Jeni Barnett Does Not Get It

[BPSDB]Jeni Barnett is excusing herself on her blog. She still does not seem to see the problem irresponsible media types like her present to public health.

“I am not a scientist, I would not claim to be a scientist.”

Indeed. This does not excuse her not researching the subject before broadcasting on it.

“I don’t know everything that goes into cigarettes but I do know they are harmful.”

She knows that because of detailed scientific and medical research. The same kind of research that demonstrates that the MMR vaccine is not harmful.

“As a professional should I have been better prepared – YES – but the discussion took off in a direction I hadn’t expected when I received a vicious phone call from a Nurse I was utterly thrown. ”

I posted the transcript of that conversation here. Yasmin was hardly being “vicious”. Unless refusing to be talked over by an antivaxxer counts as viciousness. Perhaps Yasmin should refer this comment to her union lawyers to see if it is libellous. Since LBC prefer to conduct the debate via legal muscle it would be nice to see them get a taste of their own medicine.

“I find it interesting that the vitriol that comes out of the pro MMR lobby is precisely why Allopathic medicine is struggling.”

Again, daring to counter her views is “vitriolic” in her eyes. Note the use of the word “Allopathic” incidently. This is a word invented by the founder of homeopathy to describe other forms of medicine and is used by modern homeopaths to denigrate evidence based medicine.

“To be singled out and held totally responsible for a measles, mumps or rubella ‘epidemic’ is clearly ludicrous.”

And now she is playing the victim Sue Young style. She is not being held totally responsible for the measles epidemic (note her use of quotes, btw, implies she does not believe there really is an epidemic) but the constant media scare stories are responsible.

“Single jabs on demand? Why is that a problem?”

Because it would require six visits to the doctor not two and thus more likely that some will not get their full immunisation. Because the safety of the MMR vaccination is in fact better researched than the single vaccinations.

“Injecting tiny babies with substances that may compromise their immune system needs to be looked at not shouted down.”

I cannot believe I read that. It has been very carefully researched ffs. And again it seems to me that she has done most of the shouting down. She talked over a critic on the radio show and her employers sent Messrs Sue, Grabbit & Runne round to Ben Goldacre.

“And I do not accept that my position, as a radio broadcaster, is irresponsible if I should choose to share my own personal dilemma. I would like some of my critics to try and run a three hour programme.”

For her salary, I’d be willing to give it a try. Interesting logic btw: “You could not do my job therefore it’s ok for me to make a pig’s ear of it.”

“I am interested in the debate not a witch hunt.”

Excellent. So are we. Perhaps she could persuade her employers to call off the legal dogs.

“Should anybody from BAD SCIENCE read this I urge you to continue the debate, and if it gets too heated there is always the option of turning me off.”

Our problem is with ill-informed commentry such as hers persuading parents not to vaccinate. Switching her show off will not make the problem go away. Unless enough of us do so and write to LBC and tell them we are doing it.

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4 Responses to “Jeni Barnett Does Not Get It”

  1. Jeni Barnett and the LBC Radio MMR Vaccine Segment: Updated with links of blog coverage « Holford Watch: Patrick Holford, nutritionism and bad science Says:

    […] JQH is more than a little exasperated to realise that despite all of the attempts to improve her knowledge base: Jeni Barnett Does Not Get It. […]

  2. DBH Says:

    She should be taken off air, or at least have a set list of topics which may only include the following:

    1. Cooking tips.

    That’s it. She really is not qualified to give any advice, especially where healthcare is concerned. I mean for crying out loud, she does not know the difference between a cold and a flu.

  3. DBH Says:

    Jeni Barnett has removed all the coments on her blog. Oh what fun!

  4. jaycueaitch Says:

    I wonder if she’s a member of JABS? She certainly seems to have learned her debating techniques from them.

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