An Email From My MP

This is just a short post to say that I have received a response from Jim Dowd, my MP, regarding the email sent to David Cameron regarding his comments about the riots.

I suspect it is a general email sent to anyone who wrote to him regarding the riots as none of the specific points I made, particularly Cameron’s frankly bizarre blaming of Health & Safety and Human Rights legislation for the riots.

On the plus side he says that:-

“We must get to the bottom of why we have people in our society who think it is acceptable to act in the way they did and to do this a full and frank discussion must take place through the form of a national inquiry.”

I hope that such an inquiry includes in its brief the double standards in which David Cameron and his fellow upper-class trouble makers trashing restaurants in their student days can be dismissed as high jinks, why his convicted arsonist Deputy and dodgy journalist former spin doctor deserve second chances but working class trouble makers do not and instead not only deserve long prison sentences but their families should be made homeless as well. I also hope it covers the points I made in my email as to why I believe that teenagers feel detatched from society. I am not a socialologist and freely admit I could be barking up the wrong tree as to this being a contributory factor to the riots but it is a potentially valid hypothesis and should be examined.

As I say, the rest of the email is a bit general so I see little point in reproducing it here. Having said that, I have yet to receive any kind of response from Cameron at all.

According to the Downing Street website, they receive a huge volume of emails so replies cannot be guaranteed and that if replies are required, snailmail letters should be sent. Fair enough. I’ve sent a hardcopy of my email to Number 10. Let’s see what, if anything, happens.

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4 Responses to “An Email From My MP”

  1. David Says:

    “could be barking up the wrong tree” doesn’t even start to describe how far down the prejudicial road you’ve travelled jaycueaitch.
    To describe rioting chancers so sympathetically as simply detatched from society suggests a detatchment of your own .
    Obviously , only the similarly ‘detatched’ will be following this blog so the chances of a considered response must be minimal .
    Why add to the lopsided and unhelpful view of Mr Cameron with your own ? You merely display your own equal and opposite prejudices .

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Trying to figure out possible reasons for the riots is not the same as being sympathetic to the rioters. You will note that my MP did not read that into my email. Perhaps you should read what’s there and not read your own assumptions into it.

  2. David Says:

    But you’re NOT trying to figure out the reasons . You are merely reacting to a politicians somewhat unconsidered outburst to yell your own . And you’re merely muddying waters with your own prejudice .
    The majority of the rioters were clearly criminal adventurers and hopefully will face the prescribed consequences (no more or less) . In my (very) dim and (very) distant past I too was ‘disaffected’ , however , growing up and not seeking to lay the blame elsewhere helped . Luckily I gained only a few internal scars and no police record to show for it .
    NONE of it is as simple as either of you have already decided and a plague on both your houses .

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      I’m NOT,eh? Are you a mind reader now?

      In my email to the PM I put forward a possibility based on my own knowledge gained from working with teenagers. Unlike some I do not claim to have the answer.

      The fact that you describe thinking about the situation as “prejudice” merely shines a light on your own mental processes.

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