Heavy Metal Poisoning

There seems to be a commonly held view in alt-med circles that many ills are due to heavy metal poisoning. It will probably not surprise many readers of this blog that Natural News pushes this view. There is a lot to look at on that page; in this post I’ll confine myself to examining the claims about the consequences of metal poisoning.

On aluminium, it is claimed that:

Aluminum lodged in your brain tissue can cause Alzheimer’s or clinical insanity.

I can’t find much to support this claim. According to this “some experts believe it plays a role in leading to the formation of Alzheimer-like neurofibrillary tangles”, which at best suggests that the jury is still out on a link between aluminium poisoning and Alzheimer’s. As for “cinical insanity”, the term is an oxymoron as insanity is not a clinical term but a legal one meaning that someone is not responsible for, or does not understand the consequences of, their actions.

On iron, it is claimed that:

Iron lodged in your heart tissue can cause heart disease.

According to this iron poisoning can cause:

Iron corrodes your intestinal lining and is a direct irritant to the stomach.
People with iron poisoning can have the following symptoms:
Severe vomiting
Abdominal pain
Dehydration and lethargy if not treated adequately
A child’s vomit or stool may be bloody.
Often, after supportive care, the gastrointestinal symptoms appear to improve 6-24 hours after their onset.
If profound poisoning is inadequately treated, shock and death can occur.

Not good but no mention of heart disease. Incidently, the most common cause of iron poisoning would appear to be overdosing on iron supplements.

On lead, it is claimed that:

Lead lodged in your bones can interfere with red blood cell production and even white blood cell production.

Well, that and a whole lot more – which has been known for many years. As a result lead has been largely eliminated from the environment by such measures as banning lead based paints and the use of lead tetra-ethyl as an antiknock agent in petrol, and replacing lead piping with copper. Unless you work with lead or lead compounds you are highly unlikely to develop lead poisoning.

On mercury, it is claimed that:

Mercury lodged in your brain can cause autism spectrum disorders.

This is a favourite amongst American antivaxxers, who claim that mercury compounds used as preservatives in vaccines causes autism. Two problems with this. First, if it were true we would expect to hear of cases of adult onset autism following mercury poisoning but I can’t find any evidence of any such cases.

Second, it is not actually true as the symptoms of mercury poisoning are quite different from the signs and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Mercury poisoning

Common symptoms of mercury poisoning include peripheral neuropathy (presenting as paresthesia or itching, burning or pain), skin discoloration (pink cheeks, fingertips and toes), swelling, and desquamation (shedding of skin).

Mercury is thought to inactivate S-adenosyl-methionine, which is necessary for catecholamine catabolism by catechol-o-methyl transferase. Due to the body’s inability to degrade catecholamines (e.g. Epinephrine) a person suffering from mercury poisoning may experience profuse sweating, tachycardia (persistently faster-than-normal heart beat), increased salivation, and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Affected children may show red cheeks, nose and lips, loss of hair, teeth, and nails, transient rashes, hypotonia (muscle weakness), and increased sensitivity to light. Other symptoms may include kidney dysfunction (e.g. Fanconi syndrome) or neuropsychiatric symptoms such as emotional lability, memory impairment, or insomnia.

Thus, the clinical presentation may resemble pheochromocytoma or Kawasaki disease.


What are some common signs of autism?

The hallmark feature of ASD is impaired social interaction. As early as infancy, a baby with ASD may be unresponsive to people or focus intently on one item to the exclusion of others for long periods of time. A child with ASD may appear to develop normally and then withdraw and become indifferent to social engagement.

Children with an ASD may fail to respond to their names and often avoid eye contact with other people. They have difficulty interpreting what others are thinking or feeling because they can’t understand social cues, such as tone of voice or facial expressions, and don’t watch other people’s faces for clues about appropriate behavior. They lack empathy.

Many children with an ASD engage in repetitive movements such as rocking and twirling, or in self-abusive behavior such as biting or head-banging. They also tend to start speaking later than other children and may refer to themselves by name instead of “I” or “me.” Children with an ASD don’t know how to play interactively with other children. Some speak in a sing-song voice about a narrow range of favorite topics, with little regard for the interests of the person to whom they are speaking.

Children with characteristics of an ASD may have co-occurring conditions, including Fragile X syndrome (which causes mental retardation), tuberous sclerosis, epileptic seizures, Tourette syndrome, learning disabilities, and attention deficit disorder. About 20 to 30 percent of children with an ASD develop epilepsy by the time they reach adulthood.

