Daily Mail Continues Baseless Scaremongering

[BPSDB]I have previously covered the Daily Mail’s attempts to whip up fear over the HPV vaccine. When Natalie Morton tragically died shortly after receiving this vaccine, certain elements in the antivaxx movement must have thought Christmas had come early.

The Daily Mail led the charge with an appalling piece by David Martin which linked the vaccine and her death and gave huge prominence to Jackie Fletcher of JABS.

It turns out that Natalie Morton had a chest tumour and it would appear that it was this that killed her. Have the Daily Mail issued a retraction? Of course not. Instead they have quietly edited the article, Ministry of Truth style, to remove the extensive rehash of the JABS line and generally pretend they never said what they said – the current incarnation is here.

They follow up with this which continues to scare-monger by claiming the vaccine is a “mass experiment”. It prominently links to another of their articles in which Richard Halvorsen says:-

“the sudden death of Coventry schoolgirl Natalie Morton after a jab against cervical cancer highlights the reality that the vaccination programmes are not without their risks.”

So the Mail continues to give the impression that Natalie Morton’s death was caused by the vaccine despite the fact that it is becoming clear that she died of other causes? Why?

A clue might be found in the fact that the Mail frequently refers to the vaccine as the “promiscuity jab” – claiming that by eliminating one of the risks associated with sexual activity, teenage girls will be encouraged to have sex. The Mail disapproves of sex outside marriage and evidently wish it to potentially carry the death penalty. According to Halvorsen “only” 911 women per year die of cervical cancer. This vaccine would prevent 70% of them: 638 deaths per year. If the Mail get ther way and succeed in getting this vaccine banned, over a human lifetime they will be resposible for close to 50,000 needless deaths. Not something I’d want on my conscience.


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4 Responses to “Daily Mail Continues Baseless Scaremongering”

  1. pv Says:

    Not something I’d want on my conscience.

    Yes but they don’t need a conscience to do that job. They write a dishonest article then move on to the next piece of mischief. They are, as Ken Livingstone once pointed out to one of their ilk, like the Auschwitz camp guards – just following orders and doing their job.

  2. warhelmet Says:

    I hope that when parliament returns at least one MP will raise a question on this matter. Mine is the kitten-heeled Theresa May so I doubt that my email will make any difference but maybe it’ll be different for other folks.

  3. jaycueaitch Says:

    This is a shoddy piece of journalism even by the Mail’s standards. Apart from rushing to a totally wrong judgement, they have hijacked a tragic death for their own political and social agenda.

    And the worst offense against journalism is the way they have rewritten the online version of the article. Anybody who has read 1984 will be reminded of the scenes where Winston Smith is beavering away in the Ministry of Truth rewriting the archives. Instead of Big Brother we have Big Editor.

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    […] on Gardasil, the HPV vaccine. I went through the pros and cons of this vaccine here and here and don’t propose repeating myself. Sufficient to say that very few serious side effects have […]

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