David Herzog – Miracleman?

[BPSDB]As far as I can tell, David Herzog is an independeant evangelist but his methods seem to be taken from the same book as those of the UCKG.

Take the article which appeared in the Friday 16 October issue of the Evening Standard for instance. They quote an attendee at one of his events as saying “He put two big baskets at the altar to put money into, so you would have to walk to the front where everyone would see who gave and who didn’t.” Similarly, the UCKG require their faithful to place their “sacrifice” (preferably of a monetary nature) on the altar.

The attendee also quotes Herzog as saying that the more they gave the more God would deliver. Reminds me of the UCKG’s magazine “Faith in Action” which, as I have noted previously, pretty much says that if you hold out on God not only will miracles not be forthcoming but he will arrange for bad things to happen to you as well.

Lest either the UCKG or Herzog be deciding at this point to resort to Britain’s notoriously oppressive libel laws, let me repeat that I do not believe that there is any connection between them. I merely observe that the similarity in their methods offers an interesting insight ino the evangelist mindset.

Where the UCKG have their ‘demon summonings’, Herzog has instant miracles. At an event in Singapore, for example, one man claimed that he had just found a gold tooth in his mouth. We have only his word that it was not there before. Forgive me if I have my doubts. A woman claimed that she had just lost weight and held out her loose waistband as ‘proof’. We have no independant evidence that a large woman entered wearing her clothes as opposed to, say, a slim woman wearing oversized clothes.

A testimony on Herzog’s own website appears to condone dishonesty:-

Dear David and Stephanie Herzog,
Last year in 2008, you came to minister at a church in Wisconsin. A few of us rented a car to drive from Chicago to see you. Well, I had calculated how much money I had to save for the car rental and for gas. Just before going inside of the church, I had decided to give no more than $20.00. My first thought was to give $5.00 but all of that changed after the offering was being lifted. During this time a voice told me to give $50.00 out of all the money I had in my pocket, just $50.00. So when I took it out you said,” when you give, throw it up in the air and say I expect it to return double”. I did just that. About 2 weeks had gone by maybe a little longer, by then I had forgotten all about giving the $50.00. Well, I happened to be in a Walgreen’s store waiting in a somewhat long line. During this time waiting I was looking on the floor (something I always do). Nothing was on the floor at the time. I looked up because it was my turn to check out. Just as the person before me left I noticed under the counter on the floor what looked like a dollar. I was hopping nobody else saw it. As soon as I got closer I picked it up and saw it was $50.00 folded so I put it in my pocket. I said thank you JESUS. When I went to my car I took the money out of my pocket in folded the $50.00 bill and saw there was another $50.00 bill. (they were new bills) I sat there in shock and thanking GOD because I had newer found that much money before. Then I remembered the offering I was told to give and what you said to say while giving it. I thanked JESUS even more.

Be Blessed
Melita Warren

I am not sure what the legal position is in the States but in Britain Melita Warren would be guilty of “theft by finding”. Whatever the legal postion, it does not seem to occur to her that somebody in front of her in the queue dropped the money and now the poor sod is short of $100.

These dubious ‘miracles’ have the same purpose as the UCKG’s faux summonnings and exorcisms – to convince the faithful that the evangelist has God’s favour. One thing nobody seems to ask these people is where in the Bible does it say that God performs miracles in exchange for cash? Mine fails to mention it.


51 Responses to “David Herzog – Miracleman?”

  1. manuel ramos Says:

    i am a living proof of what god can do to a human being i was on
    heavy drinker, my body very sick ,heavy smoker,allways envolved
    in other kinds of problems . my jesus healed my body deliveryded me
    from all my problems he made me a new creature , i had given up life
    away from my family i was able get reunited again with my wife and
    kids and today i preach this blessed word of God on one radio station
    and i have the glory of God in my life and others.please believe, God
    can also change your life .please read john chapter 3 verse 36
    god bless you ,for God nothing is impossible luke1-37.

