Unclean, Unclean!

The H1N1 pandemic seems to have caused over-reaction in some quarters. A colleague on a training course was greeted with all the enthusiasm one would expect for a leper turning up at a society wedding.

Background: two students and one member of staff at my workplace have swine flu. My colleague was attending a residential training course this week. Another trainee (employed by a different school) learned that swine flu had been confirmed at our school and decided he did not want my colleague to remain on the course.

He organised a kangaroo court meeting of the trainees to discuss the matter. My colleague was not allowed to attend. The meeting evidently supported the PlagueFinder General because a lynch mob deputation approached my colleague and demanded she pack her bags and leave.

She pointed out that (1) she had already been on the course for a day so if she was carrying the virus, the other trainees had already been exposed and (2) government advice is that since the virus is now endemic, isolation tactics will achieve nothing. This is why the Health Protection Agency have not closed the school where we work. To no avail. One has to be more than a little concerned that allegedly well educated science teachers are reacting in this way. What might be expected from the poorly educated? Boarding up of the homes of the infected and daubing crosses on their doors?


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4 Responses to “Unclean, Unclean!”

  1. The Perky Skeptic Says:

    Wwwwwwow. That’s some crazy overreaction, there, from people who ought to be thinking rationally. Scary.

  2. draust Says:

    “Unclean, unclean…!”

    Can we think of other imaginative measures? I think burning at the stake is probably out, but perhaps:

    Wearing a sign around your neck with a big red picture of a pig on it and the words “I have swine flu”?

    Carrying a hand-bell that you have to ring? Could be good news for the British bell-making industry.

    Of course, if you were actually able to get ON a bus or train with these accoutrements, you would be guaranteed a seat due to all the other people getting off…

  3. draust Says:

    PS I wonder if the same teachers are fans of Brain Gym?

  4. Allo V Psycho Says:

    @ perky skeptic

    Is your partner “The Pinky Skeptic”?

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