ODD Paranoia

[BPSDB] Over at NaturalNews, Mike Adams seems to be sliding towards whale.to levels of paranoia. He has taken to posting rants about an ‘American medical dictatorship’ such as this one which displays serious confusion about the nature of vaccination.

(Editor’s Note: This story is a fictional future news story that depicts one possible future under an American medical dictatorship.) Taking aim at the growing spread of Obedience Defiance Disorder (O.D.D.) — a mental disease striking both children and adults — Massachusetts health authorities have joined with the state legislature to make O.D.D. vaccine mandatory across the state beginning this Thursday…

FUTURE NEWS is a NaturalNews.com feature that seeks to print important news before it happens. It is not merely satire or comedy: These news stories are based on the logical progression of current events. They are provided as
a public education service…

As a point of pedantry, I believe that O.D.D. actually stands for Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Having said that, I find myself in the somewhat unusual position of agreeing with Adams that by whatever name this alleged disorder is medicalising social behaviour. However, neither Adams nor I are psychologists so we may both be missing the point. If any psychologists are reading this, I would appreciate your input in the comments.

Adams heads off to Planet Paranoia with his vision of compulsory vaccination for O.D.D. It may fit in with his antivax stance but I fail to see how it can possibly be seen as a “logical progression of current events”. I have never heard of any psychiatrist suggesting the possibility of vaccinating against any mental illness. Unless I have a completely wrong model of vaccination and the immune system in my head, it is not even possible since mental illnesses are not caused by pathogens.

If you repace “vaccine” with “drugs”, Adams story reminds me of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian classic “Brave New World” where the lower social orders are drugged to keep them compliant.

Perhaps Adams would have been happier living sixty years ago when Cold War paranoia and the post-war surge in science fiction magazines would have created a ready market for his dystopian visions.


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2 Responses to “ODD Paranoia”

  1. brainduck Says:

    Thing is, ODD is very rarely diagnosed on its own, and it’s usually only diagnosed in children with a really, really extreme history.
    It’s quite often people say ‘Well, the five most annoying children in the class could all match diagnostic criteria for ODD’, but if they did have it they wouldn’t be anywhere near mainstream education.

  2. A Third Year of Steam « Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] how barking he really is on the subject, Adams treats us to a rant that vaccination is really to control our minds and stop us opposing the […]

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