Diagnostic Weirdness

[BPSDB] It’s back to work after the festive binge and the health woos are after your money, judging by “Body Matters” in today’s “METRO”.

The first item is a largely uncritical piece by Lisa Scott on the Grinberg Method.  We are told:-

“It was developed by Israeli reflexologist Avi Grinberg, who believed feet to be accurate predictors of our overall health and, in particular, how our mind affects our body. His argument? We spend most of the day on our feet so our physical and emotional history will show up on them through marks and scars. Shyness, for example, is mapped out by a difference in texture on the balls of the feet.”

This difference in texture is not quantified of course, nor is any evidence offered for the counter-intuitive notion that emotional upset will scar the feet.

Scott is impressed by the fact that “practitioner” Victoria Oldham tells her that she (Scott) suffers from chest problems after examining her feet. Since chest problems affect the breathing it is rather likely that Oldham used her ears to make the diagnosis. Furthermore, if Scott is a smoker (something I am prepared to bet is the case) she will smell of tobacco and since there is a correlation between smoking and chest problems diagnosing chest problems would be a safe bet in this case.

Further clues as how it really works are give when Oldham describes it as “a talking therapy so we question you and find out about your life”. Cold reading, anyone?

For those of you who are saying “Ah but I have an office job, I’m sat on my arse all day” there is a therapy for you too. Rumpology. That’s right; Britain’s only rumpologist Sam Amos can tell you about yourself from examining the lines, crevices and folds of your buttocks.

This method (for want of a better word) was investigated by Vicki-Marie Cossar who is far more sceptical than her colleague and reports that the reading consists of generalisations and (I paraphrase) the bleeding obvious.

Such generous helpings of woo. Welcome to a New Year of Letting Off Steam.






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2 Responses to “Diagnostic Weirdness”

  1. dvnutrix Says:

    Rumpology, foot reading – you can not parody this.

  2. Mojo Says:

    Trivia corner: “rumpology” was, apparently, invented by Sylvester Stallone’s mum.

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