Homeopathy Awareness Week

I gather that last week was “Homeopathy Awareness Week“. Doesn’t seem to have made much of an impact which is a shame because people really need to be informed about homeopathy and be aware of what it actually is.

Potential users of homeopathy should be aware of the following:

Homeopathy is not herbalism. A lot of people are confused on this issue, possibly becauase homeopaths like to bang on about natural remedies and skate over homeopathy’s strange notions. Such as:-

Like cures like. That is, something that causes a symptom in a healthy person will cure that symptom in someone experiencing it. It might seem a bad idea to prescribe caffeine to someone suffering from insomnia but the homeopaths get round this by:-

Serial dilutions. They dilute their remedies over and over again until every last molecule of active ingredient has gone down the drain. You might think that if you are left with just the solvent then it won’t do anything. To get round this homeopaths:-

Claim that water has a memory. That is, the water will remember the curative powers of the substance with which it has been in contact. This memory is invoked by bashing the flask of remedy against a leather covered board between dilutions. How the water remembers the remedy and not other substances with which it has been in contact is not explained.

Homeopaths further claim that this memory exists independantly of the water. They put a drop of their magic ‘potentised’ water onto a sugar pill and let the water evaporate. According to the homeopaths the memory is left behind on the sugar.

Peter Chappell FShom (Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths) takes this concept of free-living memories one step further and says he can convert them to a computer file and cure AIDS by email.

Here is an excellent summary of homeopathy.

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3 Responses to “Homeopathy Awareness Week”

  1. Smart Bombs Says:

    Nice summary. I always think it sounds like a gigantic practical joke.

  2. jaycueaitch Says:

    It does. As Mojo pointed out over on Bad Science, if Hahnemann hadn’t invented homeopathy, Terry Pratchet would have had to do so.

  3. The Perky Skeptic Says:

    LOL– brilliant. 🙂

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