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Bad Science and Bad Finance

September 30, 2008

[BPSDP]A fundemental axiom of science is that if the predictions made by your theory are wrong, the fault lies with your theory, not with reality. Somebody really should have told the Wall Street and City wbankers that the same applies to mathematical models of the economy. (more…)

The Latest Message From Planet Durham

September 26, 2008

[BPSDB] I thought that I had written the last about the Durham fish oil saga but there has been another bizarre emission from Durham County Council. (more…)

AIDS, The Evidence And The Vitamin Salesman

September 14, 2008

[BPSDB]The obnoxious Matthias Rath has withdrawn his libel case against Ben Goldacre and the Guardian newspaper. See here. Like many purveyors of quack remedies, he had resorted to Britain’s repressive libel laws to silence justified criticism. In this case it has blown up spectacularly in his face. (more…)

Bad Science – The Book

September 8, 2008

[BPSDB]Book reviews are a new departure for me but since I’ve tapped Fourth Estate for a freebie copy of Ben Goldacre’s book, I’d better keep my side of the bargain and review it. (more…)