“Homeopathic Practitioners”

[BPSDB]More of Louise Mclean’s ‘Facts’ about Homeopathy , this time on homeopathic practitioners.

In Fact 40 she tells us the subjects homeopaths study in training. Interesting she is so open with this infomation. Quackademic institutes are usually very reluctant to discuss course materials with those outside the club. David Colquhoun had to resort to the Freedom of Information Act to get hold of teaching materials for university homeopathy courses. When he did it turned out they were teaching about miasms – in the twenty-first century.

Fact 41 seems to be about the clientel rather than practitioners as she describes how patients seek out homeopathy because conventional treatment has not benefitted them or it poses too great a risk of side effects. Homeopaths like to bang on about side effects – presumably to distract from the fact that evidence based medicine (EBM) has real effects and usually cures. What is worse though, is that this constant denigration of EBM can have a nocebo effect, that is, actually cause bad effects. New Scientist recently had an article on this opposite of placebo, pointing out that if patients believe they are going to suffer ill-effects of a medicine, then they sometimes do – even if they have been given just a sugar-pill.

In Fact 42 she tells us that there are thousands, if not millions, of case notes that demonstrate the effectiveness of homeopathic treatments. Apart from the fact that the plural of anecdote is not data, she does not tell us what sort of ailments have been treated. They could easily be self-limiting illnesses such as colds or influenza, where the patient would normally get better without treatment of any kind.

In Fact 43 she tells us that homeopaths charge on average £50 per hour whereas specialist doctors can charge over £200. First off, David Cameron is not yet Prime Minister so you can still get EBM for free on the NHS. Secondly, if you do go to a private doctor that £200 gets you someone whose knowledge – if not up to date – is at least late twentieth century rather than late eighteenth. Furthermore, that doctor is scrutinised by an effective professional body and cannot make grand unsubstantiated claims. Unlike people like Jeremy Sherr who claim to be able to cure AIDS . His professional body, the Society of Homeopaths (SoH), refused to do anything about this. In fact, they are more concerned with silencing critics.

Homeopathic practitioners are at best deluded and are notoriously afraid of debate.

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16 Responses to ““Homeopathic Practitioners””

  1. Michael Gray Says:

    Her ’50 facts’ contain more than 50C outright lies and downright fraud.
    Not a molecule of truth remains in her purely [deleted in consideration of BCA v. Singh] post.

    Sigh: The Gish-Gallop lives…

  2. yesalem Says:

    Guess who said the following-:

    “Condemnation without investigation is the hight of ignorance.”

    Albert Einstein.

  3. jaycueaitch Says:

    Yes, those homeopaths really are ignorant for condemning EBM without investigating it, aren’t they?


  4. Warhelmet Says:

    Feh. One of the things that I find particularly frustrating about investigating homeopathy is the lack of demographic data. I would dearly love to know more about the people who seek homeopathic treatment. Not as individuals, but, rather, the sort of profiling that market researchers do.

    Maclean’s statement about clients seeking homeopathy because they have failed to respond to convential treatments may well be true, but that does not mean that they respond to homeopathic treatments. I don’t see any statistics on drop-out rates. Also, is homeopathy their first CAM port of call, or have they been elsewhere first?

    The nocebo effect is nasty. Advising patients on potential side effects is a double edged sword because of it.

  5. Michael Kingsford Gray Says:

    yesalem Says:
    Guess who said the following-:
    “Condemnation without investigation is the hight of ignorance.”
    Albert Einstein.</blockquote

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!
    (Apart from the spelling error.)
    You should have INVESTIGATED this quote first, before condemning me.
    Boy, have you made yourself look utterly FOOLISH.
    My industrial strength Irony-Meter has exploded and melted!