  2. jaycueaitch Says:

    You did not need to hand over wads of cash to an evangelical to achieve that.

  3. Sheri Says:

    Why do people have such a problem with churches or traveling ministries accepting offerings? I’m sure everyone has been hearing alot about Doctors without Borders ever since the Haiti disaster. Guess what? It’s a Christian Ministry supported mostly by church offerings? The church that you go to…how does the electricity get paid? How about the water? The soup kitchen in the back? How would they buy the food to feed the homeless? Traveling Ministries have the added expense of traveling. It cost money to spread the word or share God’s love. Yes I know there are scammers out there and that’s where the spirit of discernment comes in handy. : )

    • Gilberta Says:

      Thank you for that Sheri!!! It takes money just to blow our nose! God said that it is better to give than to receive; that statement in all its truth takes faith to believe. Putting our trust in man and what he does will take you to a point of unbelief. Putting our faith in God will take us to a place of abundance that bears the proof of faith that is “better to give than to receive!”

  4. jaycueaitch Says:

    Requesting donations is one thing, creating a situation where everybody sees whether or not you give (and how much) is another matter entirely – there is an emotional blackmail/peer pressure element involved.

    • Erika Says:

      When you officially go to give your life to Jesus Christ, you are walking in front of many people in a public proclamation. You and anyone else could take that as saying, “emotional blackmail/peer pressure” is involved because of one’s public stance for Jesus Christ. Almost every church that I know of holds baskets or passes baskets around in order to give tithes and offering. I could imagine if church members and guests were required to give tithes or offerings after church some would have a problem with that!

      Many times, I have not had a tithe or offering for God but still held my head high with confidence and walked around because of the mindset of Christ within me. When God has given his children a spirit of power, there is no need to be fearful of emotial blackmail/peer pressure because this is evident of a spirit of fear. Satan likes to make up this type of thinking which is not adhering to scripture in any way at all. According to your hypothesis, if anyone felt emotional blackmail/peer pressure, then it’s obvious that they really need to be in the service in order to evict whatever spirit or mindset from their being and walk in the freedom that Jesus Christ gives.

      • Gilberta Says:

        Oh Erika, that was so well said. This confidence we have is so “through the roof”, never have I ever been so grounded as to my identity. When we find ourselves easily offended, it is time to do some emotional cleaning for that is a for sure sign that we need to be set free from something!

  5. morgan Says:

    I watched “supernatural” tonight on TBN. I decided to ‘research’ this man because he spoke of a woman levitating 13 cm off the ground and flipping over.

    God can and does do many things. But when levitation is mentioned, warning bells go off. I don’t recall reading a scripture where Jesus levitated anyone. Have you?

    • Erika Says:


      you are not understanding what he was speaking about. He was recounting an incident with Sid roth where he met a woman who was speaking to evil spirits or using them to levitate off the ground. He witnessed to the woman BUT in no way did he ever say anything about a Christian having the ability to levitate.

    • Caroline Says:

      Morgan, you heard him talk about someone levitate. That is a manifestation of demons. And just after he said that you heard him say many of the attendees were delivered from demon possession. Did Jesus cast out demons? Did Jesus command believers to go cast out demons? Yes, He did.

  6. mred Says:

    Actually, yes. Jesus walked on water. the evangelist Philip recorded in the book of Acts was ‘translated’ from one spot to another. Elijah was levitated on out of here, alive. Enoch too. Moses turned water to blood, killed Egyptian firstborn children, caused multiple plagues, Elisha caused oil to appear, Jesus turned water to wine, Paul caused his sweat to heal people, Peter his shadow healed people, Ezekiel was levitated, and Paul mentions being taken to heaven and that he wasn’t sure if it was his spirit or his physical body (implying that both are possible)….etc….

