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Flu Vaccines Quackery

January 23, 2011

[BPSDB]Mike Adams of Natural News is still banging on about the UK seasonal flu vaccine shortage. He makes his case by completely misunderstanding UK health care provision and invoking Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent research. (more…)

Organic Pharmacy’s Dubious Detox Pills

January 17, 2011

[BPSDB] It is January and the detox industry is in full swing. Today’s (17 January 2011) METRO carried a full page spread on detoxing your mind and at the bottom is a sub-article on a particular brand of ‘detox capsules’. I have not given a link as it does not appear in the online version. (more…)

Mike Adams On The UK Flu Vaccine Shortage

January 16, 2011

[BPSDB]Mike Adams of Natural News has given us the benefit of his thinking on the UK flu vaccine shortage. (more…)