Xocai Acai Rubbish

[BPSDB]I just followed a bad science link to the Xocai chocolate website. It’s the motherlode of nutriwoo. I’ll just focus on this page.

The opening pragraph sent my woodar into overdrive:-

So Are There Really Any Reasons To Consume Xocai Dark Healthy Chocolate, Ha Of Course There Are, In Fact There Are 22 And Counting, Tests Upon Tests Are Being Done To Find Out The Endless Benefits Of Consuming Xocai.

Bizarre use of capitals. Always a good warning sign. No links to these “Tests Upon Tests” of course.

And the 22 reasons are allegedly:


So are lots of things you can get a damn site more cheaply. No evidence offered that Xocai is particularly nutritious.

Contains Fibre

So do cereals and vegetables.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Now this is a medical claim. No evidence is offered. Not even a link to any.

Contributes To Weight Loss

Since it is 7% sugar I rather doubt this.

Full Of Needed Antioxidant’s

So is an orange. Note the abberrant apostrophe btw.

Builds Cells

The technical term for claims of this type is “a load of bollocks”

Reduces Blood Pressure
Strengthens Bloods Vessels
Improves Insulin Levels

All these are medical claims which I very much doubt can be substantiated. Again, no evidence is offered. This dearth of evidence would make a homeopath blush.

Supplies The Body With Needed Minerals

So do fruit, veg and meat.

Fights Free Radicals
Restores Antioxidant Power

Classic woo claims. And the claim about antioxidants is a repeat anyway.

Fights Back

I prefer my food not to do this. Do you have to stun Xocai before you can eat it?

Rich In Iron

So is a rusty nail.

Cleanses & Detoxify

Your body detoxifies without help of nutriwoo products. “Cleanse” is a totally meaningless claim but it sounds nice.

Helps Fight Cancer
Improves Memory

Two more major medical claims which again are not supported by any evidence.

Fights Cell Mutation

If this was true they would be in Nobel Prize territory.

Filled With Essential Oils

No evidence offered again. And again you can get them more cheaply.

Strengthens Heart & Inhibits Platelet Formation

No evidence for the medical claim. And is inhibiting Platelet formation really such a good idea? That would make it harder for your blood to clot if you cut yourself.

Boosts Well Being

If by this they are claiming that it makes you feel good, then that is entirely subjective.

Tastes Great

And so is this. You may enjoy the taste, or you may not.

I am not going to beat about the bush here. Many of the above claims are outright lies. I would like to report them to the ASA but regretably they do not cover claims made on a company’s own website.

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  1. Alan Henness (zeno) Says:

    “I would like to report them to the ASA but regretably they do not cover claims made on a company’s own website.”

    I know. This is ridiculous. You can complain to the ASA about an advert on another site, but not on the company’s own site…

  2. jaycueaitch Says:

    I rang Consumer Direct and they’re passing my complaint on to Trading Standards.

  3. Rob Provenzano Says:

    So, you know more than Health Canada??

    Great news, Raw cold pressed chocolate made by MXI Corp has been classed as a Health Food and approved by Health Canada for the following:

    • Source of antioxidants to support good health

    • Helps to maintain Circulatory and cardiovascular health

    • Helps support healthy blood pressure

    • Reduces low-density lipoprotein oxidative susceptibility and increases serum high-density lipoprotein concentrations to support good health

    • Reduces platelet aggregation for the maintenance of good health.

    • Deb S. Says:

      Health Canada actually made no claim regarding the use of xocai as a health product and actually compelled distributers to remove this claim.

  4. jaycueaitch Says:

    Care to give us a link proving that?

  5. Rob Provenzano Says:

    It’s right on the new packaging and that has to be approved by the Canadian Govt before it can even be shipped into Canada.

  6. jaycueaitch Says:

    I’ve googled Health Canada Xocai and all I can find is the company claim that it is approved. Since they are spouting rubbish on their website, why should I believe what’s on their packaging? And how come you know so much about it? You’re just a marketting troll aren’t you?

  7. petros Says:

    You seem to have missed the best.. Testmonials at
    http://www.healthychocolatebites.co.uk/testimonials/ include fingernails
    growing!!!??? Amazing stuff

  8. jaycueaitch Says:


    Thanks for that petros. And Butch S’s testimonial is evidently so good they posted it twice.

    My post above is based on the 22 reasons page. I agree there’s pages and pages of utter crap to fisk.

  9. dvnutrix Says:

    Setting aside the issue of what Health Canada may or may not have done – if those claims appear on the packaging in the UK then they can be challenged – ditto if any of those claims make it into a form of advert that the ASA can address.

    These claims are not likely to appear in such a form however because, from the Google search, it looks like Xocai is a MLM scheme and nothing more.

  10. GetToTheTruth Says:

    I have had someone trying to sell me this stuff because I suffer from arthritis, at first it sounded good as they claim that Xocai will reduce the pain. So on googling the product after wading through the sites singing it’s praises (obvious pyramid sellers) I discovered that a few health advisers state that it has a high sugar content and is not organicly grown, therefore it is not as good as claimed. I also get suspicious of any product claiming to cure all sorts of medical problems, if it were true doctors would be prescribing these products.

    • Jenae Says:

      Your wrong. Doctors will not give you this!. A great doctor would though. There is a cure for most diseases and a doctor will never tell you this. If you think you’re so smart you should have done your homework. This is a great product. Try it for seven days 3x a day and then come back and talk to me. Dont be fooled about our healthcare in this country……its a joke.

      Theres no money to be made in a healthy person. Think about that dude.

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        That’s because the doctors prefer stuff rthat works over the wares of snake-oil sellers.

        Regarding no money to be made out of the healthy – is that why you alties denigrate evidence based medicine so much?

      • C A Garza Says:

        I know this is straying from the chocolate topic, however,I have been taking care of 2 seriously ill elderly moms for over 6 years. My mother in law, has Rheumatoiod Arthritis, Heart problems and now Diabetis. She has been taking Remicade infusions every 4 weeks for over 3 years now for the Arthritis because her pain was unbearable, Her medical doctors would place her another med. and then another and another to the point that when I crossed referenced them, there were 11 of them that interfered with each other, canceling out the effectiveness of the overpriced scripts. When her prescriptions reached a whopping 22 meds a day, I blew. We went to a natural homeopathic doctor, which we were told we were crazy, if we took her out from under her MD, it would kill her. Long story short, the MD was willing to keep treating her from the prescription standpoint, because he was pretty sure she would not see any results and would be needing him again in no time. After a 9 month period, many diet changes, many natural supplements and a lot of dedication from myself and my husband, she is now off of 16 of the prescription meds. Her insulin has been reduced from 45 units a day to 10 units a day (and some days none at all) and the infusions, well she goes 4 months in between treatments verses 4 weeks. She has more energy than ever before and has gone from a walker to just a cane. She is 86 years old. Oh and when she feels the need to cheat on her diet, she gets a square of Xocai Chocolate. The sugar, by the way that is used in this chocolate is an unrefined all natural cane type sugar, which has a low glysemic index so as not to spike blood glucose levels. Is it expensive, yes, but when you have gone to extremes to improve the quality of someones life as we have, the expense is not even an issue. And no I am not a MLM distributor, but I may become one just to get my chocolate at a reduced cost. The medical profession is flawed at best. And no the medical doctors will not tell you any of this or refer you to natural homeopatic methods, because it is a breach of their medical oath as a doctor.

      • Amberlynn. Says:

        I like what C A Garza said. I had extreme eczema and depression from it when I was in in school and I was on drug after drug from doctors. It got so bad that shirts and pants would stick to my skin and tear it off but ItWorks! products pretty much healed all the scars. Finally my cousin heard of a natural homeopathic doctor, she was expensive to go to but with in a month my eczema was well and gone. She found out that I was allergic to dairy, beer and caffeine and it was raging through my skin. I jut needed the right vitamins to repair my adrenal glads, a detox and to stay away from said foods and drinks.
        I don’t know much about said chocolate though, I’m just here to research it. I was thinking about starting up and selling it.

      • Helen Beauregard Says:

        [advertising removed]

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        Ms Beauregard; if you want to advertise your wares kindly do so elsewhere. This is not the place.

        ETA: And two and a half hours after I post this request you post more advertising. It has been removed.

    • teddy Says:

      they would not especially if they are in the USA because the FDA controls everything and if they approved a natural food as a medicinal they would lose millions in drug money , you will not find an fda approved food as a health product in the US

  11. dvnutrix Says:

    if it were true doctors would be prescribing these products.

    Indeed – if it were true it would probably have one of the highest compliance ratings of any intervention.

    And yes – when you are looking for information and all you see are MLM propositions then it does raise the antenna about the likely clinical value of a product.

  12. Sophie Says:

    Wow, you guys are really reved up about this! It’s chocolate, dark chocolate. We all know dark chocolate is good, it’s everywhere. So what if there is one more on the market and that they decided to go network marketing instead of retail! Are your upset tupperware is an MLM? Or Mary K? Big deal. People can make money eating chocolate, good for them! The only health claims are in on Canadian boxes because Health Canada approved. Everything else I see states that it is not intended to cure or prevent and to consult your doctor.
    Pyramid? Walmart is a pyramid! Air Canada is a pyramid! When you are at the bottom, you stay at the bottom. And the top are freaking rich, making millions while the keep cutting on the people income at the bottom! Have a good day guys!

  13. jaycueaitch Says:

    Try reading the bit of the site I linked to.

    How are your sales going?

  14. Sean Says:

    This is some good information. Thanks for the article.

    However, I think that acai products are great for losing weight and flushing out your system. You just have to be wary of possible scams and only get real acai products, not the fake powdery stuff.

  15. jaycueaitch Says:

    You’ve also got to be wary of marketting trolls…
    That would be you Sean wouldn’t it?

    He’s posted that from
    and given his url as acaihealthstudies.org

    Any more spamming and I’ll publish your email as well.

  16. Myron Says:

    This is just like all the bull…. we get in the paper,TV, internet on products. All we do is take a sound bit, group of words, etc to make what ever point we want to make. Take the Butch S’s testimonial…. Do you Butch?
    I DO !!!!! Before you go of making statement like “Thanks for that petros. and Butch S’s testimonial is evidently so good they posted it twice.” Did you try to find out if is true. You make the statement that many of the claims are out right lies. Most of these claims are based on medical research. Just google antioxidants. I for one, lost 13lbs in 5 weeks with not exercise or diet; my knee which has arthritis does not swell, or hurt since I been eating the Xocai chocolate. These are facts not general statements. Why don’t you just tell us the real reason you don’t like Xocai.

  17. jaycueaitch Says:

    Xocai are the ones making the claims. It is up to them to prove they are true. Anonymous claims of cures (including yours) that no-one can verify are not evidence.

    And if you were to read my post and the site it links to, you would see why I “don’t like Xocai”. They make totally baseless medical claims. I’ll be looking out for your their advertising literature in this country. If I find it, I’ll be on to the ASA forthwith.

  18. Sam Says:

    I happened on this blog as I was looking to find possibly unfullfilled xocai distributors.

    But i must tell you, I have never been so apalled with the negative, myopic viewpoints from some these contributors. I am not a xocai distributor, nor do I have an interest in being one, however they have a fine natural food product, that many testimonials have proven.

    Some of the finest people I know are with in this company and other network distribution companies. The reason they can afford to be kind and generous is they spend their days and evenings in service to others.

    If you really want to provide value, challenge yourself to put some positive ideas into action instead of spreading negative innuendo into the ether.


    • Jenae Says:

      Great Post. Thank you so much! This is a great product. I am seriously thinking of getting in with this as a business opp. Remember when Google first started? If you wait too long, you miss the money boat! I am getting in! It’s a no brainer and a great healthy positive result product. I tell them all to talk to me in a year and I will show you my check stubs…..

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        Even if you do make money – that would be evidence of your sales techniques working, not that xocai actually matches the health claims made for it.

