Just What Schools Need – More Paperwork

I found a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) full disclosure form in my pigeon-hole today. According to the covering memo, since April 2008 schools have been required to do CRB checks on their staff every three years.



I have no problems with CRB checks being done on new staff, including staff who have come from other schools but I entirely fail to see the need to go through the full checking procedure every three years. First off, the past they had prior to appointment has not changed. If they had received any relevent convictions (sexual offenses, other violence, other serious crimes), or even been charged with such offences, since appointment, surely the employer would be informed

Much of the checking procedure is taken up with proving ones identity. I can see the need for this whenever you start a new job because the school needs to be sure you are who you say you are and not concealing convictions with a false identity but I do not see the need for me to prove my identity again. Do Camden (for it is they) have any doubts that I am the person they appointed six years ago? Do they perhaps think I have been replaced by my evil twin brother? Or a Lizard in a human skin-suit

.Amongst the information they request to “speed up the process” are my bank details – including sort code and account number. Given the care with which Government Departments and their private sector contractors take with personal information, do I really want the CRB to have this sort of information? I don’t think so.


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5 Responses to “Just What Schools Need – More Paperwork”

  1. Mojo Says:

    “Amongst the information they request to “speed up the process” are my bank details – including sort code and account number.”

    This “Criminal Records Bureau” wouldn’t happen to have an address in Nigeria, would it?

  2. jaycueaitch Says:


    No. The form is genuine, unfortunately.

  3. Allo V Psycho Says:

    “surely the employer would be informed?”
    (declares interest as employer/CRB user)
    I don’t think there is an automatic information process, which is probably why they have introduced this rule. I do sympathise with your view, but I also worry that the CRB info I get when my new people join doesn’t get updated. So if someone got convicted of something relevant but off the work radar, and no one told me, and they did it again in my area of responsibility, I would feel bad for the victim – and probably get blamed as well. Not sure what the solution is, and would greatly welcome discussion/suggestions.

  4. jaycueaitch Says:

    I take your point but why do I need to prove my identity all over again? Why do the CRB need my bank details “to speed up the process”?

  5. Allo V Psycho Says:

    Oddly enough, although I have to require enhanced CRB disclosure from my staff and students, I’ve never been asked to submit one myself…my references from Professor Moriarty of Reichenbach Falls University must have been adequate. Are the bank details compulsory? Is it like a standing order, so they can charge you again without new info?
    As for re-proving your identity, i’m stumped on that one. I can see that they might want to know of changes of address (or name) to ensure they matched you to their records, but this could be light touch. I may be a bit dim at work, but if one of my colleagues did a Dr Who style metamorphosis, I think I would notice.

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