Jeremy Sherr Is Not Happy

[BPSDB]Jeremy Sherr does not like criticism, it would appear. See here where he accuses us all of being part of the Pharmaceutical Inquisition and claims that he has never touted homeopathy as an alternative to ARVs and that to say otherwise is libellous.

Just for the record, I have never worked for Big Pharma, I write this blog on my own computer in my own time. As for libellous, let us consider the evidence.

If we look here, for example, he says:

So I am happy to go for a simple trial initially, with one arm of AIDS patients with homoeopathy and no ARV.

This appears to state quite categorically that some patients would not get ARVs in his trial. I am not sure how he squares this with saying that any trial would be subject to the highest standards of ethical review. On the subject of ethics, if you look here he says:

You have to find willing partners and get a protocol through an ethics committee, and you need to talk their language. I hope it will work but if not, I will just go and do it on a small scale myself – I am determined to do that.

I’ll just let the implications of that sink in.

He claims that homeopathy cures AIDS and implies it cures malaria and TB also. See here.

I know, as all homeopaths do, that you can just about cure AIDS in many cases. But shhhh… I’m not allowed to say thast, so you didn’t hear it…

“…millions are dying of AIDS and malaria and TB, and the pharmaceutical companies are making fools of them with their expensive, non curing, mal inducing drugs. Homeopathy IS the solution for Africa- curative, gentle, natural, and affordable. No side effects- just effective!

No wooly weazling talk of “treating” or “can be used in cases of” for Mr Sherr! He actually goes one better and claims that homeopathy eradicates the HIV from the patients body entirely here:

Encouragingly, one of Margot’s old AIDS cases has become HIV negative and has remained so for 2 years now. There is no trace of antibodies in her blood, she is clean. AIDS can be cured and it will.

I wonder how he squares this with his current claims that he is not advocating homeopathy as an alternative to ARV drugs. How does he square his statement that any research will be subject to the most rigorous etical review with his statement in an interview that if he cannot get his protocol through an ethics committee, he will go ahead on his own?

If you are reading this, Mr Sherr, please explain. I am sure I will enjoy reading it as nuch as I will enjoy the next “DiscWorld” novel. And if anyone from the Society of Homeopaths is reading, how long are you going to tolerate this blatant breach of your Code of Ethics by one of your Fellows?

Edi: Thanks to Robert Hinkley for creating the cache linked to above. Sherr has begun amending his blog retrospectively and even deleting posts altogether.Why, if he believes what he says?

For more on his statements at variance with reality, see Gimpy’s latest post.


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14 Responses to “Jeremy Sherr Is Not Happy”

  1. Teek Says:

    before Sherr deletes all the evidence to the contrary, could someone like Robert Hinkley (or anyone with an iota of technical know-how, i.e. not me…) cache all the incriminating passages from Sherr’s blog please? Nobody in the alt med world should be left under the impression that lying, revisionism or obfuscating will let them off the hook…!

  2. Rob Hinkley Says:

    Teek: all the pages from Jeremy’s blog which I’d saved before they were deleted are here.

  3. Shelley Says:

    Homeopathy works. It works well and much better than conventional medicine. If it didn’t work, it would not last for more than 200 years and have so many followers and supporters around the world. Numbers do not lie (unlike this blog). If homeopathy were such crap, why does this blog and so many other people, from the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies, make such an effort to fight against it? If it didn’t work, people would not turn to it and it would fissile out, like many medical theories have over the years.

  4. jaycueaitch Says:

    Shelley, this is the third time I have seen this exact same post from you, down to the same bizzarre mis-spelling of fizzle. Are you a spambot?

    As I have said previously, the fact that something has been used for a long time does not prove it works. By your logic doctors should bring back blood-letting, trepanation and amputation without anaesthetic or asepsis.

    I fght against homeopathy because, by persuading people to abandon evidence based medicine that works in favour of magic sugar pills that don’t, homeopaths kill people. End of.

  5. Jack of Kent Says:

    I will be exmining Mr Sherr’s use of the law on my Blog. I look at his misconceived threat to sue for libel here: .

    (It would be most interesting for Mr Sherr to set out what he thinks the libel is.)