  19. jaycueaitch Says:

    I have never been so apalled by the bullshit published on the xocai wbsite and I am pissed off no end by their marketting drones trolling this blog. And Sam, you are a liar. You can’t even maintain consistancy for the duration of your short post. In the first sentance you say you are looking for unfulfilled xocai distributers but two sentances further you say you have no interest in being one.

    • Robert Ebbole Says:

      healthy chocolate(tm) has been trademarked by the US Patent Office for MXI Corp. Think about that!!!

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        I’ve thought about it. It proves that no-one else has used it as a trademark. Proves nothing about the health claims as that is not in the Patent Office’s remit.

  20. LT Says:

    I emailed Health Canada regarding the validity of Xocai chocolate being a “natural health product” — The response I got was that : IT HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED!

    • Jenae Says:

      Of course it’s not approved. It would put the doctors out of business with all their Rx they fill for arthritis, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, etc. Think about it. 350.00 in medicine or 35.00 in chocolate (pure cold processed chocolate) It’s not real hard. I prefer to keep my money I work for in MY pocket thank you very much. This world is crooked. Do your homework.

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        Janae, LTs point is that the poster above claimed it had been approved. ie a totally false claim.

      • brian Says:

        Its over 100 at least for a package/box of it. I tried it and was going to sell it but MLM isn’t for me. It did help me loose weight…mainly cause it made me sick everything I drank/ate it

      • Kathy Says:

        I am a Canadian and I have been following this process for many years. Quite a number of years ago Canada changed they way they regulate the health food industry. This change required all products to apply for the new NHP# (Natural Health Product Number). There are 10’s of thousands of products in the system at any one time. According to a non-Xocai source its a nightmare, products get declined that should be approved and then when they reapply they are approved and its taking years and years and years for anything to get done. There is at least one online petition about this situation as the manufacturers and consumers in Canada grow more and more frustrated. Any product in the ‘system’ that is not yet approved will not be discussed over the phone by Health Canada. However, Xocai is closely monitored by the Canadian Gov’t. The claims on our Canadian boxes are apparently written by Health Canada although I can not confirm that with any evidence except to say that if they were not the company would have been kicked out of Canada within days of the first boxes arriving. As an example, several years ago the Xocai product called Activ was available through the Canadian warehouse. The gov’t disallowed it because the name of the product was perceived to imply some sort of Health Benefit.

  21. pauline Says:

    wow, why so negative. let people have some hope and let them eat their healthy chocolate in peace… why don’t you go get laid or something, better yet , eat some healthy xocai it sets off endorphins!

  22. jaycueaitch Says:

    Hi Pauline the viral marketier. Care to point out where I’m attempting to stop people eating chocolate? I object to the spurious health claims made for this product. None of you have given any evidence in support of these claims.

    • Jenae Says:

      Have you tried it and made your own claims. Buy 21 pieces of this chocolate, eat it 3x day morning lunch and dinner and after a week, tell me what you notice.

      Goodbye Other chocolates is all I can say! Heat Processed Garbage No good for you, Period!!!

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        Anecdote is not evidence. That would be true whether someone claimed that xocai made them feel wonderful or spewed their ring.

  23. Approved By Health Canada – Not « Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] By Health Canada – Not By jaycueaitch [BPSDB] Back in February I did a piece coverning the medical claims made by the distributers of xocai chocolate. The conclusion I came to […]

    • nicole Says:

      Have you gotten any more info
      I have gone to a presentation and would like to know if the product is good.

  24. jaycueaitch Says:

    As I show in https://jaycueaitch.wordpress.com/2009/05/21/approved-by-health-canada-not/ the claims of approval as a health food by Health Canada are false.

    What was said at the presentation? Are you willing to discuss it?

    • Kathy Says:

      I am a Canadian and I have been following this process for many years. Quite a number of years ago Canada changed they way they regulate the health food industry. This change required all products to apply for the new NHP# (Natural Health Product Number). There are 10′s of thousands of products in the system at any one time. According to a non-Xocai source its a nightmare, products get declined that should be approved and then when they reapply they are approved and its taking years and years and years for anything to get done. There is at least one online petition about this situation as the manufacturers and consumers in Canada grow more and more frustrated. Any product in the ‘system’ that is not yet approved will not be discussed over the phone by Health Canada. However, Xocai is closely monitored by the Canadian Gov’t. The claims on our Canadian boxes are apparently written by Health Canada although I can not confirm that with any evidence except to say that if they were not the company would have been kicked out of Canada within days of the first boxes arriving. As an example, several years ago the Xocai product called Activ was available through the Canadian warehouse. The gov’t disallowed it because the name of the product was perceived to imply some sort of Health Benefit.

  25. James Says:

    It has helped to stabalise my blood pressure and eating a piece of Xocai chocolate is less expensive than all the fruit and vegetables it would take to get the same amount of antioxidants.

  26. jaycueaitch Says:

    Another sales-troll. James’ url is given as http://www.join- xocai.co.uk/

    FYI “James”, anonymous, unevidenced anecdotes do not constitute evidence. And as for your claim that it is cheaper to get anti-oxidants from your chocolate rather than fruit and veg, unless you supply some evidence I’m going to assume that that is a particularly crap bit of sales patter.

    You’ve achieved something I thought impossible: you’ve made Gillian McKeith sound sensible.

  27. Nick Says:

    Hi Jay,
    Just to let you know, you coming off belligerent in your arduous attempt to prove that you are ‘pissed off’ at xocia. It is not proving a point at all. I clicked on your blog to see if I could get a better perspective on what xocia is really all about instead I’m picturing a star wars fan strapped to his computer chair trying to bully around people that sell CHOCOLATE! Are you serious?

    Please, if you want to make a point show me all of the facts. I want to see the peer reviewed studies that they have aclaimed. (which I still can’t find)<-which is a point in itself, I realize that…

    If you want people to take you seriously try not being so biased and do some more homework before you make these claims. I want to see more information from more sources not from one website. Then you can make a real point and not look like you just want to pick a fight with every person that makes a reply to your blog.


    ooo…. I just read the name of this site… Letting off steam, I guess I should not have expected anything more than biased material.

  28. jaycueaitch Says:

    Hi Nick. Perhaps if you were to actually read my post you would realise that my target is not the sellers of chocolate – it is people who make totally unsubstantiated health claims for one particular brand. Not to mention making totaly false claims that it has been approved by Health Canada.

    Can you think of no better argument than making ludicrous ad hom attacks about star wars fans?

  29. justin Says:

    Thanks for this absolutely awesome post man

    it makes it like 3rd -4th spot on google results. keep it here, and simply publish marketing trolls details as they come by, its really sad they believe in this.

  30. Auvious Says:

    Seriously… there is a sucker born every moment. It’s just chocolate. Maybe it’s “special” chocolate, but it’s still just chocolate.

    You can’t get skinny by eating chocolate.
    Chocolate does not solve real medical problems – it never has and it never will. If it did, people would have been eating this since the middle ages. Everyone would know about this and it wouldn’t be new, cutting edge information.

    If those of you selling this product can convince another gullible person to eat this chocolate to fix their ailments, then more power to you. If you still have a real job, you might consider a career change. If you would never sell another item, then maybe you’ve been sucked into this scheme because you’re gullible. Just take a moment, look at it objectively and logically. Don’t pull the brainwashed jargon… be smart and take a moment before you waste any more of your money….

    It’s just chocolate….

    • teddy Says:

      i like that haha fyi they have been your spot on with that 1

      lol do a bit of research and you’ll find that chocolate is infact good for you and just like cooking any other kind of fruit/veggi when you do you lose over half the nutrients that are in it

  31. Johnny Canuck Says:

    Thanks for the good follow up on this Xocai. If I want to buy expensive baloney – I’ll get it at the deli. Unfortunately I have a good friend who has gotten caught up in this MLM nonsense. All it took was less than 5 min of online research to find out that the product is malarkey/hooey/snake oil etc. The friend tried to pull me into the fold – and I was forced to confront them and say that I was not impressed that they would value this crap chocolate mixed with magic berries more than our friendship.

    Also I do love when trollers trot out anecdote after anecdote – but are silent when it comes to fact. Enjoyed this post immensely and look forward to reading more of your sight. The more we all demand evidence and unbiased tests – the better the market is for all of us.

  32. jr Says:

    the chocolate is good for a dark chocolate product.
    150$ US a month Plus sign up fees turned me off this venture. Basically get 2 people and your done. I had a few relatives that signed up and all regret it because money is very slow once you get your two people to distribut as well. SOCIAL MARKETING type deal. QUICK Cheques received are not quich enough when your actually losing money after you sign up. PROBALY until your WAY! high up in the system that you may get the perks.

  33. jr Says:

    sign up fees i think were like 250$ US. then the monthly 150$. and apparently you can write it off in taxes>????? anybody care to followup on this.????

  34. Vicky Harrison Says:

    I used to need tums everynight. Now I eat 3 pieces of Xocai a day and I don’t need any tums. Works for me.

  35. jaycueaitch Says:

    Anecdote is not evidence. If someone were to post that eating xocai gave them indigestion, would you accept that as evidence that xocai is unhealthy?

  36. A Second Year of Steam « Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] was not the only viral marketeer to infest the comments. This post seemed to upset the xocai chocolate marketting department. One troll claimed that this product had […]

  37. Steve Says:

    Found your blog while hunting for any negatives on Xocai before possibly buying into it. Many good points seem to be made on both sides. Though this is anecdotal evidence, I did attend a marketing meeting hence my intrigue. Typical MLM stuff backed by plenty of MXI Corp claims but what really got me was when the promos stopped and a few local residents stood up to express their personal results as consumers and not distributors. I believed them. An 88-year-old woman is surely not a company plant, or is she? Guess if you’re the type that believes in conspiracy then naturally you’d think she was. But she was obviously healthy and back to playing golf which isn’t easy at any age let alone 88. But then if conspiracy is your thing why would you believe anything the FDA has to say either?

  38. richard r Says:

    I was at a seminar this weekend where somebody talked about the noises that animals make. Cows go “moo”, pigs grunt, sheep bleat, dogs bark, cats meow and people voice opinions and judgements. So thanks for your opinions. Woof woof. When I heard about this stuff I was sceptical but saw an opportunity to make some money and thought it would be a good idea to try it out for myself. I lost 16lb in weight in 2 months. I do not have arthritis, but I did have a psoriatic skin condition that has not recurred since. My mother’s chronic back pain problem has gone since she started eating the chocolate regularly and at 76 she is very happy to be able to touch her toes again. This may all be coincidence, placebo effect – I don’t know. The facts are that she is enjoying regularly eating chocolate and is free from back-pain. I do have an opinion on this: woof, oink, moo. The only way to find out either way is to try it for oneself.

  39. jaycueaitch Says:

    Anecdote is not evidence. Even if interposed with animal noises.

  40. Jonas Says:

    I like it when people get interested & have different opinions
    My question is on your continuous anecdote on evidence: Does a change in cholesterol lvls from 7,5 to 5,2 in 9 weeks taken at the doctors office, prove anything? Given that the only change that person did was to eat 3 chocs a day. Guess not, as it can’t be proven that that person did not change diet extraordinary. But, works for her.

    What is the response you get when challenging Xocai directly on they’re statements? Sorry if this was stated above as I only read through your blog once.

    AND Xocai choc is fine with me, and a quick Google on science & dark chocolate, acai, blueberry makes it all better and sensable, no matter if its approved by the canadians or not…. guess they’re to busy with the upcoming Olympics to do anything about it.

  41. jaycueaitch Says:

    If you like the chocolate, fine. My objection is to the marketers claiming non-existant health benefits and lying about its being approved as a health food by Health Canada.

