Jeni Barnett, Antivaxxer

[BPSDB]Jeni Barnett LBC recently broadcast a phone-in on LBC in which she made her own attempt to ressurect the MMR zombie. Ben Goldacre recently posted it in his blog and fisked it. You won’t be able to read it now though because LBC’s lawyers got heavy and threatened him with breach of copyright. They may be technically correct (I am not a lawyer) but I didn’t notice any Jeni Barnett CDs when I was shoppingthis morning so Ben’s posting was not costing them any money. I suspect the real reason was that LBC are not happy with Ben’s criticism of their irresponsible behaviour.

To give you a flavour of the type of stuff Barnett was broadcasting, here is a transcript of her conversation with a caller who took her to task. Being me, I can’t resist inserting my own commentry.

Yasmin: I’m just wondering how much longer your programme is on air. Because I give hundreds of MMR vaccines and all the work that we do in general practice is probably being undone by your programme in 15 minutes and I think it’s very irresponsible.

JB: Why. [Indistinct]

Yasmin: It doesn’t seem to be based on any facts. I’m very sorry to hear that your child had autism but if you…

JB: My child. Yasmin – [not] my child – somebody else’s child had autism.

Yasmin: Somebody else’s child, I’m very sorry to hear that. But if they read the Wakefield study in the Lancet in 1998, Dr Wakefield actually said that he didn’t prove an association between MMR and…

JB: Well he wasn’t really allowed to have his say, was he, Yasmin. He was kinda

This is crap he has been having hos say since 1998 – and having it publicised by the Mail and Telegraph.

Yasmin: I think he was. I think he said it recently in court.

Actually a GMC hearing rather than a court.

JB: But you’re not…

Yasmin: I think he’s being tried for medical negligence. I think that your programme is extremely irresponsible. You’re talking…

JB: Ah, let me just ask this…Let me ask you this before you go on with that.

How, if you are so certain that your MMR jab is correct, how can 15
minutes on LBC 97.3 rock what people are thinking?

This 15 minutes alone would not do much of course but all the similar 15 minutes and all the press stories (I use the word intentionally) promulgating the MMR hoax have certainly convinced a large number of people that the MMR vaccine is dangerous.

Yasmin: Well, you’d be surprised. And at the moment we are expecting a measles epidemic and it’s because of people like Ken Livingstone and people like yourself.You talk about young mothers who have a very difficult decision to make and, I agree, they do, and I spend a lot of time talking to them.
But people like you don’t really make it any easier for them.

And you were just talking about somebody with an ear infection. I’ve been talking to somebody I know who had a child who woke up with the contents of their ear on the pillow and that was down to the rubella virus.

So you really need to think about what you’re doing here and why
you’re doing it.

JB: Well, you see, I could argue, Yasmin, that you have to think about it, too. I’m allowed…

Yasmin: I do, every day.

JB: And so do I, as a parent, and that’s what I’m saying.

Yasmin: I’m a parent. And one of my children has had 3 doses of measles [sic. Possibly meant MMR] and there’s no problem with it. You could have a hundred doses of measles [sic. Possibly meant MMR] and it would do nothing.

[Yasmin and JB talk over each other]

JB: But why give them the vaccine if they get the measles? I never can understand that.

Yasmin: We don’t give vaccines to children who have had measles. They need a combined vaccine of measles, mumps and rubella.

If they have one dose the studies show that they possibly need to be revaccinated within a couple of years to make sure that that
protection carries on for life.

JB: Do you not think, though, that as a parent, I am allowed to make a decision about what I put in my kid’s body?

Parents want to make an informed decision. Difficult when Barnett’s type of nonsense gets such a high profile.

Yasmin: Yes. And do you not think that a parent whose child has cancer and is having chemotherapy and has a much lower resistance to things like measles, mumps and rubella, has a right for their child to go to normal Primary…

JB: Absolutely, absolutely.

Yasmin: A normal Primary School. But because there may be one child in the class, such as yours, who is lucky to have the immunity, that child might get measles, mumps or rubella and die.