    I will soon set out the result of my review into Mr Sherr’s use of and reference to the Tanzanian statute on alternative medicine…

  6. Jeremy Sherr does not act alone, but with the support of the homeopathic establishment « gimpy’s blog Says:

    […] but more on this at the weekend.  JQH has some nice summaries and analysis in two posts, here and here.  And jdc325 has similar summaries but with an additional interesting link to what some homeopath […]



  8. Tim Says:

    Jeremy has a vision. Jeremy has energy that people who merely comment and take apart idaels with carefully wording and faceless confrontation wouldn’t understand.

    Jeremy has a brain, he also has a giant heart.

    TRUST!? Can we remember what this word actually means.

    This guy is trying to deal with one of the biggest epidemics in the world. You my find this hard to beleive but the world is bigger than your shiny screens and the internet. Go to Africa and take a look. It’s real.

    This man is changing his life, moving house, with a family and wife. Taking a huge risk. Do you really think he has any other intentions other than good and marally acute. Are you not the least bit inspired by a man with a vision. One that helps others.

    Ok lets say homeopathy doesn’t work – he states quite clearly that he doesn’t persuade anyone to leave their already chosen medicine.
    And if you are in the mind that homeopathy (by the way how much have you actually studied of homeopathy?) was just sugar pills than I can’t see this killing people. Or doing any harm.

    The drugs available for aids don’t cure the virus just prolong the effects.

    The Pharmaceutical industry is the biggest in the world along with weapons.
    If you are able to open your mind to the probabitlites of a world with todays econimical and power struggling environment are you telling me you really can’t see the reason for so much naysaying towards Jeremy alternative medication.

    The industry that runs the world is of course aginat a man trying to put together an alternative for what’s availible from their personal stock.

    Drugs work! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in and out of hospital a few times and I’m glad for the medcine. But take a look at africa and the ridiculous amount of aid blindly thrown into the pot, a large part of which is for medcine and treatment.

    Someone is walking out with a nice pay check, probably quite a few people really.

    They don’t live in Africa by way! They too sit behind screens. And they too don’t want Jeremy to succeed.


    Take a guess.

    ps. there will be spelling mistake I’m on a foriegn computer. Don’t be petty and comment on it. Stick to the point at hand.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      The fact that ARVs are not a permanent cure is not evidence that homeopathy works! They do however keep the symptoms in check, allowing the HIV+ years more of productive life. Perhaps enough to see their children grow up. This is far more than sugar pills will achieve.

      And if Sherr is so sure of himself, why did he delete so many pages from his blog?

      • Tim Says:

        I don’t know about the pages.

        ‘The fact that ARVs are not a permanent cure is not evidence that homeopathy works!’ This is of course true.

        Please, you do yourself no favors by refering to Homeopathy as sugar pills. It’s obviously a lot more than that.

        ARV can be harmful to people –

        It’s not ideal when man hopes to cure someone but in actual fact kill their patient quicker which is an aspect of arv’s. This was exactly someone’s criticism to homeopathy.
        But I don’t see any bodies with damaged immune systems and a label ‘ due to homeopathy’ only ‘due to arv’s’.

        Arv’s are far from ideal.

        Let’s continue to open the doors of possibilties. Enter the darkeness of the unknown and hold our head when others around us loose theirs. It’s easy to be frightened of something you don’t understand.

        I’m with Jeremy.

        I guess you’re not.

        Freedom of choice.

  9. jaycueaitch Says:

    ARVs may be far from ideal but they’re the best we’ve got. They do not damage the immune system. I’ll agree that homeopathic sugar pills don’t either – that’s because they have no effect at all except on the lactose intolerant. Care to tell us where you saw bodies labelled “due to ARVs”? No of course you don’t, because it is just shit you’ve made up.

  10. Holly Says:

    jaycueaitch I just wanted to see if you are someone who complains about everything. I think I got my answer you are making up shit and starting shit just the way I pictured you on a computer all day disputing everyone and everything and know nothing about what you are Letting of Steam about…

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      I think the people who make medical claims for xocai chocolate or homeopathic sugar pills are the ones making up shit. Since You have resorted to personal abuse I’ll take that as a concession that you can’t defend your position.

  11. BBC Devon Promotes Dangerously Deluded HIV Homeopaths in Africa | The Quackometer Blog Says:

    […] treating side effects of mainstream treatments. They are conducting their own trials, without any ethical oversight, in order to find out what homeopathic remedies cure AIDS. If Big Pharma was doing this, there […]

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