    • Gilberta Says:

      And imagine….He said that we “will do greater things.” How exciting is that statement!!!:):):)

  7. Phil Says:

    ALL things are possible with God as Jesus Himself says… levitation can occur from 13 cm all the way to the highest Heaven… question remains: did anyone ever hear David Herzog confess with his mouth that Christ is his Saviour and/or did Herzog ever say ” Jesu Is Lord ” by The Holy Spirit… i.e is Herzog a genuine believer in Christ ?

  8. Man of God Says:

    I am read everything everyone has writen and yes Phil I am reading through his book and he does confess that Jesus is Lord. Just a warning to everyone though it is ok to have discussions like this but lets be careful that we don’t blasphemy the work of the Holy Ghost. We don’t want to be like the religious people of Jesus day who spoke evil of him because they didn’t understand him. If God has called David and he is operating by the power of the Holy Ghost who are we to speak evil against it? If it has to do with donations or casting out devils if the Holy Ghost has inspired it lets make certain that we don’t say anything negative against it.

    • Gilberta Says:

      I so agree with you on this “Man of God”, the last thing we want is to held accountable for judging someone before their time, besides that we do not want to find ourselves in “idle words” that will judge us while we are on our daily walk. “I only say what myr father says”, I know that this may be easier said than done but just the realization and striving for this will keep us in line with the Word of God.

  9. jaycueaitch Says:

    What are you saying? That everybody who disagrees with you, or points out that certain evangelicals are rather fond of money donations is evil? Good way of closing down the debate but otherwise unconstructive. A bit like sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting “Lala – can’t hear you!”

  10. Man of God Says:

    That is not what I’m saying at all. Just throwing out a precaution. Maybe the debate should be closed down if it is not constructive. We are supposed to build people up and encourage one another and show love. What do you think you could say to build up those reading these statements?

  11. MMAKansas Says:

    I have met David, I have his book – some of what he condones is borderline Eastern Mysticism, people today will almost accept anything if it is supernatural because they are HUNGRY for the real deal in the prophetic, healing, signs and wonders.

    All that being said, he is genuine in his heart, but there is an element of mixture in his movement/ministry, as there is in a lot of “Kansas City Prophet” …. IHOP …. Mike Bickle … Bob Jones … Rick Joyner … Jack Deere …. ministries; we are all human and unfortunatly if God says hit the rock ONE TIME we have a tendancy to run back to a method thinking we can now get what we need by a method or formula and alot of these guys have seen God move and then they attempt to re-enact the miracle over and over and pretty soon they are selling books on the method and selling cd’s on the experience and talking up their ministries and somewhere in there Jesus is Lord .. somewhere …

    • Gilberta Says:

      This is where discerment comes in; the Holy spirit is our guide into all truth. Instead of judging “take that thought unto the obedience of Christ Jesus” he knows what to do with it and get yourself off the hook (owe man nothing but to love him, so to speak). This is all so personal, no one is perfect. We also must remember that everything is of God and all our adversary does is twist it to confuse the body of Christ.

    • Caroline Says:

      When Moses asked Aaron to through the rod on the ground before Pharaoh, it turned into a snake and Pharaoh laughed, because he knew his magicians could do the same and they did. How could you identify which power was at work? Eventually God proved Himself. If I find anything that disturb my spirit, I go to the Lord, because Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit will teach us all truth. Instead of using your carnal mind to question a move of God, just go into your closet and find the answer. Jesus spat on the ground in a case of blindness and ask the blind to go and wash his eyes. If that is done today, well, I guess someone somewhere will question. When in doubt, go to the source yourself.

  12. Richie Says:

    i love you brother. so does Jesus. escape trying to find the bad in others. we all know the accuser of the brethren is Satan. don’t fall into that same trap. there’s so much more to spend your time on, like sharing the Gospel, and not tearing other people down.