  42. Renton Says:

    I have built a large team of people consuming this fantastic chocolate product. its not a coincidence that I have over 20 people in my team who have a testimonial to tell. Weight loss, lower blood pressure,lower cholesterol, back pain relief, arthritis, improved eyesight, improved sleep and the list goes on!!
    I even have doctors in my team who have checked that this product lives up to its claims. i SUGGEST jayc that you do your own homework. i DONT HAVE TO PROVE anything to you….I have all the evidence, all of the people and…..i make more money than you from it LOL!! Clearly you have nothing better to do with your time so carry on wasting your time trying to fight against a $100million sales per annum company in 2009 and will be expected to achieve $160million in 2010. Debt free company and have grown from $4million in their first year 2005……I wonder how many companies have done this in the worlds worst recession in 25 years…PRODUCTS THAT ARE OF SUCH HIGH QUALITY AS THIS WITH SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT PROVES THAT IT WORKS WILL GROW AND GROW.

  43. jaycueaitch Says:

    Anonymous anecdotes on the internet are not evidence. There is no scientific evidence to support the health claims made for this chocolate. Search PubMed. If I have missed anything feel free to post a link here.

  44. Renton Says:

    yes there is scientific evidence to support these claims…as i SAID before do your OWN homework

  45. jaycueaitch Says:

    First off, since the manufacturers are making these health claims, it is up to them to prove them, not up to me to prove them wrong.

    Secondly, since you and others in the marketting department refuse to provide any scientific evidence, I looked myself. Guess what – there is no more now than when I wrote the original post. Still nothing.

  46. Renton Says:

    I can give you evidence. Dr Steve Warren has a website which is FULL of evidence on the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

    Shame you are a skeptic……Walt Disney was told by his brother that his dream of building a theme park would not work.



  47. Morton Says:

    I called health Canada re Xocai and I got a different answer. After being suffled around by people who didn’t know what I was asking about, the official answer is: There is a law that prevents Health Canada from talking about who may or may not be in the process of achieving a NHPN. By law thet could not even say if they had recieved an application. All they can say is if a product/company already has a number, which Xocai does not. The process of getting a number, for a new product such a Xocai chocolate, can take “several years”.

    Bottom line: they can not confirm nor deny if Xocai is in the process of getting a NHPN
    which goes for your statement too; you can not confirm nor deny if Xocai’s Health Canada claims are BS

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Odd that they told me and another poster something different. However you do admit that Xocai does not have a number so the claim that the product has been approved by Health Canada is therefore bullshit. QED.

    • Kathy Says:

      I am a Canadian and I have been following this process for many years. Quite a number of years ago Canada changed they way they regulate the health food industry. This change required all products to apply for the new NHP# (Natural Health Product Number). There are 10′s of thousands of products in the system at any one time. According to a non-Xocai source its a nightmare, products get declined that should be approved and then when they reapply they are approved and its taking years and years and years for anything to get done. There is at least one online petition about this situation as the manufacturers and consumers in Canada grow more and more frustrated. Any product in the ‘system’ that is not yet approved will not be discussed over the phone by Health Canada. However, Xocai is closely monitored by the Canadian Gov’t. The claims on our Canadian boxes are apparently written by Health Canada although I can not confirm that with any evidence except to say that if they were not the company would have been kicked out of Canada within days of the first boxes arriving. As an example, several years ago the Xocai product called Activ was available through the Canadian warehouse. The gov’t disallowed it because the name of the product was perceived to imply some sort of Health Benefit.

  48. Morton Says:

    I just finished reading all the comments.
    Have you contacted Brunswick Labs? They don’t sell anything, they are the official antioxidant counters for the US. Ask them about some of your concerns.
    Have you checked different medical journals? I have come across a list of medical articles that Dr. Warren uses to back up his claims. Check them out, see if they really are ligit.
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    If you really are interested in facts, after 2 years you should have collected enough to be concrete one way or another. You haven’t got facts either way. What I have seen here is that you can’t be bothered to substantiate your claims.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      What I have seen is that the manufacturers cannot be bothered to substantiate their claims. It is they who are making the claims not me. Could you tell me which of the numerous references you have posted substantiate the health claims for Xocai chocolate?

  49. Cali Says:

    Seriously, this blog is a good read and pretty funny too! With EVERYTHING in this world- from marketers/commercials/government- whats behind all of them? Rich people that want to push a product or concept to get RICHER. Point is people lie to make $$$$ and it’s up to all of us to see through the bullshit, and make up our own minds. This blog is a battle between two kinds of people. There will always be those that choose to follow blindly and keep their head in the sand and those that don’t. Now for the ones that do see through it- it’s nearly pointless to argue with those that don’t. They just don’t think the way we do- or they are the rich ones behind the scenes attempting to lie to you to push the product and up their dough.

  50. Renton Says:


    You have to be in the business to understand the business. If you have a job I am sure you have a boss and above them there is a shareholder or two. No matter what job YOU have I am certain that there is a product which needs marketing, be a product or a service its still need to be marketed.

    Your boss expects to UP his dough and uses your skills to help him to do it at some point. We dont actually think differently….. what you must understand is that the economy needs rich people to give people like you a job. The rich represent the 5% of the population who employ the other 95%

    That 5% DO THINK DIFFERENTLY thats why they are rich.!!!! The other 95% will not be rich because they work for the 5%

  51. Holly Says:

    OMG! I CAN’T believe this guy even if it isen’t approved dark chocolate does wonders for high blood pressure, weight loss many other things. Dr. Marla Shapiro has been on CTV AND CBC over and over singing the praises of how it is beneficial for your health. Get this that was 3 years ago new stuff is being approved every day. One girl I know is going to Poland to get surgery because it is not approved here and can save her life…some people always want to know it all…look up http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/article74250.ece
    I am taking this from the article bottom page hope it works. She is talking about the candy dark choclate…Xicai has yes 7% sugar from sugar cane not white refined sugar. And a candy bar will have 25% sugar you do the math…Also it is cold pressed not cooked the hell out of it and added cocoa butter which is not even coca at all its yes, butter…the fats are good fats but the lyndt has real fats…try it and then come back and write your story…everyone who would rather take a handful of pills a day then try a piece of chocolate everday don’t want to get better. I have heard of people paying $4000 a month for treatments and it blows me away the medical system won’t tell them they only have 6 months if that to live talk about robery. Try to prevent it folks and then you won’t have to rely on our poor medical system they get so much kick backs from the writing pad it is not even funny.

  52. jaycueaitch Says:

    Holly – nothing in what you say proves the health claims made for xocai. Which is what this post is about. I especially fail to see the relevence of someone going to Poland for surgery. And the fact that someone on TV is “singing its praises” is not proof either. Adverts make all kinds of nonsense claims.

  53. Holly Says:

    I am a chiropractor and your an f…in in the basement arguing with whom ever just to blow of steam like your headline…If you stay in the basement to long you won’t have any vitamin D you will have to go to the health store and what spend $25 to try and get yourself happy and normal…you sound like a hermit idiot to me.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      A chiropractor eh? I might have guessed since you happily promote treatments with not a jot of evidence to support them.

  54. Holly Says:

    Renton is right!

    If no rich people exist no one is employed. However, this is about chocolate and dark chocolate in general does have great health benefits many people have done studies.

  55. Renton Says:


    There is no evidence that the seat that you sit on will hold your weight but you have belief that it will. You clearly will not accept any real evidence which you have been given. Believe what you like and stay broke. I know what this chocolate does and dont care what you think…..sorry I havent written on this blog for a while…Im too busy building a fantastic team of people!!

  56. Holly Says:

    still wonders why people even bothers with this guy. So many things to solve like problems of the world. I saw on Nestle chocolate it was all the stuff written about how good it is for health reasons and the sugar was double Xocai. Also, the fats and fillers were very high I ate 5 or 6 pieces today of the Xocai yummy…who cares! Acai has all that written on it, coffee now it goes on and on even juice boxes have 32g’s of sugar with a berry puts antioxidant on the box no one says anything. Anyone want to shut this site down so far I have not heard his reasons maybe somone he knows makes more money than him.

  57. Zeno Says:


    Last time I looked, Nestle weren’t making any medical claims on a Kit Kat.

  58. Holly Says:

    on their 70% dark chocolate.

  59. Zeno Says:


    Does say that it lowers bad cholesterol, builds cells, reduces blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels, improves insulin levels, helps fight cancer, improves memory and that it strengthens heart & inhibits platelet formation.

    Check for any small print, just to be sure.

  60. Renton Says:

    Nestle cannot make any health claims because there are no health benefits to report. Their chocolate has been through the “Dutching process” which means that their chocolate has been heated and unrefined sugar added plus fats and wax’s even in their 70% chocolate. Heating the chocolate removes the antioxidant content. Xocai have a patented the method of retaining the antioxidant value by cold processing…..the key word is Flavanoids…look it up. You will never see this on Nestle products!!

  61. Holly Says:

    The way he said marketing troll, I seen Richard Branson on the news who had all good things to say about marketing and networking. The virgin makeup line is network marketing, mary kay, tubber ware, weekender clothing, malaluca or whatever it’s called, watkins was bought by my mother 40 years ago from a marketing troll ah!! whoever Jay works for is calling him a marketing troll as I write this. Donald Trump is a network marketer is it you can’t take the fact that someone has something can be anything and you call it all rubbish. My guess is that is the problem everything in his life is rubbish…my husband has a construction business and the 17 people who work for him just get a pay check the person at the top makes all the money. I guess he is a pyramid and all the trolls just slave away. We wouldn’t call them that we have respect for everyone of them Who do you work for Jay?

  62. Holly Says:

    I eat the chocolate and I am not a Network Marketer but tell everyone about the benefits of it. I respect the people who sell the chocolate it is the greatest thing I ate in my life. I have experienced many good things from the chocolate and hope more in the future. After only 2 months I have a box left and eat 2 pieces a day and lost 4 lbs. never before could I have done that and I had a low iron and from my physical it has gone up a bit. I will check each month and I don’t have to use iron pills which are really bad on your system. I stopped taking iron in March it was not good on my tummy and I haven’t felt better…never mind all the benefits of the chocolate I can’t see. I just eat normal everyday and exercise 3 times a week I did for years and years. It helps mood Jay!

  63. Zeno Says:

    “Xocai have a patented the method of retaining the antioxidant value by cold processing”

    Sounds like Big Quacka to me, wanting to make a fast buck.

    Still no robust clinical trials for xocai acai, though?

    Still no Health Canada approval?

    Or did I just miss them?

    • Kathy Says:

      I am a Canadian and I have been following this process for many years. Quite a number of years ago Canada changed they way they regulate the health food industry. This change required all products to apply for the new NHP# (Natural Health Product Number). There are 10′s of thousands of products in the system at any one time. According to a non-Xocai source its a nightmare, products get declined that should be approved and then when they reapply they are approved and its taking years and years and years for anything to get done. There is at least one online petition about this situation as the manufacturers and consumers in Canada grow more and more frustrated. Any product in the ‘system’ that is not yet approved will not be discussed over the phone by Health Canada. However, Xocai is closely monitored by the Canadian Gov’t. The claims on our Canadian boxes are apparently written by Health Canada although I can not confirm that with any evidence except to say that if they were not the company would have been kicked out of Canada within days of the first boxes arriving. As an example, several years ago the Xocai product called Activ was available through the Canadian warehouse. The gov’t disallowed it because the name of the product was perceived to imply some sort of Health Benefit.

  64. Renton Says:

    Oh Zeno youre missing ALL of the point….Xocai have grown from 4m $ to 100m$ in 5 years IN A RECESSION with a product that works…..end of subject.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      In other words: “Who cares about facts -I’m filling my boots!”

      A lot of bankers got rich over the last ten years. Do you take that as evidence that the financial model they were using that led to the credit crunch was a good one?

  65. Zeno Says:

    WOW! Xocai have made LOTS of dosh! Their product must REALLY work.

  66. Elli Says:

    I think I’ll just keep growing my own fruits and veggies, thank you. Loads of nutrition and my money stays in my pocket.

