A Momentary Lapse of Unreason

[BPSDB]Much to my surprise, Mike Adams the so-called ‘Health Ranger’ has almost managed to say something sensible when he condemns a dodgy nutritional claim by Kelloggs.

The claim made is that Cocoa Krispies (TM) “enhance immunity” because they have been fortified with vitamins. Now I would be the first to agree that adding vitamins to the average sugary breakfast cereal is the nutritional equivilent of polishing a turd but I would also point out that no evidence is offered that vitamin supplementation enhances the immune system and indeed that an over-enhanced immune system is very bad for your health.

Adams cannot say this of course because he makes exactly the same claim for the vitamins he pushes. Instead he says that the vitamins Kelloggs use are not proper natural “holistic” vitamins but something synthetic out of a factory. I am curious to know what a “holistic” vitamin is and where Adams imagines they come from. Does he think they grow on trees?

All vitamin pills come out of factories. They can be either synthesised from simpler substances or extracted from foodstuffs. A pure vitamin produced by either route has exactly the same chemical properties and thus exactly the same effects on the human body. Calling the former “synthetic” and the latter “holistic” does not change this. In fact, surely extracting vitamins from foodstuffs (other than by digestion!) is also a factory process and incredibly wasteful of food into the bargain. Only someone from the overfed West could possibly think this is a good idea.

The ironic thing about this situation is that people like Adams and other nutrinistas have themselves laid the groundwork for Kelloggs to make their nonsense claim. Over the decades, the vitamin sellers have peddled their reductionist mantra that megadoses of this vitamin or that will have wonderful beneficial effects on our health, so the idea has sunk deep into our cultural conciousness that vitamin supplementation is automatically a good thing. Consequently, Kelloggs can make their claim and have it swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Adams is right to call “foul” on Kelloggs’ turd-polishing exercise but since their claims are no worse than ones he himself makes, how much of his wrath is motivated by a need to defend his turf?

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2 Responses to “A Momentary Lapse of Unreason”

  1. jdc325 Says:

    Well, “…how much of his wrath is motivated by a need to defend his turf?” reminds me of Equazen complaining to the ASA about the omega-enriched milk. Funnily enough, Equazen themselves later fell foul of the ASA. Both complaints are mentioned in a post I wrote: here.

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