Bio-Synergy Complaint Part 3

Yesterday I received what would appear to be the conclusions of the ASA’s investigation into my complaint about Bio-Synergy’s claims for their Skinny Mousse:-

Dear Mr Hawcock

Your Complaint About Bio-Synergy Skinny Moose

Thank you very much for your email and the attachment you have sent. We have been in contact with Bio Synergy and they have stated the following with me.

“With regards to chromium which is present in the skinny mousse, it has received positive EFSA opinions: Chromium is a trace mineral needed for normal growth and development. It plays a role in the release of energy from cells and is involved in fat and glucose metabolism’; ‘Chromium may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the blood and therefore helps control appetite”. We agree that there has been no positive opinion regarding body weight”.

I look forward to hearing your comments on this. In the meantime I have closed our file.

Yours sincerely

Luke Stockmans

I made the following comment:-

Dear Mr Stockmans

Thank you for your email.

With regard to what Bio Synergy now say I would point out that since chromium “may” help maintain healthy blood sugar levels the statement that it “therefore” helps control appetite is not really supported. I am pleased that the claim about maintaining body weight has been dropped.

I would be interested in knowing how they explained their statement to you that they never claimed that chromium contained natural amino acids when presented with evidence that they had in fact done so.

Thank you for the time you have devoted to this matter.

Yours sincerely

John Hawcock

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2 Responses to “Bio-Synergy Complaint Part 3”

  1. Neuroskeptic Says:

    Other things that chromium “may” do include causing DNA damage, cancer, and renal failure… but while this “may” happen, they curiously don’t seem to mention that.

  2. A Fourth Year of Steam « Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] claimed it had never read the way I said it did. Since the scientific bollocks was removed and an unevidenced claim dropped I am chalking this up as a qualified victory – in future I will cache online copies of pages […]

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