  67. Renton Says:


    You will have to eat One and a half pounds of raw spinach from your garden to get the same antioxidants and nutrition as you would by eating 3 small pieces of Xocai chocolate squares!! I know what I would rather eat.

  68. Holly Says:

    We grow loads of organic vegetable and I eat lots of them but I still have my chocolate I hate grazing all day it is for cows.

  69. Cody Knapp Says:

    This “Healthy chocolate” is very much a lie. I’ve read emails from health Canada, and they have NEVER approved this. They have no right to claim it cures medical problems, if health Canada doesnt approve it. It doesn’t matter if it does or does not cure those medical problems, if health Canada doesn’t approve it, it’s illegal, and fraudulent. I am into natural stuff, but this is fake. It IS a pyramid scam.

    • Kathy Says:

      I am a Canadian and I have been following this process for many years. Quite a number of years ago Canada changed they way they regulate the health food industry. This change required all products to apply for the new NHP# (Natural Health Product Number). There are 10′s of thousands of products in the system at any one time. According to a non-Xocai source its a nightmare, products get declined that should be approved and then when they reapply they are approved and its taking years and years and years for anything to get done. There is at least one online petition about this situation as the manufacturers and consumers in Canada grow more and more frustrated. Any product in the ‘system’ that is not yet approved will not be discussed over the phone by Health Canada. However, Xocai is closely monitored by the Canadian Gov’t. The claims on our Canadian boxes are apparently written by Health Canada although I can not confirm that with any evidence except to say that if they were not the company would have been kicked out of Canada within days of the first boxes arriving. As an example, several years ago the Xocai product called Activ was available through the Canadian warehouse. The gov’t disallowed it because the name of the product was perceived to imply some sort of Health Benefit.

  70. Renton Says:

    It makes me laugh when people don’t do proper research Cody.

    Pray tell me what natural “stuff” you consume and could you explain what a pyramid is? I think you are more likely to be in a pyramid with your job or business than I am with my very successful Healthy Chocolate Business.

    • brian Says:

      It costs so much money! Its 100 a month anyway you slice it! There are other supplements that are way cheaper than cancer fighting chocolate! …that’s just sad…

  71. me Says:

    Hi, I have been eating Xocai for about 3 months now. I was convinced that I would feel more energetic, and many of my ailments would disappear. While I am in the hole about $1000, and eat three pieces of chocolate/day, I cannot say that I have noted any improvement in my health or weight. Further, for those who do sell and believe in this product, I just wonder, if it is so great, and can do so much, why cant it be more affordable? Can you see a low income person, or a single parent able to spend $150/month on chocolate? If this is so great, why does the price only make it available to people with a decent amount of discretionary income? Anyway, I’m going off it soon, I think I’ll try the 80% chocolate they sell for $2 at the grocery store.

    • Renton Says:

      [Post deleted. This is not a recruitment forum. Do it elsewhere. JQH]

    • JD Says:

      The person just puts “ME” as their name for starters. Also, “me” did not state about any changes in tests results from the doctors office. You may have high cholesterol, blood pressure, sleep disorder, etc which were recognized unless you were able to get results. Which product are you consuming? Xocai doesn’t cure or treat for diseases, or as you say “aliments would disappear” but it HELPs with the ingredient in each of the products. Google :dark chocolate” and look at researchers have found..even webmd!

  72. Holly Says:

    So true I stopped for 3 weeks we were on holidays for Christmas and then it went a week into the new year. I didn’t sleep so well and a few bodily functions didn’t work like it did on the chocolate. Here is what happened to me since 10 months now I may have mention a couple things further back. My dentist said you have the healthiest gums I have seen. I struggled keeping my Iron high enough with certain foods that I had enough energy to roll out of bed and dress for work where I could sit all day. After 2 blood work test my doctor said recently my count went from 7 to 38 since I gave birth to twins 29 years ago I had a very low count. I can only say it is since I been using the protein shake I workout now 3 or 5 days every week. Also, another biggie for me was I had on my elbow and arms a itchy breakout that drove me crazy for years and it is totally gone I am forever greatful for that. When you go to the health food store you get vitamins they don’t work right away, for instance my husband had sore arms for a long time and had massage and chiro and physio he probably spent $3000 yearly for the last 10 or so years. and the chiropractor put him on a joint vitamin $46 every three weeks and after 3 months he said to her it don’t seem to help. This is the answer you have to use them for at least 6 months to a year. Sound like a diet telling you eat 500 calories a day and take all these vitamins to help you loose weight I would look big time on only 500 calories why would I need anything to help me. I need nutritional support with only that many calories and back to the chocolate a couple pieces a day it does work wait for another 3 months your life is worth it and yes it is price wise more than reg. chocolate which is full of junk. If you do you will see the difference, I am not counting what I spent in Chocolate. I am just a lover of it and buy it on a regular basis and now my husband loves it so we will continue and give up other things like dinners out, no junk food and dropped loads of vitamins we take only a vitamin D3 now which is cheap. Our skin is better, hair, nails and everyone ask us what are we doing small changes when people start to notice you become something everyone wants to hear about. Since then I have given my Dr. info, and the gym people are buying Xocai and the spa girls are trying it too…Good Luck!

  73. Renton Says:

    I like the way JQH can delete any posts that is regarded as winning the argument..I think you have run out of steam LOL..I don’t need to recruit any more as i have plenty already!! But if I can help one more person I will. Thanks for your comment Holly thats a great testimonial for this great product.I wonder what JQH does for a living…a pyramid I shouldn’t wonder!!

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      I deleted the post because it was a blatant attempt to use the forum to recruit to your salesteam and increase your sales. As I said, if you want to do that do it elsewhere. This is not the place. I am happy to discuss the science if you have any to contribute.

      Incidently, what do you mean by I do “a pyramid” for a living?

  74. Holly Says:

    I see that post deleted why is he or she so messed up…did someone ask him to become an executive of Xocai. Not me he or she is invading our space not the opposite when I look up healthychocolate.ca I see none of this bull someone must be making money and he or she don’t like that. I have no problem with buying Xocai my health means all the money in the world to me why would anyone question what I do if I like it. Maybe he pays to keep this blog how do we know see if I call him a Troll ha!!! or the guy who sells vitamins, cars, furniture whatever. Did you know Benton that Madonna paid $250 for a piece of chocolate those are gifts she gives to people no not healthy chocolate the kind Trolls sell at a swanky New York chocolate place that has sugar, fats and caffine etc. Where all the money goes to the top no one get any but the chocolatier of that business. I just got in from 2 hours working out with the energy I have from the chocolate lol…good day.

  75. jaycueaitch Says:

    I have just noticed that the page with all the medical clains has been deleted from the Xocai site. Somebody worried about the Advertising Standards Authorities new powers to regulate websites?

  76. Renton Says:

    Which site are you referring to? I could attach plenty of sites which have solid proof of medical testimonials from the people who have been consuming this great chocolate.

    I would hate to attach the link here as you may consider it as a recruitment effort!!! As I said before I don’t need to use this forum as a tool. I use several far better and more effective methods, although having said that, there are more positives on here than negatives.

    Got to rush……Ive got 30 new people in my team this week who need my attention and guidance.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      I was referring to the site making the medical claims I refer to in my blog post.

      I notice your site is down too. Tidying up?

      If you have some links to evidence for medical claims, I would be interested in seeing them.

  77. Renton Says:

    Ive already posted one site already. I have plenty to choose from if I need to send them to anyone.

    My site? Chocolate prospector is not my site. I used it and it has now been sold to a new owner and i no longer need the service it offers as I have built a new capture page and website.
    you could say Im Tidying up yes……to make room for a bigger and better business.
    Why would you be interested in seeing them…you don’t believe them…although you probably watch Eastenders and Coronation St!!

  78. Renton Says:

    I have all the evidence I need ,so I will continue to help people achieve success while you can continue to live your boring sad life.

  79. Renton Says:

    No further comments, Im too busy achieving.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      I don’t know if you’ve managed to convince yourself but you’ve certainly not convinced me. From here it looks like you’re running away with your tail between your legs.

  80. Holly Says:

    I just got a news letter from the Xocai family saying we have added 260 more new distributors for the month of Feb…so keep up the good work Renton.

  81. evelyn Says:

    is this a fake forum actually promoting xocai by fake debate? ima curious onlooker and the host comes across as too negative to be believable? Although very intelligent sounding, you make the xocai folks seem good and right by your beligerant stubborn tone. I almost want xocai to win just to see you eat crow. But… was that your intention? Yes ima skeptic too. skeptical of the skeptic. And yes, I have trust issues. lol. The only thing you, the host brought up that made sense was the Health Canada thing. Let’s sit on that for a min. Are they or are they not approved? Because that would be an integrity issue and does not make any company seem attractive. EVEN if the xocai product was legit, this would discredit xocai. And I if I chose to align myself to them I would be discredited by association. So not something I wanna do.

    .. But …BTW by you don’t need scientific evidence to prove that chocolate over 70% cacao or acai is good for you. Just google it. It’s old news. It’s clear understood and simply accepted by all sundry. It’s really a non-issue really. It’s food or superfood or whatever. It has nutritional value, it’s good for you. For centuries food (nutrition) was used as cure ailments long before the medical establishments came along to give it’s approval i.e. “grandmas chicken soup”. (yes skeptics theres a study to prove that too…but who paid for the study, i now wonder? Campbell’s might have some stake in it)…Nothing new here.

    I’m more skeptical towards the FDA and the medical establishment actually. They have more to lose. Trillions more to lose. (Because even their studies or evidence is paid by some interested party right?) Someone shelling out millions of dollars for anything, even research, is not doing it out of the kindness of their heart. There is always vested interest in the outcome. If not, then why bother with a study or clinical trial if not to push out some drug that is going to make someone rich. The FDA has backed and approved up lots of deadly, fatal, oops, medicines that lined their pockets and they never faced the consequences because of the protections the current health law’s fancy loopholes affords them, health laws and regulations written by them BTW. So I don’t get the hosts faith in medical research. If there is anyone to doubt I always say:”follow the money”. The more one stands to gain or lose, the more they need to hide.

    So, for me, bottom line, the only way to tell if it stuff like this works is not some fancy scientific evidence because you could still ask “who paid for the study?” It will be by either trying it myself or having someone you trust try it. Why, because unlike prescription drugs approved by the FDA, you won’t die from it or go blind it if it claims are disproven. At worst you’ll be out a few bucks. But you would still have had chocolate– that statement applies only if you are a chocolate lover okay.

    I would take the word of people you trust like mom or dad, etc… Also, I would only okay it if tastes freaking good. I don’t care how healthy it will make me. If it doesn’t fit in with my current, daily routine I’m not going to waste my time. And if it asks me to eat something that tastes like carrion ,I’m not only not going to buy it, Im not going to share it with freinds.

    So I would ask if there are samples out there. Free samples. And ask what is the financial committment level.

    As for spinach vs chocolate debate I’d choose chocolate. But if this stuff is to expensive, i’ll stick to spinach. I can always dress it up with lemon and oil.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      You might add that you’re “A curious onlooker who sells alternative remedies yourself” judging by your email address. I mention that because you seem to think sources of money are so important. Why do alt.med types always refer to examining the data as “being negative”?

      As for FDA backing drugs -perhaps you could supply some evidence of “deadly” drugs they backed. Or the drugs that blind people? Oh, and the FDA don’t actually get the profits of approved drugs.

    • Alan Henness (@zeno001) Says:

      evelyn said:

      …you don’t need scientific evidence to prove that … acai is good for you. Just google it.


  82. evelyn Says:

    jay look what i found tell me what you think

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      It’s a summary.No numbers, no details of the methods used so it is impossible to tell how good the science actually is. Do you have a link to the actual research paper?

