A Few More Facts About Homeopathy

I thought I had finished with Lousie Mcleans “Facts About Homeopathy” but I see from this that the number of facts now stands at 55.  Here are the additional five facts with my comments.

Homeopathy works FAST in acute illnesses, slower in chronic illnesses.

Acute illnesses by definition are short term and the patient recovers fairly quickly (at least that is the case now. In the days before modern medicine sometimes the patient died quickly.) Confirmation bias would suggest that any kind of medicine would work fast. Many acute illnesses are self-limiting i.e. the patient recovers whether anything is done or not. If a patient suffering such an ailment receives homeopathy, the homeopath claims the credit for the recovery.

Chronic illnesses are long term and are excellent milch cows for homeopaths. If the patient shows any signs of improvement, the practitioner claims the credit as per acute illness. If the patients get worse (as they are likely to if they are not receiving proper medical care) this is called an ‘aggrevation’ or ‘healing crisis’ and the homeopath cites this as proof that the remedy is working.

Homeopathy is the 2nd most popular and widely used medicine in the world

And the most popular is conventional evidence based medicine. If eficacy is to be decided by popular vote, then homeopathy does not work.

In 200 years, there has never been a single homeopathic medicine recalled, unlike pharmaceutical medicines.

Pharmaceuticals have an effect on the body – they make changes in the biochemical pathways that keep the body functioning. Bodies being complex, this means that there will be changes made other than the desired healing. Sometimes, when a drug goes into mass use, serious side effects show up which alter the cost-benefit analysis of taking the drug. These side effects are noted because prescribers take careful note of effects reported by their patients. They are not the drug-pushing minions of Big Pharma that exist in homeopaths’ phantasies.

This is not necessary for homeopathic remedies, which have no effect (for good or ill) on the body and thus no adverse side effects. No healing either, of course.

High fevers will drop within minutes after taking the homeopathic medicine Belladonna and Aconite.

This is a spectacular effect and I would expect the trial which demonstrated it to be widely reported. So I googled – and turned up nothing except homeopaths asserting that this medicine is good for reducing a fever.

I would add that taking a medicine to eliminate a fever sounds like suppressing symptoms to me, rather than treating a cause. After all, a number of things can cause a fever and one would expect a holistic remedy (and homeopaths claim to be holistic healers) to be determined by the cause not the symptom. And yet Mclean claims that Belladonna and Aconite will suppress cure a fever within minutes without any qualifications about cause. I do wish homeopaths would try to get their story straight.

Homeopathy is safe for women to take while pregnant and safe for old people.

This is yet another variant on “homeopathy has no side effects”. It has no side effects because it has no effects at all so it is safe for any group of people if they are actually well. If they are ill it is not safe to take useless remedies.


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5 Responses to “A Few More Facts About Homeopathy”

  1. apgaylard Says:

    There’s never been a recall of homeopathic ‘medicine’? What about this one: http://www.dcscience.net/?p=196#more-196

    Thanks for continuing to show that a homeopathic fact is a fact that contains no practically useful trace of the truth.

  2. Warhelmet Says:

    Homeopathy is the 2nd most popular and widely used medicine in the world

    Does anyone know where this comes from? Are there figures to back this up?

  3. Andrew Says:

    Homeopathy is the 2nd most popular and widely used medicine in the world

    Sure, if you conflate all mainstream medicines into a single entity and call it ‘allopathy’. The idea that evidence based medicine might involve more than one form of treatment, all of which are more effective and more popular than homeopathy, simply wouldn’t occur to them.

  4. The Perky Skeptic Says:

    I see Louise has prepared a potentized tincture of Stupid, >9000X. Apparently reading it is supposed to cure people of intelligence. I feel dumber already!!!

  5. A Second Year of Steam « Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] one two three four five six seven eight […]

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