Nailing Jelly To The Wall

I have had a response to my most recent email to Tesco regarding the claims made for Bio-Synergy’s skinny mousse. Trying to discuss this with Customer Services is about as successful as trying to nail jelly to the wall.

As detailed here I wrote:

Subject: Re: Bio-Synergy Skinny Mousse

Dear Ms Wimbleton

Thank you for your reply.

While the results described seem impressive at first sight, I note that many of the studies have quite small numbers of participants and in some cases they are rather atypical – diabetics and athletes for example.

I further note that the link to the EFSA you kindly sent me has this to say:

“On the basis of the data presented, the Panel concludes that the evidence provided is insufficient to establish a cause and effect relationship between the dietary intake of chromium and the contribution to the maintenance or achievement of a normal body weight.”

Yours sincerely

John Hawcock

The response is:

Dear Mr Hawcock,

Thank you for your further reply,

It is worth noting that the article in thee mail refers to regulating blood sugar levels, which ‘may’ assist with weight loss, and the independent nutritionist who commented on this, concurs providing that the amount is in sufficient quantities.

For your further information I have included below the statements approved by EFSA and Public Analyst from Eurofins, with regards to chromium.


The following claims are approved:

1) Source of chromium – provided that the product contains at least 15% of the RDA per 100g or, in the case of a single serving pack per serving.

2) Rich source/ high in chromium – provided that the product contains at least 30% of the RDA per 100g or, in the case of a single serving pack per serving. Both the shake and the bars may use this claim.

3) “Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism” (the food must be a source of chromium). In my opinion “macronutrient” could be substituted with the name of a macronutrient (protein, fat, carbohydrate).

4) Chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels” (the food must be a source of chromium).

Thank you for taking the time to share your further views with us.

Kind Regards

Lisa Wimbleton
Tesco Customer Service

The claims Ms Wimbleton cites may well be approved but they are a long way from proving that chromium supplements suppress sugar cravings and that as a consequence this dessert actually helps you to lose weight.

To be fair to Ms Wimbleton, my complaint is probably ouside her normal remit as a customer services rep and she is probably just passing on stuff she is getting from the marketting department. If you’re wondering why I don’t contact marketting myself, take a look at their website. Finding any contact details is virtually impossible. Fortunately, my complaint to the ASA about claims made on Bio-Synergy’s own website is working its way through the system. I’ll blog on any developments.

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