  83. Holly Says:

    The chocolate is inexpensive compared to other things unhealthy we use or eat. I had skin problems for years and it went away after a few months of eating chocolate so I am a believer. Before I had creams costing $180 a tube and god only knows how much got into my blood stream. I don’t want to think about it, also I suffered IBS and to this day I feel 100% better so it is worth it to the person who is in pain or feel the quality of life is held back. My parents are old and they think the doctors tells them to take a handful of pills that is what they do…I will try anything other. Also, I have dropped a few pounds and eat hardly any sweets only at special occasions so I don’t get the over load of sugar like I usually had before and the chocolate is a cleanse to me. It dosen’t matter what is said here it’s just an oponion from some nay sayer they are everywhere, it makes them feel better putting down someone or in this case a product that is the best on the market. The shake is superior to any out there you can find and reduces pain by 33% how amazing is that. It’s been tested and found with doing live cell counts…..I love everthing about Xocai…have a great day everyone using the product because we are happy chocolate makes us that way…what can be better.

  84. brian Says:

    Honestly people arent too bright…you eat the nuggets, then you don’t eat any other chocolate. Or sugar and start eating right…of course you’re going to feel better and lose weight! It’s not because of the xocai but because of everything you’re doing….the chocolate only gives you placebo power..lol! That’s about it! I was a xocai eater and. Was going to sell it to reap the huge money profits…but its not about the chocolate. .its about sellers..getting sellers for sellers to get sellers…to sell- selling..the chocolate is ‘ok’ but the science behind it is hyperinflated…kinda like the shamwow and the slap chop …

  85. Glenn Gregory Says:

    If I may offer my anecdotal evidence. After using the product for over ayear, I realized no health benefits from the products. The people that originally sold the product to us, had long ago left the organization. We continued for sometime using it afterward. I must say that the product tastes alright.

    We bought this very expensive chocolate, that’s what it is, with hopes of seeing some benefits. Said benefits never appeared for us.

    Without passing on anything in particular, I have to say admittedly only by my experience that it does not deliver as promised. So at the very least, I have to say I doubt the veracity of the claims made by the company.

    I cannot comment on the business opportunity because we didn’t avail ourselves of it.

    Take this for what it is worth. I am not able to recommend the product.

  86. Carol Says:

    I am highly skeptical of anything that claims to cure everything from head aches to arthritis to diabetes to heart problems to cancer. However, even if xocai was the miracle cure for all ills, the MLM (aka pyramid scheme) makes it over priced in comparison to some comparable or better products. They are spending a fortune in advertising & then the distribution pyramid each has to get a cut.

  87. Renton Says:

    Yet another one who doesnt understand the industry or this product. You are in a “pyramid” as you call it. You will have a boss who earns more than you and is above you in the company? Perhaps you could explain what you se as a pyramid? Xocai does not spend a fortune on advertising as that is the whole purpose of MLM as the distributor is their advertiser.

  88. Holly Says:

    yes, I agree people just don’t get it they spend one half a million dollars for a franchise and the franchisee takes most of the money. Talk about your loosing money and working twice has hard as for a MLM low cost start up greater rewards. Wake up people the dollar store gets a crappy plastic toy for $0.05 and sells it for $1.50 do you see the difference I see the difference. I have a brother-in-law who sells flowers he buys a rose for $0.10 and sells to you the customer for $3.00 for one rose. The chocolate at $1.00 pcs. which has loads of healthy benefits you would consider to expensive….compared to what?????????? If you have no health issues you won’t see anything on the surface happen it will be all internal. However, if you have some health issue which over time becomes better, I know I did. I can say somethings that are natural takes longer than the pills the doctor will provide and kill you in the end…which do you perfer??? This guy or gal who started this site complains about everthing I have see it on other sites as well. Too much time on ones hands should be selling Xocai and going on a cruise……everything is a pyramid the top people make the money in every company you work for. Every retail, every make model of vehicle you drive etc…

  89. themaven7@gmail.com Says:

    You are misinformed. Xocai does indeed live up to its hype. I am living testimonial to that. You have not done your homework.

  90. Dawn Says:

    Just curios, (doesn’t really matter because I am just a consumer now…), but was that a distributor website that you were quoting or the actual MXI website? I had noticed at one time that there were distributors that were misquoting and clearly did not get their sites approved. Anything you do yourself needs to be approved and MXI has strict guidelines. A lot of the words above sound like it would never pass without them wanting a lot of changes made.

  91. jaycueaitch Says:

    If there are strict guidelines might I suggest that you MXI enforce them?

  92. Nichole Says:

    I just learned about Xocai from a friend whose husband is suffering from mouth cancer. He started consuming around 8 squares/day and the tumor has decreased in size by 25% in a very short period of time. Raw, unprocessed foods, including dark chocolate, deliver more antioxidants and vital enzymes than their cooked, processed counterparts. I think the Xocai product is expensive and I wish it had less sugar, but otherwise provides superior health benefits. We all need to consume more raw foods and more antioxidants to combat the deleterious effects that our toxic world exerts upon us.

  93. jaycueaitch Says:

    Your immune systen uses free radicals to destroy invading micro-organisms. Too many anti-oxidants will use up too many free radicals and suppress your immune system.

    BTW, what is your evidence that the world is ‘toxic’ and that anti-oxidants will help in any way.

  94. Holly Says:

    just a little detail I was at the Marche market a restaurant type market and went for a desert and they had 1 little chocolate ball
    for $2.29. The Purdys candy chocolate cost $34.99 a box and inside they have about 30 chocolate that have no benefit to anyone only fats and sugars. What is it compared to when you can get a glass of juice here for $5.95 + HST. Some people compare it to candy and that is why it seems like a lot of money. I do know people who take over $300 in supplements and natural stuff is harder to process and cost more example Organic produce an orange had 30% more vitamin c than none organic.

  95. Holly Says:

    your body can never get enough Antioxidants they mop up the free radicals that invade our bodies. A toxicologist Dr. David Peterson tells us from his research…google Dr. Peterson you may be surprised plus a doctor who worked with seniors all of his life found this evidence.

  96. Holly Says:

    jayceau whatever is not doing her or his research.

  97. Eva Says:

    I have read this entire blog with great interest. I have a friend who has recently started promoting Xocai chocolate. I had been considering it as a home-based business. I attended a ‘chocolate tasting’ last month (without knowing I was attending a MLM presentation).

    Although I enjoyed the presentation I had to bite my tongue with regard to their medical claims in order to not embarass the presenters. The presenters were talking about the Xocai chocolate providing medical benefits (weight loss, lowered blood pressure and cholesteral, etc). However, my educated (and critical thinking) mind could not understand how they could make these medical claims without actual scientific evidence to back it up? Who do these people think they are? The only research study they stated that Xocai had conducted was a weight loss study (I forgot to ask for a copy of it; however I might still in order to open the eyes of my friend promoting Xocai). Research data is consistently manipulated to produce the results that the researchers would like to demonstrate. Seriously, do you believe eveything you read? Do you understand how to read research data? Do you know how to recognize the flaws in a research project?

    Now, I will not dispute that people have experienced individual health benefits from the product. I view this along the same lines as other ‘alternative’ medicines which cannot be demonstrated effective through scientific research (example, Acupuncture). The research on acunpuncture is inconclusive; I am not saying this because it does not work. I know acupuncture does work for some people. Acupuncture does not work for me, but I will not discount it as being beneficial for some people. I also see a chiropractor regularly; because it works for me.

    The point that Jaycueaicth is making in this blog is that people involved with Xocai are making medical claims about the product which has not been demonstrated (in any way shape or form) via scientific evidence. Xocai cannot make medical claims without producing a research study with double blind participants. Medical benefits of Xocai should not be stated through any sort of media (websites) or by the people promoting it; it’s false advertising and deceiptful.

    As for the ‘cold press’ technology, I have a tough time believing this as well. In the video presentation, while they are promoting their ‘cold press’ technology you see liquifide chocolate (as far as I understand, chocolate can only be liquid when heated).

    Is dark chocolate good for you? Yes, we can all google that info (and find scientific research to back it up too). Personally, I think I’ll go to the grocery store and buy a few dark chocolate bars @ $2 and check it out myself. At least it tastes better than the Xocai chocolate. As far as I’m concerned, I’d much rather spend $40 on Belgium chocolate (which tastes awesome!) than over $100 on Xocai (which tastes like cheap Halloween chocolate).

    MXI and/or Xocai has not conducted any research on their products. I highly doubt Xocai will receive approval to be sold in Canada if the company continues to boast unsubstantiated medical claims.

    • Darko Says:

      Aww!! I gotta say you make me laugh my friend was the same with me nay sayers are everywhere. I have given hundreds of chocolates to people for tasting and have not heard 1 person say it tasted like cheap halloween candy. Xocai is heated but no to where it looses it’s potency I believe it’s 100 degrees. I know many people personally who went to MXI and went through the plants anyone can go. The store chocolate is cooked at very high heat and destroys the good that our bodies need. If you boiled vegetables they loose vitamins it’s not rocked science. I checked out other chocolates and try going to http://www.barkeaterchocolates.com 8 pcs for 18.99 candy that’s all it is. Also http://www.burdickchocolate.com 100 pcs for $260 plus tax, plus shipping and god only knows what else. Dark chocolate is amazing I ate the crappy Lyndt dark chocolate for 3 years and all the fat and sugar didn’t feel anything. I suffered low iron for 29 years and after 9 months I had a blood sample at the doctor and she told me it went from 7 to 38…True story how can it be anything else I didn’t do anything different. Some people have so much crap in their bodies it takes the antioxidant to clean up your blood this is true even by my very own doctor. Check out antioxidant detective by googling it tells you there you need lots of antioxidants. So eat all the crappy chocolate and I hope your friend sticks to her plan and help other people and leave you at the door step when she makes enough money to leave her job…it’s all about health and wealth I wish her luck. You are to negative for her…from my point of view.

  98. Ignatz deFyre Says:

    Has anyone noticed that MXI shakes contain sucralose?

    Sucralose (a chlorinated sugar) is one of a class of products designed to “pass through” the body unabsorbed – remember Olestra? The idea is to create a substance that will satisfy your craving for sweet and fatty but without the downside. Right. Olestra consumers suffered from anal leakage instead as the fake oil dribbled into their bloomers.

    With all the natural food available in the world, why you’d want to feed on chemical mixture crap is beyond me.

    • Darko Says:

      not true it is in front of me xylitol and less than .2 sugar in each shake very good for you in small amounts. The health food store sells small packets for coffee etc. Bakers chocolate is still cooked before cooked again and raw is nasty so buy what you want. If you want to eat bakers chocolate no one is stopping you but you won’t get the benefits of Xocai never. MLM’S are here to stay and in the future most of your good product will be with mlm sorry! that you can’t change the world in a snap Ignatz. Our chocolate is the best in the world ever and I found many sites much, much more expensive and it’s candy.

  99. Ignatz deFyre Says:

    As far as chocolate goes, if you want dark chocolate with hardly any sugar, eat Bakers chocolate. Much cheaper, and no MLM.

  100. emilio Says:

    Xocai works, but its way too expensive. You can buy pure cacao and acai 10 times cheaper on net.

    I have used and sold Xocai and pure products is even better and so much more cheaper.

    If Xocai was 5 times cheaper I would have used it today, but the price is just silly.

    Today I buy pure Cacao, Acai and so much more super food for a affordable price.

    By Xocai!

  101. Kathy Says:

    Here is a link with more links from it. There are lots of studies referenced there and all of them say that chocolate will benefit you in various ways and non of them used raw chocolate, so then the benefits would be greater with raw chocolate.


    As for the Health Canada problem, I have been told that MXI is half way through the process of getting their NHP (Natural Health Product #). And that because Canada recently introduced a new system every old and new product had to be certified and there is a huge back log in the system. So the health claims on the box were written by Health Canada but they don’t have a number yet.

  102. Alan Henness Says:

    Kathy said:

    …so then the benefits would be greater with raw chocolate.


