The Latest Message From Planet Durham

[BPSDB] I thought that I had written the last about the Durham fish oil saga but there has been another bizarre emission from Durham County Council.

You may recall that Durham County Council ran a trial that was not a trial that was intended to boost GCSE scores but not come to any conclusions about the validity of using fish oil capsules to improve academic performance. They have now published their conclusions – based on scrapping their original method of measuring the effect and replacing it with another one based on selected pairs of pupils (I believe this is what is known as “cherry-picking” data).

I am not going to go into any detail on them on this blog because Ben Goldacre has already thoroughly fisked their press release here.

They are not being let off the hook locally either. Paul Thomson, a former Durham headteacher, has been pursuing this matter through the local press, letters to his MP and questions to council members.

He has recently submiited a freedom of information request for:-

1. David Ford’s fish oil study plan

2. All e-mails to participating schools (on the DCC extranet)

3. All correspondence between DCC officers and Equazen

4. All minutes and briefing papers from any meetings of members on this subject.

 I hope Mr Thomson starts a blog dedicated to his campaign. I think it would be excellent reading.

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One Response to “The Latest Message From Planet Durham”

  1. Paul Thompson Says:

    Thanks John – I’ll keep you informed about how I get on.

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