  13. Jess B Says:

    Amen to Richie’s comment =)

  14. In Christ Jesus Says:

    The Bible is clear as to why we should give tithes and offerings. Let us be cautious in our dealings with those that promise us a life of abundance in the name of Jesus Christ based on what we give (give $50?). Jesus taught us that the poor widow who gave the last of her little monies from her heart gave more than those who gave more for show. Giving out of greed and not out of our obedience and love of God leaves us open to the deception of the devil. In this case the only abundance will be in the lives of those who seduce you out of your monies with promises of great returns. God does bless the faithful but not as suggested by those with hidden agendas to enrich themselves by preying on the vulnerable.

  15. "R" - Servant of God Says:

    Phil, how many meetings of Bro. David Herzog have you been to ? He has
    been in the Ministry that Almighty God called him to for so many years now!! How can you say what you’ve said about him ? Are you a thinking
    Christian or a emotional Christian who thinks with his/her emotions. And if you’re a thinking Christian, which one do you use in making comments in matters pertaining to what Almighty God is doing to do His work and finance His work on this planet in this last days, your Carnal mind or your Spiritual mind ? I would be interested to know please. Always remember that God’s ways are ‘ HIGHER ‘ than your/my ways.
    What would you say if I tell you that after praising and worshipping Almighty God instensely with my wife, ‘dust of Gold and dust of Diamond’ suddenly manifested/appeared on the walls of our bedroom and on our floor carpet and most astonishingly, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    on our faces ?!!!! It is written that the streets in Heaven are made of Gold (and so most probably are the dust in Heaven). What about giving our Tithes and offerings faithfully and finding money under our front door when we needed rent and food money for the week ha ?!!!! Just ask the Lord Holy Spirit of Almighty God to forgive you for your foolish comments (that includes anyone who has bad things to say about Men and Women of God who are doing the work of Almighty God). Okay brother ? I don’t want to fill this website with 90 pages of ‘out of this World testimony’ so I better shut up now. Thank you.

  16. Bro. Fred Says:

    whatever happens now or in the future, one thing always remains and shall forever remain…the fact that Christ Jesus is Lord and shall be the final judge…Matt7.1-6. lets focus on building a stronger relationship with God and teach those around us to do thesame…we shall be rewarded on accounts of what we did or accomplish personally through the Holy Spirit and not on the account of others…stay blessed you all and love you all…but the greatest is the love of our Lord Jesus Christ…just intercede for all saints to know the turth.

  17. Ernest Biddle Says:

    I have personally met Brother Herzog. I have also watched many of his meetings on t.v. and the internet. Not once have I seen anything that would be considered unbiblical or evil in intention. Miracles are a sign for the unbeliever to see that the Lord is real. Giving is for the purpose of the furthering of the gospel and providing of the poor and sick.
    So why is it when an evangelist takes up an offering, He is automatically guilty of bilking the people? Such ignorance!

  18. Brother Mark Says:

    Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We should not say anythings coming out of our fleshly unkindness. I find this blog when I try to find more info about the miracle meetings. My understanding is we should test everything. This is also bible’s teaching. Yes, miracle is good. On the other hand, miracle should help people start to go on to the way of faith. By saying that, I mean to eat and drink the Lord daily that is to diligently study His words(eat) and obey His words(drink). By doing this, we will gradually have our self desire circumcised and our heart purified. I believe this is what God truly want us to do. We need to bring the teaching of spiritual circumcision(also called fasting, cross) back into the church today. Without this real stuff, no one would ever enter into God’s holy place. Godly character is the number one thing we should pursue. God bless.

  19. Sue Says:

    Excuse me, but Our Lord said very clearly & distinctly, “Eat My Body & Drink My Blood” referring to the bread & wine at the last supper. Why are you using this as a symbol? Yes, we ARE to study His words & obey His words – but He also has told us that clearly!

    • Brother Mark Says:

      I do respect people take “Eat My Body & Drink My Blood” literally. I also do believe there is something more than that spiritually. Take “Drink the cup” for example, in Mark 10:38, “Can you drink the cup I drink or be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with?”
      Mark 14:36, “Abba, Father, he said, everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me.”
      Here, the cup apparently means suffering, obeying God’s word onto death. This is why I refer drink to obey his word.

