they declared a ceasefire on 28 December 2004. Peace talks were resumed when the Indonesian Government followed suit and an agreement signed on 15 August 2005. One of the terms of the agreement was that 70% of the oil revenues remain in Aceh Province. Surely the US would not have allowed that if they had orchestrated the whole thing?

I am beginning to think that the validity of Scopie’s Law (“Anyone citing as a credible source during a debate about science or medicine immediately loses the argument, and is laughed out of the room”) extends to geopolitics as well.







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4 Responses to “Barmy Tsunami Conspiracy Theory”

  1. wilsontown Says:

    I don’t think (although I could be wrong) that you could use a nuclear bomb to trigger a tsunami. The Boxing Day earthquake caused a tsunami because of the relative vertical movement across the fault, i.e. one side of the fault was relatively uplifted, leading to uplift of the water column, leading to a tsunami. That’s why strike-slip faults don’t create tsunamis, even though they release a lot of energy: the movement vector is horizontal.

  2. Tony Says:

    The Tsunami was not triggered by a nuclear bomb it was done using a weapon called HAARP, this weapon also just did the Haiti earthquake.

    The reason for the Haiti earthquake was because the US got caught with it’s hand in the cookie jar in Iran and take the heat (and the news) away from them they made the earthquake please see link for US murder of a top scientist in Iran

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      If the US really had a weapon that could cause earthquakes, do you not think they would have used it against a country slightly more threatening to them than Haiti?

  3. Oliver Says:

    Psychotic fantasists who peddle insane nonsense like this are as pernicious as a hundred Holocaust deniers.

    A serious question: if ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) really do have access to such all-powerful things as earthquake-causing technology, as well as brainwashing techniques so advanced they can control people like Ian Huntley (another example of paranoid conspiro-crap), why would ‘they’ go to all the trouble of keeping their existence a secret? Why not openly reveal that ‘they’ are in charge of the world, and if anyone or any country complains, just use the earthquake and/or brainwashing machines on them?

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