    • Kathy Says:

      According to the link http://www.patentedchocolateresearch.org/ “Unprocessed cocoa has more antioxidants in it than any food tested by the USDA. Processed cocoa is roasted which causes almost 90% of the polyphenols/flavanoids to be lost.”

      • Alan Henness Says:

        Kathy said:

        “Unprocessed cocoa has more antioxidants in it than any food tested by the USDA. Processed cocoa is roasted which causes almost 90% of the polyphenols/flavanoids to be lost.”

        There are several non-sequiturs there.

        1. Whether or not unprocessed cocoa has more antioxidants than any other food the USDA may or may not happened to have tested tells you nothing about the levels of antioxidants in raw and processed cocoa nor the difference between them.

        2. Whether or not roasting cocoa causes almost 90% of the polyphenols/flavanoids to be lost tells you nothing about what remains and what pharmacological effects the raw or processed cocoa has.

        3. Even if raw cocoa has more antioxidants and/or flavanoids than processed cocoa, that does not necessarily mean that it imparts any benefits.

        That quote does not substantiate your claim about ‘benefits’.

  103. Helen Says:

    Has anyone mentioned that Xocai is Brunswick Lab Certified and tested on the final product 4 times a year? If you allowed attachments, I would send you a scan of the product boxes that show what Health Canada allows Xocai to print as Health claims. I’ve been using it for over a year and a half now and must admit was a skeptic at first also. I just wanted to lose some weight and did. So far, down 22 lbs and did not require the Lipitor my doc wanted me to start on after a few months on Xocai, less the side effects of course. I use it for pain management as well, for my muscle and joint issues, which is a major bonus. Also, have to mention the Feature article on the Front Page of the Bariatric Journal of Medicine published last fall. Dr. Mike Kennedy is a Huge promoter of Xocai along with Dr. Gordon Pedersen as they tour with Jeannette Brooks Weight Loss Symposium http://www.mxicorp.com/symposium FYI: Jeannette is a diabetic and has been experimenting on herself first. She is a 60 year old with no cosmetic surgery of any kind done at all. I will be faithful to the product as it has done me a world of good and not full of the refined sugars, bad fats, wax and caffeine that the candy bar mfrs add to their Cheap Chocolate that makes everyone Obese.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Health Canada told me that no medical claims had been aproved. So Xocai claims to the contrary would appear to be false. Brunswick Labs, incidently, have nothing whatever to do with Health Canada and are in fact based in the USA. You are being more than a little misleading.

    • Holly Says:

      I wouldn’t worry to much about it Helen this guy or gal is jealous dosen’t matter if it is Health Canada no need for advertising on a pure chocolate. The reason I say that is because candy has things written on it should be banned. He has been going on about Health Canada for over a year and fighting everything else anyone enjoys. Brunswick Labs is not owned by Xocai and they are in the states but if you believe in a product you put it to them to test it’s value before anyone consumes anything. To me that is the right thing to do with any product I love the shake and can’t go without it I feel crappy and cranky. Now mars is trying to make bars under 200 calories what’s that to do with the drywall products for fillers, waxes and fats, plus loads of refined sugars that kill kids slowly. See no one said ask Health Canada to see if it is fit to eat Cheers!

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        The reason I mention Health Canada at all is because Xocai marketting trolls claimed that Health Canada had approved Xocai’s medical claims.

        And what do you think I am “jealous” of, exactly?

      • Holly Says:

        Then you would have to fight with all dark chocolate on the market and get busy…why is it such a bother to you your time is so consumed in finding things wrong. Names like trolls etc. tells me you are a very NASTY individual. Go get a real job!!! then become a troll and slave to some company where they have you 9-5 or even longer.

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        Troll is an excellent name for people who pretend neutrality but really only post to sell something.

        I have a job, btw, what makes you think I don’t?

        Any chance of you answering my previous question?

  104. Holly Says:

    A question for you Jay… do you do any research on Isogenics, Shakeology, Body By Vi all unnatural products that actually change your DNA over time and fillers in chocolate can be from wall plastering eveyone eats that crap. Have you seen what those companies make while kids are getting fat, unhealthy and worse diabetics. Milk chocolate has no benefits to the body and yet it sells in the billions yearly. I personally would like to see those go over 400 studies on dark chocolate all have proven chocolate is good for cardiovascular health. Also, circulatory problems, reduces oxidative susceptibility and increases serum. Reduces platelet aggregation and pills kills 1 person every 19 minutes. What doctor will tell you to eat a piece of dark chocolate if you have high blood pressure problems 0. They get out the pad and write a prescription if the bills don’t suit you after a few days and you purchased 100 or even 200 I have seen on many you throw away those and they will write another one for a different pill. If a headache occurs you will get another pill on top of that and so on…I would try anything before pills and if a healthy person don’t need a doctor they save loads of money in the long run. The choclate is not pricey for 100 you can get at $1 ea that is shipping handling, taxes all on top when there is a 2 for 1 free! people pay $5 for 3 pcs of candy I have seen in the winery’s etc. that’s loads of sugar not sugar cane or agava. IT WOULD SURE HELP YOU WITH YOUR MOOD…

  105. dharmaFarm (@dharmaFarm) Says:

    I’m very curious about getting some scientific information regarding Xocai product ingestion as it relates to the levels of known stimulants including Theobromine, Caffeine, Mateine and others.

    I’d like to know what the levels of these and other stimulants are in the end-products marketed by Xocai. I’m concerned that people I know and others are giving this chocolate to children and eating it frequently every day themselves under the assumption that it is safe because it doesn’t have caffeine added. They seem to be unaware that other stimulants that are as equivalent or even stronger than caffeine are present, especially at moderate to high daily doses.

    Please- Xocai supporters, do not respond to these questions with the argument that milk chocolate is known to be unhealthy, so Xocai products must be at least safer. I’m specifically concerned with how safe or unsafe consumption of these stimulants (especially in concert) is known to be for children and frequent users.

    I’d also like Xocai resellers and others to comment on the presence of Sucralose and Crystallized Fructose as sweeteners in Xocai products, as well as to discuss awareness of dairy and wheat based additives that are a risk for allergic populations. I have dairy, wheat, and gluten allergies and am stimulant abstitent and I was repeatedly assured by a reseller and Xocai marketing reps that these ingredients were not in Xocai products. However, during a recent “tasting” I was given foods containing milk protein, wheat-sourced emulsifiers, and unknown amounts of stimulants.

    The folks who put together that tasting are seriously lucky that my allergies do not produce anaphalaxis, but instead a milder degree of air passage swelling that causes infection but is mostly an annoyance when caught early. I am also sensitive to stimulants and I want the truth about the amount of stimulants that people are ingesting when they eat these chocolate products. Here is the USDA nutrition data profile on an ounce of cocoa powder- tell me how cold-pressed Xocai products compare and where the data is to document those claims: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/sweets/5471/2 This data shows an ounce of cocoa powder containing 64.4 mg of caffiene, twice the amount present in 12 ounces of Coca Cola, not to mention the 576 mg of Theobromine in cocoa powder, which would have to be massively weaker than caffeine to not have a physiologically stimulating effect. Add to that the Yerba Mate (Mateine) and Acai berries (more Theobromine) in Xocai products and they really look like stimulant cocktails.

  106. kari eckert Says:

    I have eaten Xocai Healthy Chocolate forexcactly 2 years!
    Nothing I love more (no blue teeth from eating fresh Bluberries), Getting so many Anti Oxydentes and Flavonoids cannot be bad for us. I am 69 years old, do not take any medication. I personally do not like the Sucralose/Xantan (E-955) in the shake. So I will not take it, but a little Xylitiol is good for teeth, etc. The Luo Han Fruit Concentrate is natural unprocessed fruit, yes sugar.These are ingredientes only in the Shake, not the chocolates.
    Almost everything we put in our bodies reverse to sugar in one form or another. Lactoce (milk), Fructose (cornsyrup)Sucrose,etc…
    The unremoved Cacao fat, intact in Xocai is the same Healthy Fat we also get in Olive Oil and Coconut Oil.(thank godness the left the healthy part, In normal chocolates they remove it and put hydrog. fats and fillers)) These are the good fats. Our bodies (cells) need them and we can loose weight if we get these healthy natural fats. I have, so I’m livinh proof!
    The unprocessed “Raw Cane Juice Crystals) in Xocai is unrefined therefore has a different effect than refined sugar in our bodies.
    Xocai is Healthy Chocolate, no question about that!!!
    Whatever the claim or not claim,,,, Google,,,,,, Acai, Wild Bluberries, Raw Sundried Cacao, please!!!! I love all cholates but do not want all the sugars, wax and hydrog.margarine/fats they put in chocolate to make it taste good. Yes it tastes good with whatever they put in it. I want the benefits of Anti Oxidentes, have My Cholate and Eat it too!
    I feel blessed being able to afford Xocai, and would like to see it more reasonable priced as well.
    Then more people would be able to afford Xocai Healthy chocolate as well.
    I see both sides of the argument, understanding the point “jayecue” is arguing.
    Please check out “Brunswick” Laboratories, (indepentent in Massachusettes) I trust their Seal and in their measurements of the “ORAC” value of Flavonoids and Antioxidentes in Xocai.

    Myself, I am a real Troll (Norwegian) you should Google that one too.
    Some are bad, some very bad, some cute and some for Good Luck, “Lykke Troll”
    I find some of them on this blog!!!!!

    • Holly Says:

      That’s amazing Kari, just some people are clueless I have found lots of good eating the chocolate. And it’s great for kids, people give kids pop with killer acid and even worse I saw a kid buy a sandwich and 2 rocks which is a stimulant full of caffeine…kids need chocolate for the brain it keeps the iron rich..just not from us they did over 2,500 studies on just dark candy chocolate. Good Luck!! I love Trolls.

      • kari eckert Says:

        So True,…
        It’s the good (Cacao)fat and we need that!(Olive Oil & Coconut fat/oil has the same benefits.
        Instead they remove it (in comercial chocolate) and add hydrog. fat and refined sugars./wax & fillers….I wish Xocai was a little cheaper of course so many more could afford it, but Xocai is still the cheapest on the market of the unprossed Choclates out there. The most expensive is $250,00 Xocai is S43.00 (I guess pr. pound). I do not confess it as a snake oil, but one out of many Healthy things helpful for a healthier life!!! Iam not tired of Xocai after two years, eating Nuggets, Peanutbutter and Omega (with orange )the best!!!
        I lost cravings for all junk and sugar, Xocai is Low Glycemic so stabelizes our bloodsugar. Antioxidentes, Acai, wild Bluberries and unprocessed Cacaco is the most important thing for me. Since I am off refined food Xocai is almost the only Healthy Chocolate I can have. My two children eats Xocai and I was suprised when rhey “llked” Dark Chocolate!!!!
        I am delighed and happy to spend money on preserving their health rather than medicine and Doctors. Too manyDiabetes Kids now. Time to wake up!!!!
        “Brunswick Laborotories” are Indepentent, the formost companies trust them for measuring the “ORAC” value in our food. (antioxidentes & flavonoids)
        With love….

  107. Craig Says:

    Well, this debate has been going on for some time and I must say the snake oil salesmen seem pretty upset! Surely in all this time they would have taken the hint and conducted DOUBLE BLIND CLINICAL TRIALS with fully published and peer reviewed results. You know, real science? As far as I can see that’s all that is being requested. Incidentally I have multiple health issues including cancer and hypertension but would not touch xocai or other snake oil with a sh**ty stick! As has often been said: You know what they call remedies that work?……. Medicine.

    • kari eckert Says:

      They Never Claimed it “Cures” all illnesses……
      It’s the Antioxidentes in Cacao, Acai & Blueberries + the good Fat (in the chocolate) that makes it healthy for us! One more healthy thing we can enjoy, Thanks to Xocai!!!
      I take these seperate as well if I am out of Xocai, but miss the wonderful cholate, which taste so good!
      + no Blue teeth from Bluberries, ha,ha…

      Xocai has just been Certified as “Healthy Chocolate” the only one on the market by the way, check it out!!!
      Of course we need medicine as well,
      who said we Dont?