  20. sminke|ansiktsrens|såpe|skjønnhetspleie Says:


    […]David Herzog – Miracleman? « Letting Off Steam[…]…

  21. sis Botlhe Says:

    the Lord is God

  22. blessing toyou Says:

    y’shua never ask for donation in his ministry and so was the first generation of disciples.
    early disciples asked their own church for support but not you who comes to listen…by the way, they come and don’t need to pay expensive fees to listen to y’shua and his apostles.

  23. Olivia walker Says:

    please i want a prayer for my husband Ajete on the 22 of August.We need God mercy on us on that day as he is going to court.thank you .I have watch you program and i am move with the word of God.

  24. Charles Says:

    We walk by Faith and not by Sight. The desired end isnt always made available to us until its proper time(season). This is something we have to always keep in mind. All of us have to exercise discernment and wisdom in these last days. God also says that many shall be decieved…further he says in 2Thes that he will send a strong delusion. Same thing with ministers. God is a miracle God and can do anything he chooses; signs and wonders are first to the unbelievers. Anyways, this is how I see it: If you are ministering in the power of God then document some of these miracles. If you have cancer, then there should be medical documentation to prove it….right? Likewise, if you are miraculously healed from a tumor(s) this can be easily documented with a simple medical report!! Also, If Gold dust and/or jewels are being manifested at meetings then there should be proof and evidence of this….right?! Hec we all know Gold is worth a lot of money per ounce right now so where is this Gold dust? Its pretty valuable so I would expect to see some. And Jewels?? I along with many other believers, I want to see the power of God restored to the church but Im not sure that has happened yet. Not everyone that says Lord Lord………

  25. sthembiso Says:


  26. BrotherWen Says:

    I hear too much ”black church” talking here. Most blacks enjoy only the shouting, jumping, sweating, frothing-of-the-mouth kind of preaching, the emotional highs they get every Sunday, the usual ”I got a job” or ”I got a pay rise/ promotion at work praise the Lord” level of blessing. Powerless people yet powerful by God’s grace. Some, like the author of this blog, would be scared to death at the awesome, mind boggling things THE FATHER and THE SON are doing TODAY in the lives of believers like myself who seek be MORE than church-goers. You read about it I suppose, but you NEVER SAW GOD’S POWER in action wich is a pity. Just like the testimony of ”R” Servant of God above exemplifies, it happens in real life, to real people too, not only in the bible. The Holy Spirit delivered me from UCKG, tele-evangelists and financial deliverers of all sorts you might know well. He guides me and He will guide you, he never said ”DAVID HERZOG WILL GUIDE YOU”. I am black and I am going to see David Herzog live for five days of life changing encounters with the Lord. Meanwhile, have a nice, cosy, and safe- as-usual, sing and praise the Lord church service. I have been set free like so many others. I JUST CRIED TO HIM. Again and again.
    Love you all those who bother to read this. May God’s POWER locate you and bless your socks off.

  27. BrotherWen Says:

    …who seek TO be more than church-goers

  28. ibelieve Says:

    Lets us give God the glory and ask for wisdom to understand the knowledge of his glory, then we will learn not to pass judgement.

  29. Phoenix Says:

    Greetings from the beautiful and sunny island of Singapore. I remember Paul mentioned somewhere in the scripture that as long as Christ our Lord is preached and people get saved, through either genuine sharing or competition, then so be it.

    We are all accountable to God, we each have to carry the cross daily and at the end, it is Him who justifies us. Even Paul was humble enough to say that he had not reached there yet and caution us to be careful, lest we lose out in the race.

    There will always be many Herzogs in any era. This is a good discussion thread which I have chanced upon, the different writers just want us to exercise discernment and not to build our faith based on another human leader who may be fallible. It has taught me a lot about the diverse views of believers and yet nobody ever questions the authenticity of our dear Lord, who, after all, is the author and finisher of our faith.