JB: Yasmin, my daughter did not have decent immunity which is exactly why I did not have her inoculated.

Immune compromised children are not vaccinated. Their best defense is “herd immunity” ie sufficient number of the population vaccinated so epidemics cannot get started and thus reduce the immune-compromised’s chances of catching the disease.

Yasmin: We don’t. We wait until your child is well and fit enough to give the MMR.

JB: But I don’t want my child to be fiddled with with all sorts of stuff that’s in a vaccine. Now why

[JB and Yasmin talk over each other]

Let me finish.

Yasmin: Could you tell me what’s in the vaccine? What do you think is in the vaccine?

JB: No, I can’t



Yasmin: Then how can you make a decision for your child? You’re taking about parents having to make decisions for the child but if you go into any secondary school, which I have done, we’ve been asked to vaccinate kids against MMR, they all say they want it.

If you’re deny immunisation then you’re denying health to your child
and other children.

JB: No, no, no. My child is absolutely strong and healthy in many ways…

Yasmin: Then you’re one of the lucky ones aren’t you? If your kid had chemotherapy…

JB: Listen, listen, listen. Yasmin will you stop…Stop.

Barnett does not appear to wnt to hear what Jasmin has to say. I wonder why.

Yasmin: You’d want your child to be protected, wouldn’t you?

JB: Stop being so dramatic about it. If you

Kettle. Pot. Black. An antivaxxer accusing someone else of being dramatic when they have been trying to convince parents that if their children receive the MMR they risk asutism. My irony meter just broke.

[JB and Yasmin talk over each other.]

Yasmin: You should think about what you’re doing in this programme. You’re doing a lot of damage. A lot of damage.

JB: Well, maybe. I don’t think so.

Yasmin: You don’t know what you’re talking about. You can’t even tell me what’s in an MMR vaccine so you shouldn’t be talking about it.

JB: Well, I can get it…Shall I get it off the internet, Yasmin?

Yasmin: Yeah, get it off the internet, from a reliable source, the such as the Department of Health

JB: Really?

Yasmin: and then I might listen to you, yeah.

JB: The Department of Health frightens people.

And JABS style lies that vaccines are full of TEH MUNKY VIRUSES frighten people. Which is presumably why Yasmin suggested a reliable site.

JB:Thanks, Yasmin, for your call.

I think it’s quite interesting. When I was told I had a high blood
sugar, I was told in that room I had diabetes. I don’t have diabetes,
I have high blood sugar. My blood sugar’s normal now but they
frightened me. Which is what people like Yasmin does.

And does she think perpetuating the MMR hoax does not frighten people? For fuck’s sake.

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8 Responses to “Jeni Barnett, Antivaxxer”

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  2. al capone junior Says:

    Kudos to all the bloggers who are ensuring that jeni barrett’s own words expose her as the scare mongering uninformed threat to public health that she really is.


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  5. ailf Says:

    why did you target that part of the discussion? little one sided *shrugs* lol I’m pro vaccine and I think you really screwed this one up! lol Good job noob…..No offense but due to the horrible reputation of the pharmaceutical industry , I think everyone has a right to be concerned about vaccines! and if they don’t then I wonder whos crazy lmao??? big pharma marketing propaganda is just that…its not truth per say , but its put out there to get sales…Geez

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      I ‘targetted’ that part of the discussion because it clearly showed Barnett’s agenda. She had no interest in letting anyone explain the benefits of vaccination and shouted down the caller who tried to do so.

      Incidently, Big Pharma would make more profits if we weren’t vaccinated and all got sick.

  6. ailf Says:

    I will check back to see if you have the balls to let my comment through (wink wink) Unlikely I might add, cause you looove protecting your ooh so innocent big pharma buddies, btw next time you see them tell them I said hi and give em a big wet kiss from me k? lol

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      I’m not interested in “protecting” Big Pharma. I’m interested in the fact that vaccines have massively reduced illness and death yet ignorant journalists like Barnett bang on and on about alleged problems long after they have any credibility.

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