    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance,” is an abbreviated form that has been variously attributed to Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemmingway, Thomas Edison, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.
    Some closely related versions are:
    “Condemnation without Investigation is the State of Ignorance” – Waldolf Emmersen
    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of foolishness.” – Benjamin Franklin
    “Condemnation before investigation is certain to leave one in a state of everlasting ignorance.” – Chaucer
    Other relatives without attributions are:
    “Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.”
    “Condemnation without investigation is ignorance”
    “Condemnation without investigation, will insure ignorance forever.”
    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of arrogance!”
    “Condemnation without investigation is a bar to all knowledge.”
    “Condemnation before investigation can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance.”
    “Condemnation Before Investigation is the Height of Stupidity!”
    “Contempt, without examination, is PREJUDICE”
    “Contempt prior to investigation is what enslaves a mind to Ignorance.”
    “Contempt without investigation is the mark of a closed mind.”
    “There is no greater ignorance than contempt prior to investigation”
    “Contempt prior to examination is a bar against all information, proof against all argument, which cannot fail to keep mankind in everlasting ignorance.”
    There are also several abbreviated forms that are attributed to Herbert Spencer:
    “There is no bar to knowledge greater than contempt prior to examination.”
    “There is one principle that can keep a man in everlasting ignorance. That is contempt prior to investigation.”
    “One of mankind’s greatest faults is condemnation prior to investigation.”
    Some people have confused Herbert Spencer, the 19th century British philosopher, with Edmund Spenser, the 16th century English poet:
    “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument and cannot help but keep man in everlasting ignorance, which is condemnation without investigation.” – Spencer, the English poet.
    “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is ‘Condemnation before investigation,’” – Edmond Spencer
    Many people write as if they are using their own words:
    “The truth of restricted love is opposed and rejected by most religionists today. The principle of contempt prior to examination is a bar against all information and keeps man in ignorance. Truth always involves more than appears on the surface.”
    …or quote others as if they were:
    “Contempt prior to examination is a far greater bar to knowledge than lack of a formal education.” – Ralph Smeed
    Some people attribute the quotation to themselves, as does this Washington, D.C. private investigator:

    ** http://www.geocities.com/fitquotation/fitquotation03.htm

  6. LouH Says:

    So it is quite clear that you haven’t investigated, jaycueaitch.

  7. jaycueaitch Says:

    Since I have investigated I wonder how you came to that conclusion? Perhaps you would enlighten me?

  8. LouH Says:

    I wonder whether you would enlighten me as to whether you have read through a homeopathic repertory, the standard 3 volumes of materia medica, the Law of Cure, Provings of remedies, etc.

  9. jaycueaitch Says:

    I have not read volumes by these names but am aware that the law of cure is “like cures like”. This is not a Law at all as it is something Hahnemann made up.

    As mentioned in previous posts I have read about provings.

    Does any of this have any bearing on my points about the “Facts” about “Homeopathic Practitioners”?

  10. A Second Year of Steam « Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] four <a href="https://jaycueaitch.wordpress.com/2009/05/29/scientific-studies/&quot;.five six seven […]

  11. Homeopathy Heals Says:

    Like Cures Like, or the Law of Similars IS a Law of Nature as it goes together with the Law of Attraction! Durrr!

  12. Jim Says:

    A very weak and selective hit piece, ignoring the links and studies it seems. How convenient – and irresponsible.

    Taking 3 points (one likely referring to the cost to government, which you could check if you wanted to) is hardly a rebuttal of a 50 article piece on a subject, indeed it is not even remotely close. This is “journalism”? Not in any legitimate sense of the word is isn’t.

    As for “evidence” based medicine, the evidence is in. Decades of increased funding and reliance on said allopathic medicine and we have people getting sicker and sicker by the decade and generation, leading to a huge financial strain on society in terms of financial costs and societal cohesiveness (look into rates of burnout and mental illness).

    If I was a subscriber or follower of any group associated with this kind of trashy hit piece, I would seek to distance myself from it ASAP.

    Please research and reflect on something before you spew your ignorance in the future. This kind of slander does nobody any legitimate good, and should never have been published online or off.

  13. Jim Says:

    And please have the decency and guts to air my previous comment, as you have aired your hit piece here for all to see.


    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Do you mean the one you posted a whole minute previously? It’s there. I do have other things to do apart from sit by the computer waiting to approve posts the instant they appear.

  14. jaycueaitch Says:

    First off Jim, the post covers four points not three. Secondly, as the first sentence makes clear it is one of a series of posts covering ‘Fifty Facts about Homeopathy’. Now that we’ve dealt with your inability to read and count let’s move on:-

    Kindly present some evidence that people are getting sicker and sicker by the decade and generation, because the opposite seems to be he case. When my parents were born, life expectancy at birth was about 50. Now it is close to 80. Furthermore, half their classmates died of diseases that are now prevented by vaccination.

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