    As Christians, we will always have lots of questions, and many may be left unanswered in this lifetime, but hey, we have a whole eternity to find out more from God! Personally, I do want to learn a lot from the Lord and the work of his people, so that I can be a ‘more informed’ witness for our Lord, while bearing in mind that ultimately He is the One who changes the heart of men to follow Him. Maranatha!

  30. lily Says:

    You dont get it do you Let Dr David And His wife do what God has called them to do He is a man of God be careful di not judge a man of God Mmmm Better br wise in what you say Go an apply for an Private Investigator (just saying)

  31. Shaycee Says:

    Let there be unity in His Body. We.

  32. Joyce matayaya Says:

    Wow m.o.g i live in zimbabwe and ive heard a lot bou u dats y i googled.im expectng a miracle of virgnity restoratxn n i knw d God i Save can do it so my fiancee told me that he has heard bou hw God z using u mightly n d signs and wonders.ive got faith n i bliv dat if u jus speak in2 mylyf iwl resiv my miracle instantly

  33. Pastor Pat Modubu Says:

    Dear Brother in Christ Jesus (Evangelist David Herzog )

    Greetings in Jesus Name my dear brother in the Lord.

    I am so much touched by the wonderful ministry that you are doing to enable as much men of God as you can to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ and doing it yourselves on television across the nations of the World .

    I also have a prayer item and a request of assistance if possible. I am a pastor of almost 25 years trained at the AFM college and preached in several place around South Africa.

    Early this year I started my own moving ministry of preaching and reaching people in the area of Middelburg and Witbank with a newly registered ministry called Arena of Praise and Worship Bible Church. My intention is to reach a wide spectrum of people and moving around than be located in one church or area of born again people whilst people die outside and there be no one who will go and preach to them and introduce them to a local church or ministry where Christ is the Lord and His name lifted up more than any tradition of the Church.

    I currently do not have anything to enable me to rich out to the communities I intend to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have a dire need of a 200 seater tent for a start, 200 chairs, music instruments, loud halers, speakers and anything that can enable us to rich the communities who are not church based but need Christ first so that they can be pointed to Christ then to a local church that lift the name of Jesus Christ.

    I do not expect you brothers to help me with all of these things but what the Lord may lead you to help with will be highly appreciated by me and my team. Our biggest need for a start is a tent, chairs and microphones and speakers and a key board. Second hand materials are also welcome so that we can start immediately with the work of the Lord.

    We are so much concerned about the young school going children who are using drugs and abusing alcohol, the rapes of both very young girls and very old women in our communities due to drug abuse. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring about a change in our community. It has done it in my life. We really could make a difference with the message of the cross of our Saviour Jesus Christ our soon coming king. Looking on and criticizing will never bring about change and solution,, staying out of it will never be the right solution.

    We ought to do something quickly as the Lord is coming very soon. Part of the judgement to the Church will be what have we done about our own surroundings, and local people who perished while we looked on.

    We should be hands on we want to be hands on with evangelising our local communities’ with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your contribution and help will surely come handy to enable us preach the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

    May God almighty bless and keep you as you pray with us to be blessed with the above items we urgently need to use not for our own benefit but for kingdom sake.

    I hope to hear from you soon

    Best regards,

    Patrick Modubu
    Senior Pastor
    Arena of Praise and Worship Bible Church

    (c) +27 (0)82 745 4712
    (F) +27 (0)865170353
    (E) patmodubu@webmail.co.za.

