Fisking the Antivaxxers

I’ve just been looking at this new blog. The author is yet another JABS poster who has been banned for not toeing the antivax line.

JABS is starting to function like a religious cult. There are clear tenets of faith which must not be questioned (vaccines are bad, beware of the Monkey-viruses etc), a leader whose word is law (Jackie Fletcher) and a holy mad man (Gus the Fuss). Like a religion, they also persecute heretics and Becky Fisseux has fallen foul of them, presumably for asking the likes of Cybertiger and Truthseeker (hah!) to provide evidence for their outrageous claims.

Frustrated by being unable to argue against their lunacy she is picking out samples of their lunacy on her blog. Do go and read it.

Cybertiger has found it and is posting a lot of breast-obsessed comments on it. Internet chatter has it that Cybertiger is really a GP. A really scary thought Would you trust medical advice from an AIDS-denialist antivaxxer?

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