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        I googled “xocai certified as healthy chocolate” and the top two links bith lead to the Brunswick laboratories, a private testing facility. Sample here.

        They have not issued any certificate saying “xocai is healthy”. That page has a list of anti-oxidant content of xocai chocolaste and various other foodstuffs and the assumption is made that massive amounts of anti-oxidants are ‘healthy’. It also makes unsupported claims that the product is diabetic friendly. This statement is asterisked and leads to the following disclaimer at the foot of the page:

        *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

      • Bella Says:

        exactly, thats how it should be that is on many products that perticular statement has not been evaluated. They have to to many can you imagine if they had to check every statement. And no it is not intended to cure all prevention is the key once you have cancers and other diseases you have other issues but over medication from the doctors is rampant. I heard on Discovery channel every 19 minutes someone dies from medication. Cancer treatments is not intended to prevent or cure for that matter the disease. I had two friends die before 50 a few years ago the cancer treatment didn’t work they use you as a they would a rat to try to cure it. The diabetic friendly means they had a low glycemic sugar not like the white refined sugar that makes you crash and it spikes your blood pressure. Low glycemic sugars are used in many foods diabetics eat besides chocolate has over 1,650,000 sites if you google dark chocolate. They all have a story about the year and when research was done on dark chocolate for certain diseases. What’s to loose if you have a problem a whole functional food couple times a week or more if you want to eat more. I started eating dark chocolate from the grocery store 70% but when I found Xocai had no milk I am lactose it was lactose free…I didn’t want to eat all the white sugar so it was for me what is everyone’s problem about chocolate. Kids drink pop that kills it has been proven over and over and many people eat awful things. The doctor will give you any pill you desire if you ask I know because I go once a year and they ask if I need a prescription of any kind…WTH….

      • Kathy Says:

        In the USA everything has that disclaimer, even vitamins.

      • kari eckert Says:

        Not Talking about Certificate from Brunswick!
        This is something else.

        Will post it later, must go now!

  108. kari eckert Says:

    United States of America Patent & Trademark Office.
    “Health Chocolate” XOCAI
    NO 4.106,948
    Reg.Feb. 28,2012
    Look it up, you see the Gold Seal!!!

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      All that proves is that Health Chocolate and Xocai have been registered as trademarks in the US. It is most certainly not a certification that the chocolate is healthy.

      • kari eckert Says:

        Blueberries, Acai, Cacao IS HEALTHY!!!
        These are the Ingredientes in Xocai Healthy Chocolates.
        I am Healthier now than I have ever been in my 69 years.
        Maybe You Need Xocai too!!!!

      • Allana Says:

        Kari, I eat the chocolate to and feel better than I ever did. The only Rubbish is Letting of Steam about something he or she don’t know.

        This site is the most rubbish I have read in the longest time and the only one that has been here for sometime…eat your chocolate my friend and you are in a great mood to right?

      • kari eckert Says:

        Hi again Allana,
        I agree 100% with you on all points!!!
        Never had anything so good and Healthy too, that I enjoyed in my entire life!
        I Love XOCAI!!!
        (no more Blue teeth, ha.ha..)

      • kari eckert Says:

        Rubbish……”all it means”……!!!!!

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        So you claim to believe that the US Patent and Trademark Office is also in the business of issuing health certificates?

      • Allana Says:

        jaycueaitch lives in a dark place if he had not heard the news for the last 10+ years about chocolate and I feel sad he didn’t find out yet. Not Xocai but all the medical professionals know about dark chocolate, and every university across the country or world have written reports. Just to argue can everyone please ignore this site…it won’t go away some people have to be in the right.

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        There’s no getting away from the fact that the medical and health claims quoted in the original blogpost do not have any evidence to back them up.

      • kari eckert Says:

        YES,,, Let her have THE LAST WORD!!!
        (ignorence/stupidity is forgivable if you are willing to learn)

        In Love.

  109. kari eckert Says:

    Hi Bella, Me too!
    Have eaten Xocai Nuggets & Omega for 2 years now.
    Balances my bloodsugar through the day, No cravings nor tempted to grab Junk food.
    69 years, do not take pills in any form, even Vitamins.
    Just eat Healthy (including Xocai Healthy Chocolate ) in my diet.
    Arthrithis and Fibromyalgia is totally under control now.

  110. Craig Says:

    Kari and others you should read this. A great many of these apply to your arguments

  111. C A Garza Says:

    C A Garza Says:

    May 26, 2012 at 2:53 am
    I know this is straying from the chocolate topic, however,I have been taking care of 2 seriously ill elderly moms for over 6 years. My mother in law, has Rheumatoiod Arthritis, Heart problems and now Diabetis. She has been taking Remicade infusions every 4 weeks for over 3 years now for the Arthritis because her pain was unbearable, Her medical doctors would place her another med. and then another and another to the point that when I crossed referenced them, there were 11 of them that interfered with each other, canceling out the effectiveness of the overpriced scripts. When her prescriptions reached a whopping 22 meds a day, I blew. We went to a natural homeopathic doctor, which we were told we were crazy, if we took her out from under her MD, it would kill her. Long story short, the MD was willing to keep treating her from the prescription standpoint, because he was pretty sure she would not see any results and would be needing him again in no time. After a 9 month period, many diet changes, many natural supplements and a lot of dedication from myself and my husband, she is now off of 16 of the prescription meds. Her insulin has been reduced from 45 units a day to 10 units a day (and some days none at all) and the infusions, well she goes 4 months in between treatments verses 4 weeks. She has more energy than ever before and has gone from a walker to just a cane. She is 86 years old. Oh and when she feels the need to cheat on her diet, she gets a square of Xocai Chocolate. The sugar, by the way that is used in this chocolate is an unrefined all natural cane type sugar, which has a low glysemic index so as not to spike blood glucose levels. Is it expensive, yes, but when you have gone to extremes to improve the quality of someones life as we have, the expense is not even an issue. And no I am not a MLM distributor, but I may become one just to get my chocolate at a reduced cost. The medical profession is flawed at best. And no the medical doctors will not tell you any of this or refer you to natural homeopatic methods, because it is a breach of their medical oath as a doctor.

  112. Chad Says:

    Jay… how dare you actually question what you’ve been told. Who gave you permission to be a free thinker? Shame on you.

    Seriously, it honestly surprises me how people can’t stand to be challenged on their beliefs. I believe a lot of things… yet I know WHY I believe them. I have opinions on other things. Politics for one. I always find it funny how few people actually want to “discuss” politics. Instead they revert back to adolescence and name-call because they cannot actually defend their positions. That is what many of the rabid Xocai markerters are doing in this blog.

    I would say, be passionate and if you do it to make money, do it with all you got. But, be honest with not just other people, but yourself. Don’t be a child when someone asks an honest question. I think that you will find yourself more successful in selling a product and in life.

    I have to call one person out. I run a successful business. Never have I condescended myself to brag about how much more money I make than someone else who is not a business owner. People like Renton are why so many people are turned off by MLM’s. Renton is doing a huge disservice to the Xocai company and the people that sell under him.

    Finally, three years an no real scientific studies. Jay’s question still has not been honestly answered and I think it is an very honest question. Maybe we should all ask ourselves more questions from time to time.

  113. Chad Says:

    An additional thought… or observation..

    I know many healthy, fit people. None of them use Xocai nor seem to need to. They eat a healthy, balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. On the contrast, I know many people that use Xocai. Several of them are family members. Almost all of them have had struggles with health, weight or have not lived necessarily healthy lives and are trying to “catch up”. My point is that I am beginning to think that Xocai is more of a “magic pill” to make people feel, or think they feel healthier. I think this is a very dangerous precedent as I have heard many Xocai believers post on this blog that they would rather eat Xocai than spinich or berries. I’m not a nutritionist, but I have read enough to believe that you shouldn’t replace raw, natural foods. There are other things in fresh veggies, such as chlorophyll and other vitamins, that you will not get with Xocai. Xocai may be fine as a supplement, but I think a nutritionist would caution not to neglect what nature has provided us. Additionally, no supplement can replace cardiovascular exercise.

    I have to balk at the weight loss claims. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that weight loss (fat) comes by burning more calories than you consume. This claim really raises red flags with me. Does it make you less hungry? If so, great. So does Romaine lettuce.

    I don’t have a problem with Xocai. I have a problem with unproven claims and people that become so obsessive over a product that they see others are beneath them if they don’t live as they do. Convince me with facts and not peer pressure and I will join you.

  114. Jawn Says:

    MLM scammer and your fake stories!. Shame on you.

    • C A Garza Says:

      Jawn, I know there are a lot of strange comments in this blog, however,I sure hope you were not including me in your comment of “FAKE STORIES” mine is just a few comments up from this. If you doubt my situation, take a drive to Texas a walk a mile in my shoes. I am so wrapped up in old people care over here, I do not know if it is day or night, and if by any chance you were, then I am highly offended. I take the care of these elderly folks very seriously and I would not ever lie about the care given to them

  115. Marius G Says:

    And this is how some of the central distributors in Norway handle the debunking of the claimed benefits for this overpriced snake-oil chocolate: http://www.reddit.com/r/skeptic/comments/voh72/xocai_chocolate_marketers_threaten_skeptic/ and http://tjomlid.com/2012/06/26/xocai-en-stygg-historie-om-norsk-sjokolademafia/

  116. lasse Says:

    Xocai-sellers using dirty trics to silence critics

  117. Victor Says:

    http://tjomlid.com/2012/06/28/xocai-the-nasty-tale-of-a-norwegian-chocolate-mafia/ sjoko mob is on the run in norway

  118. Holly Says:

    No one, no one at all from Xocai has ever used dirty tricks I know hundreds of them. You probably got the one bad apple in the group and every one has one. We have chocolate here in the farmers markets loaded with all sorts of bad stuff no writing on the packages. I asked a person selling the chocolate in the winery last week what was in the chocolate and got a sheet back 2 days later all flavours. Nothing cocoa at all sold for chocolate they are making a fortune on junk 4 psc. cost $7. If you want packaged for wedding etc. 3 pcs. for $8. I tried a pcs. and honestly I felt sick to my stomach for the next hour since I am not eating much sugar. The chocolate is pretty cheap and no one tells anyone not to eat fruits and vegetables it’s just that you cannot get enough antioxidants from what you eat to fight of sickness you need more. That’s where a couple pcs. of chocolate comes in and leave the cheese cakes and pies etc. you will find it is very satisfing if you pop one in your mouth and suck it for a few minutes your hunger is reduced. I eat load of fruits and vegetables too…I feel better with the weight of it taught me to control my eating don’t know how it just works. If you are poor and can’t afford the chocolate like I read someplace try selling it to get some free boxes and better still some money in your pocket. Why not people sell worse things than this I know of a person using something not approved everyday. No one test the product like human growth hormones they are everywhere here and people eat 500 calories a day and take those…the humand body couldn’t continue that and chocolate is a whole food and a functional food. Just a couple weeks ago a child had some fiber problems and the doctor said get her this pill at the drug store are you kidding me…I think he has no idea about anything to eat. Get the kid some cereal and berries, fruit etc. I also, can’t believe this site is still ranting….Love you all.

  119. rokje Says:

    Holly: You are obviousley one of the scam-artists trying to promote this quackery. There is noe scientific documentation that Xocai has any better health effect tha other dark chocolates. On the countrary there is a lot of evidence disproving many of the claims. (Recent studies show antioxidants have littel health effects.) The chocolate is extremely overpriced, and Xocai “top seller” Adam Paul Green (not just any “bad apple”) regularly reacts to critisism by trying to manipulate google to get his own website higher in the rank and the critics lower.

