An Email To Nadine Dorries

I have been following the proposed amendment to the Health & Social Care Bill proposed by Nadine Dorries and Frank Field with interest and some concern – particularly the lack of evidence of any bias in counselling offered by the likes of Marie Stopes International and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. I am also concerned about some of the faith-based organisations lining up to take advantage of the amendment, should it pass. So I sent her an email:-

Dear Ms Dorries

I have been following your campaign on ensuring that women considering having terminations have access to unbiased and independent advice. A recent Daily Mail article quotes you as saying that this would lead to the number of terminations in the UK falling by 60,000. I would be most interested in reading the study which leads to this conclusion.

On that subject, would you agree that an organisation – as reported on Newsnight – whose training manual states “abortion is a wickedness that grieve’s God’s heart” cannot be in any way described as ‘unbiased and independent’?

You have repeatedly asserted that there is a profit motive in carrying out abortions, when organisations such as BPAS and the Marie Stopes International are both not-for-profit organisations:-

“Marie Stopes International is a tax exempt, not for profit organisation, registered as a charity (No. 265543) in England. It is also a company limited by guarantee (No. 1102208 – registered in England and Wales). There are no shareholders.

A proportion of any surpluses generated by the Marie Stopes International’s clinics in the UK and Austria, and by Options Consultancy Services (a wholly own subsidiary) go to support Marie Stopes International’s work in the developing world.”


“We are registered as a charity (number 289145) under our full name “The British Pregnancy Advisory Service”. All income generated from our services is invested in UK services and advocacy work.”


Finally, I must take issue with your repeated reference to those who are pro-choice as ‘pro-abortionists’. It is a dreadful misrepresentation in a complex argument designed to paint the likes of BPAS and Maries Stopes International as somehow gleefully performing abortions. I am sure that you would not wish to be referred to as ‘anti-choice’.

Yours sincerely

John Hawcock
[address given]


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4 Responses to “An Email To Nadine Dorries”

  1. theholyllama Says:

    Excellent email, John. Any reply?

  2. Tom Says:

    I second the excellent email comment. Great work unpicking the rhetoric of pro- and anti-


  3. Stephanie (@Chloes11968) Says:

    Is it to late for to 3rd that splendid email? Truly a lovely rejoinder!

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