Where Natural News is right it is not original, where it is original it is not right. And sometimes it is neither original nor right. Not the best place to go for medical information.

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  1. Anna Hayward (@Anna_Hayward) Says:

    I have an autistic son and its probably genetic in our case, as there are loads of us with ASDs in my family. I can never understand why people insist that mercury poisoning has the same symptoms, or that my perfectly healthy autistic child is like that because he’s been poisoned.

    Incidentally, I didn’t think aluminium was a heavy metal? Isn’t it rather a light metal?

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      It is.

    • hann Says:

      If you were to Google MTHFR gene defect you could read that the inability to detoxify the body stems from a genetic mutation, in some cases, which causes the body to be unable to convert folic acid into a useable form. This can be countered simply by taking methyl-folate which is the form of folate used by the body. This is why in many cases, autism symptoms appear shortly after vaccination possibly because of a genetic inability to detox the thimerosal in the injection. It’s worth checking this out!

      • nc Says:

        I am so sorry to hear about your son. I have come to believe after 8 years of this battle that most likely my son was predisposed from birth to the harmful effects of heavy metals. While I was prego, my water supply came from an untested well that collected underneath a corn field. This was in 1975, before we knew much about DDT and arsenic treated fields. He has minor learning disabilities and ADHD. Foods effect him more negatively than most people. Dyes break him out and preservatives make him sick. Hind site is 20 20 they say so accurately. He became a pipe fitter do to his mechanical abilities. Heavy metals are in everything that he works with and when metals are heated and brazed with heavy metal welding and brazing rods, those metals are absorbed into the worker’s body like melted butter on just out of the oven baked bread. If a person is already body burdened through living their life, the liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines, become too sick to do their jobs. This is when the heavy metals become the worst enemy anyone will ever encounter. The body breaks down. The metals find refuge in soft tissue. The soft tissue knots up and tries to trap the metals between the knots. Fibromyalgia is what it is called in some cases. With my son, the metals hid in his pelvic region and created his pelvic floor disease. Eventually these metals leached back into his blood stream and attacked his liver again. The liver could not function. His bile supply stopped. His ability to make cholesterol decreased. Without cholesterol his adrenal gland could not function. Without his adrenal gland he had no hormones. He could not digest his food into the proper nutrients that his body needed. His intestines went toxic and the metals leached back into his blood and into the liver. The liver keeps trying to do its job and keeps failing. Soon the heavy metals find their way into the bones. The soft tissue has advanced stage arthritis and the bones are no longer getting the calcium and minerals they need to stay healthy and strong. A person’s heart is a soft tissue. Soon the metals begin to affect the heart. Meanwhile, the poisons get into the spinal cord and start heading for the brain stem. Bingo, now we have poison in the brain and the neurons can no longer communicate. There is all kinds of noise going on. Cells can’t cleanse themselves. Dead white blood cells build up and don’t purge from the body. Oxygen in red blood cells decline. Necrosis began in Brads femoral heads. The femur heads started to die. Emergency decompression was done on both hips. Side note, when we first saw the orthopedic doctor that specializes in hips he said and I do quote: “Strange I see more welders and pipe fitter with this problem that any other of my patients.” When I tried to explain Brad’s job and heavy metals he refused to talk about it. The more the liver fails, the more easily new metals absorb into the body. No one wants to get involved with heavy metal, environmental poisoning and what it does to a body. I asked him to give pipe fitters with hip problems my name so I can help them. He refused, hiding behind the Hipaa law. What a joke. Brad had terrible head aches. Because his adrenal glad is not working he doesn’t have any serotonin he can’t sleep and doctors can now says his problems are do to depression. Which leads me to the real question. What comes first– depression or heavy metal over body burden disease? My experience says over body burden. Then I ask the girls in New York. What came first conversion disorder or heavy metal over body burden disease? Now I ask you. What came first, a predisposed baby to heavy metal sensitivity or a bad reaction to a vaccine. I think it is time for everyone to start asking questions and stop blaming unexplainable diseases on depression. I am not an expert–but I have learned a lot in the past 8 years in order to save my son from doctors that were trying to finish what the heavy metals started. Ignorance about heavy metals by the western trained medical world is not acceptable. Save our children get educated before you are trying to save a loved one.
        I hope this explains to anyone out there what over body burden means and what heavy metal poisoning does to a people and animals. I sound crazy I know. But, I’m not. I am just living in a crazy world trying to get by one day at a time. Good luck to anyone out there that has something that a REAL doctor can’t explain. Don’t expect any of them to step outside of their comfort zone to help you as they run your insurance card through their billing office. Then when you no longer have insurance they simply close the door.