    Read all about it: http://venstresida.net/?q=node/3270

  120. hb0313 Says:

    Check Studies quoted at: http://mydrchocolate.soundconcepts.com/index.php/videos.html by Nobel prize Nominee. It seems to me, many of those arguing the benefits of Xocai must work for the Pharma community to protect their jobs by keeping the population sick and dying.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Oh dear, the old “anyone who disagrees with me works for Big Pharma” line. How about producing some decent evidence, not video clips produced by the industry? Funny how you’re not pointing out that conflict of interest!

      FTR I do not work in the pharmeteutical industry.

  121. hb0313 Says:

    I believe all of this started when someone from [redacted] stole web content from Adam to promote his own interests… Obviously some Competition out there to disrespect Xocai in order to gain their own market share.

  122. dharmaFarm (@dharmaFarm) Says:

    ClinicalTrials.gov lists one study citing Xocai, based on the proprietary blend Xocai Activ: Effects of Xoçai Antioxidant Supplements on Atherosclerosis Risk Factors http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/study/NCT00666250?term=xocai&rank=1&show_desc=Y

    The 2006 study in collaboration with the University of Utah and MXI Corporation enrolled 10 participants, the primary outcome measures were blood pressure levels, and no results were reported. Secondary outcome measures included plasma lipids, arterial compliance, fasting and post-challenge glucose and insulin and urine microalbumin/creatinine ratio. The prinicipal investigator was Eliot Brinton, MD, of the University of Utah.

    I continue to be concerned about the levels of the stimulants mateine, caffeine, and theobromine in Xocai products. The Guayaki brand of Yerba Mate cautions against use for children and during pregnancy and WebMD lists yerba mate as “possibly unsafe” during pregnancy. Some Xocai products contain yerba mate, and at the Xocai tasting I was at, no caution was given to a pregnant mother, even after she repeatedly said she was concerned about stimulants and caffeine.

    • hb0313 Says:

      I suppose you would have to be an MD to gain access to the Clinical Studies, such as the one published in the Bariatric Journal of Medicine in 2011 on the Weight Loss study with Xocai XProtein meal replacement. Contact the Scientists at the UCSD, Harvard (Dr. Eric Ding) or Cambridge directly on their Studies on the benefits of the Pure dark chocolate, if you are not willing to view the video by Dr. Gordon Pedersen, PhD, ND http://mydrchocolate.soundconcepts.com/index.php/videos.html?bcpid1617971631001?bckey=AQ~~,AAAAmZfSyVE~,8NQkEr3UtOF8OsodHONI-1il1ne4GIkX&bclid=1617967797001&bctid=1603286205001. Also US Public Law #103-417 states nutritional supplements will help benefit major health issues: http://history.nih.gov/research/downloads/PL103-417.pdf

      There is no Yerba Mate in the Chocolate, Only in the Xe Energy drink, which is not always used at the tasting events. No added caffeine either. I know a number of pregnant women who used Xocai while pregnant and during teething with no adverse effects, they are very sweet babies. Stop the Oxidation before it gets started. I prefer this alternative to the Lipitor and extra strength Tylenol/Advil that will further damage vital organs among other side effects, that they don’t mention. Get back your Quality of Life healing from the inside out. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

      • luckychrm Says:

        @hb0312- in the Weight Loss activity, 50 overweight and obese people were limited to a 1200 calorie diet for 12 weeks, given social support, free low-cal meal replacement, and financial incentive to loose weight- and they did. That doesn’t prove to me that Xocai products merit the health claims made by the company and it’s representatives/associates. Limit almost anyone’s caloric intake to 1200 kiloCalories a day for 12 weeks and they will loose weight, especially if they are high end overweight/obese. Better measures would include 3, 5, and 10 year marks, which unilaterally show poor long-term effects for almost every weightloss plan on the market.

      • hb0313 Says:

        Possibly, working in other areas of the body. It’s all in the retention of subjects, which is still at over 80% after 2 years. Unheard of in all other programs. Contact Dr. Mike Kennedy as to any details on the study he conducted. You would have to eat all day to get the same effect as 3 pieces of Xocai chocolate, which works out to $3 or $4 a day or $5/meal for the shake/cookie. Still waiting for our NHP #, applied for some time ago (what can you do about the speed of government).

        I’m done. Some people just don’t get it or care to open their minds. I imagine you would argue with Dr. Oz and Keri Glassman, if they were on here to support a High Antioxidant diet too. Seems OK to make Defamatory remarks about Xocai employees but no one else. Have a nice life!!

      • dharmaFarm (@dharmaFarm) Says:

        Strikingly, re: weightloss activity- those participants who weighed the least starting the program lost the least, with losses under 6% for two individuals starting the program at under 160 pounds. Why didn’t the Xocai program produce 20%, or even a minimum of 10% weightloss for every participant?

  123. Xocai, Norwegian Bloggers and the Streisand Effect « Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] think the situation is any better elsewhere in the world – I had a xocai sales shill claim that the product had been approved by Health Canada – a simple exchange of emails exposed that lie. There is also the creepy behaviour of Adam […]

  124. Matt Says:

    Good grief. Are these people for real? Or is it just one troll with an active imagination?

    Never have I seen such a collective display of cast-iron ignorance and bullshit in my life.

    Utter madness. People you’re making Xocai look like Scientology.

  125. Life With Chocolate Says:

    It is chocolate! It has helped 1000’s and everyone is different!
    But ….wow – worked for us and changed my life – so I am proud to share my story!
    Why knock it until you try it.
    After all …..guilt free chocolate – why not!

  126. Beverley Says:

    Seriously?! your verdict is based on capital letters and superfluous apostrophes? Get a grip…
    Since my son & I have started eating them in 2009, I can confirm, our blood sugar is more stable, my stomach (and his) work better, my energy levels are better and the polyphenols in it have made a significant difference to my ongoing head ache problem.

    Do your research… either it is one hell of a placebo… or the experience we have had, sans testing results, are authentic.

  127. don ny Says:

    OK. How about some simple truth? Dark chocolate DOES have health benefits. That is true and is a scientifically proven fact. BUT… It does not have to be Xocai to have health benefits. That health benefit is also true of ANY decent dark chocolate. And it does not need to cost an arm, a leg, and the promise of your first born as Xocai Chocolate comes so close to doing. Xocai is MLM at it’s best, and the people selling it are almost as brainwashed as the people (suckers) buying it. Xocai is affordable for rich people and others with more money than brains. The people selling it are motivated by greed, tempered by the comfort of selling something that has health benefits. It doesn’t get much more simple or truthful than that. Period.

    • hb0313 Says:

      When hersheys and cadbury dark chocolate start relieving my back pain, I’ll believe you. All commercially sold chocolate is doing the same, pushing their brand with no added benefit. I would never eat the dark chocolate in candy boxes before. Xocai is not expensive, it’s invaluable, depends what value you place on your health.

      • Kathleen harrison Says:

        Xocai is not for only the rich! I’m a single mother of two little boys. I was approached last year by my 8 year olds teacher suggesting I have my son tested for ADD. Of course appauld and wanting to go the healthy route my father sends me two boxes of xocai. I was very skeptical and just gave it to my boys “just because”. Within three weeks I started noticing a difference in the way both boys were acting. Much more mild and very tolerable. Long story short next parent teacher conference his teacher says, “you must of gotten him on medication!” My son for rest of year was on the A honor roll and no more complaints from teachers. Today was my first parent teacher conference and he is above average. Big difference than he was at beginning of his school year last year. I have had two back surgeries and still suffered pain daily. Since eating xocai I have had no back pain, I have lost weight and my hair and nails have never been healthier. My energy is at it’s highest its ever been. My grandmother who took 5 insulin shots a day now if completely off insulin. I honestly can keep going on with stories I personally know of. I think some might get my point. Also I am not a distributor or am I linked with this company. I just buy there product.

      • hb0313 Says:

        THANK YOU!!

        Thanks so much,

        Helen Beauregard, CFO
        Andre’s Budo Centre Inc.
        200, 9074-51 Avenue NW
        Edmonton, AB T6E 5X4

        Cell: 780-903-1350

        Sent wirelessly from my BlackBerry.

  128. Jodey Thomas Says:

    To begin this, there is an 8 to 900 hundred dollar investment to get started…

  129. Jodey Thomas Says:

    I asked the guy if he believed in the product so much, then why not have the new employees sign a contract stating they will be responsible for the initial investment, and he said it goes deeper than that. A contract is a contract, and if signed, then it will be upheld. Or, if they stay with the company, then that initial investment would be taken out of paychecks. To me, this is starting to sound more and more like a scam, or a shady business, if a product is as good as they say it is, show some confidence in it, until then, keep on moving!

  130. Doubting Thomasina Says:

    What a great morning read! We came across some Xocai sales folk yesterday. Their claims were vague, and I wanted to do some research. My first thought was that it must not taste very good, because no one was giving out samples. However, when I asked,we were provided with one. Tasty, sure. But could they answer our questions? Not a chance. Mindless soundbites. Still wondering, I started googling this morning, and arrived here. I love trolls! Poor Holly and Darko must be twins- identical dramatic changes in blood results, and both suffering from low iron for the same 29 years! And Holly, a chiropractor who later shares the misery of having to sit all day at work. Poor Holly, no clients? Poor trolls . . . think they’re helping the cause by making up new identities and sharing the same story in new ways. You’re transparent. Your poor writing skills reveal you to be the same person in different little troll hoods, but making the same repeated grammatical and spelling errors again and again. Xocai really should do more than soundbite training, if they want you to succeed as trolls. Thank you all for my morning humour!
    And FWIW, comparing the pyramid scheme of Xocai to a free market or capitalist economy is rubbish. Because my superiors earn more than me, does not indicate that I am low folk in the pyramid. It’s a reflection of skill and placement. There is no one at the top of my food chain, sitting rich collecting fees for nothing. Further, I did not pay a fee/charge/membership etc., to join my company. Nor do I pay monthly fees to my superior to remain employed. My superior pays ME, so I will continue working. Fee for service vs pay to serve. The first being a legimate representation of employment, and the later indicative of a pyramid.

  131. Kathy Says:

    Oh for heavens sake! I am so sick of people who know nothing about economics say that the network marketing model is illegal. If it was it would have been run out of the country decades ago. The government has thoroughly investigated it, both the model and Xocai. There is nothing illegal going on. People buy quality RAW chocolate. Yes it costs a lot per box. Its quality. Its not candy. It is similar to the chocolate they use in research studies when they add a disclaimer in the article you read that: ‘you can’t expect to get these results from a chocolate bar at the store. The study is using research quality chocolate’.

    You can get started with buying just 2 boxes (2 months of chocolate), that’s a far cry from $8-900.

    Yes there are health benefits and yes lots of normal people are seeing them. I’m not going to try and defend the personal stories on here, but I’ve been eating and selling Xocai for over 3 years and I can tell you that in our house I’ve seen awesome health benefits and I know lots of other people who have also personally experienced fantastic and unexpected health benefits.A short and incomplete list would include: heart/cholesterol problems, diabetes, eczema, allergies, energy levels, mood problems, menstrual pain incl endometriosis, joint pain/arthritis, obesity, inflammation and autism. I realize that these don’t sound related, and naturally Xocai is not a magic pill, but I have seen these.

  132. hb0313 Says:

    Thank You Kathy!! The one sided opinions on this blog from those who have not even tried Xocai are getting tiresome.

    • Kathleen Says:

      All I’m gonna say again and as a single mother. My kids and I have been on Xocai for almost two years now. I have cut out things to be able to afford this choc because of the awesome benefits I have seen. I would get a second job if needed to get this for my kids. All you people that probably have never even tried it DO YOUR HOMEWORK! It’s already proven dark chocolate is very beneficial. Don’t knock it till you try it!

  133. Beau Says:

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    to and you are simply too fantastic. I really like what
    you have received here, certainly like what you’re saying and the
    way through which you say it. You’re making it enjoyable and you still
    care for to keep it wise. I cant wait to learn much more from you.
    This is really a wonderful web site.

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