    Weeping Wattle Crescent
    Tasbert – Park
    Republic of South Africa
    P.O.Box 6221
    Tasbet Park
    Republic of South Africa

  34. Annette Bouvier Says:

    We must always look to God first and what his word says. This is the way I see it. If I give money in good faith because the Holy Spirit has moved me to do so ,and the man ,or charity is a charletan, It does not matter. In God’s eyes I have done what he called me to do. When we help someone, be it our time, monetarly,etc and they don’t apprecaite it , that is on them. We are still gathering treasures up in heaven for our selves. Do it with a cheerful heart and God will repay when you least expect it. And when we give God does repay one hundred fold. His word is true,he never sways from it. he treats everyone the same. Sometimes it takes a long time for prayers to be answered ,but he will answer on his time. I will share a story. I own a rental property,It was a small home that I raised my family in. It was not rented for 8ths .I got many calls.But I refused to rent it.I knew that I would need it for my daughter. The Holy Spirit led me. She lived there for the first 2 yrs.paying rent,then she broke up with the father of her childeren . Struggling to make ends meet,her father and I decided to not charge her rent. We did depend on that income .so I prayed fervently for God to meet our needs. It wasn’t easy and I cried many times. but I never gave up. Because of the mercy we showed her , God has met our financial needs as well as hers. God does repay good deeds. My point. Just give as God has asked you to give . Have faith that he will work all things through. The Holy Spirit leads everyone of us in different directions. Who are we to Question God’s ways. “My ways are not your ways “says the Lord. If everyone did what God has us to do ,the world would be a better place. Let us biuld each other up and not tear each other down. Let us be tolerent of others no matter what there belief system is. Its hard to believe ,but God’s love is a love that loves the unloveable.

  35. Mark Says:

    Well, personally, I and many other people are wary of those who profess to have seen what this man has claimed to see when he is wearing 400$ suits and selling “salvation” for 40$ a pop. In today’s society materialism is rampant. David is rich, has a spray tan, symbolizing the fallen world in which we live today. How many mouths could he have fed with that money? A lot of evangelists start out great but along the line they get targeted by satan, who gives, guess what? Riches! When everything this guy teaches has a price tag it just makes you wonder. Did Jesus charge for miracles? Did Jesus charge money for people to hear his teachings? No. So why should any Pastor? The church is not a building but the people of God. Now, if this guy held meetings at his house and worked a job to fund his own missions then I would have a lot easier time trusting him. But when I see pictures of this guy and he looks like someone out of Jersey Shore and charges for “encounters with God” through his books, it just makes me very very uneasy. Not saying he is or isn’t true to the faith but honestly, there are way too many red flags with him. It’s one of those things that I would have to see where all his money was going and to what people to fully trust him. That’s all I’m saying. “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon”. “For false Christ’s and false prophets will rise and show many signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, the elect. But take heed; see, I have told you all things beforehand”.

    • Maggie Says:

      Praise the Lord!

      I, too was quite impressed by David Herzog when I first saw him on Sid Roth. I went to Youtube and watched some of his videos. I was impressed….gold teeth, gold dust, instant weight loss, heavenly gemstones, gray hair turning black….etc! To say, the least, I was impressed by these seemingly ‘new type of miracles’ God was performing.
      I was too busy being impressed…..but, after the excitement of discovering Herzog and his miracles died down…..I started hearing a still, quiet voice. This still, quiet voice was asking me what the purposes of these miracles were…. what is the purpose of mysterious gemstones, and how do they glorify God? How does mysterious ‘gold dust’ glorify God? Instant weight loss, levitation etc…what purpose do they serve in glorifying God?
      For those who may not be aware….Jesus appeared to a 14yr old Nigerian boy Samuel Oghenetega in June and July 2013, and gave him stern warnings to the church. Jesus gave him more than 20 warnings, and the diagrams of several demons, including satan. You can find this video on Youtube. This testimony is powerful.
      Well, the reason I mention this testimony is because Jesus said anybody adorning themselves with silver and gold will not see His Kingdom.
      My brothers and sisters; these are the Last Days. Do not let the enemy cheat you.

  36. denise Says:

    We can all find God for ourselves-some of these prophets or pastors start out right-but greed overtakes them in the end. Just pray for Gods understanding and be sincere-god can give us peace and understanding of his word and we need to use common-sense in our lives-we get so caught up in things and we make it complicated and some things are not-peace be still.

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