  2. Blessed Health Says:

    have you heard of MTHFY Jay? Have you every really been sick without answers from the ‘professionals’ I have an do and know that heavy metals can crew your body up. Please tell me – what are your qualifications to make such statements and what is your interest in this subject?

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      I’ve not heard of MTHFY – and neither has google. Please enlighten me.

      I am not disputing that metal poisoning can have bad effects on the body. I do dispute some of the effects Natural News attribute to it – particularly the claim that mercury poisoning causes autism.

      My qualifications are not relevent as I am not arguing from authority. What matters is the evidence.

      • Sterling Hill Says:

        She meant MTHFR. Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency. Anna Hayward needs to have her “healthy” child tested for it. It is proven that 98% of all children with autism have this enzyme deficiency which causes low lmethylfolate, methylcobalmin and P5P and the inability to create high enough levels of glutathione. The first gene mutation was not discovered until 1999. It was MTHFR C677T. By then it was too late. The FDA already approved synthetic b vitamins which block the methyl donors from doing their work in order to produce glutathione that helps with methylation (helps you dump toxins from your body). MTHFR deficiency is hypomethylation. Because of the enzyme deficiency, we have trouble clearing metals. So there is no safe level for up to 70% of the population. Homozygous and compound heterozygous mutations eventually turn out deadly. Once the toxic overload is reached, that is when damage occurs. People who incur this damage during brain developmentation get labled as autism (fancy word for heavy metal toxicity). Others end up with fibromyalgia, cfs, ms, lupus, schizophrenia and a number of other issues eventually. This has all been proven to be true genetically via the human genome project. So watch what you post so the sheeples don’t fall in the pit with you.

      • Hel Says:

        She made a spelling mistake. It’s MTHFR. Google that.

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        Thanhs. I have. What I’ve found says it’s a rare genetic defect and makes no mention of it being caused by metal poisoning. If I’ve missed something feel free to post a link here.

      • Blessed Health Says:

        MTHFR – my typo – try again
        I am thinking you have a very narrow view of evidence or have not looked at ALL the facts around heavy metal poisoning…..vaccines are the number one source of mercury that gets lodges in the human body…this needs to stop to protect our childrens developing brains, to give the EVERY chance at a healthy life

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        Most vaccines do not contain mercury so this is a little unlikely.

      • Sterling Hill Says:

        Incredible!!!!!!!!!! 98% of all children with autism have methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency. FACT! People with methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency have trouble clearing metals. FACT! MTHFR + heavymetals=brain damage and disease. Contact the Human Genome Project if you want the scientific proof and stop murdering people with your downplaying of heavy metal toxicity. Like the lady who posted first. I read her twitter feed. She is so MTHFR positive. She can save her life by getting her and her child with autism away for synthetic b vitamins and on the active forms with a little TMG. This gene mutation can be manipulated in order to clear toxins more easily.

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        You’ll have a link to the evidence that 98% of autistic children have MTHFR, no doubt. Why not post it?

        I am not downplaying heavy metal toxicity, merely pointing out that the symptoms of mercury poisoning are unlike autistism.

        I am temped to point out that you are murdering and injuring people by encouraging them to believe they are poisoned when they are not and thus resort to chelation therapy.

  3. Bill S. Preston Esq. Says:

    I lodged a lump of aluminium in my brain once, and I can tell you, it didn’t do my mental health any good at all. What are you trying to do, JQH? Do you want small children to lodge lumps of aluminium in their brains? That’s just the sort of attitude I’d expect from a heartless big pharma shill.

  4. Linda Says:

    Thanks for the list of mercury poisoning symptoms. I have confirmed mercury poisoning from Rho GAM and flu shots. I also have a son with mercury poisoning because of vaccines comtaining thimerosal. His symptoms are identical to the above list. My husband and I are homozygous for MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate redectase) the mercury in vaccines inactivate S-adenosyl-methionine, so our methylation pathway does not work with the over load of metals from vaccines. Thankfully our doctors recognized our condition of mercury poisoning. We need to test all pregnant women and newborn infants for MTHFR to prevent the poisoning of children.

  5. Barnes Says:

    You will never find any “science ” on this subject, because the “science” comes from heavy funding by Big Pharma, and Big Pharma will NEVER ever spend one dime on a study that could cost them billions in drug sales ( Alzheimer drugs, heart drugs, etc ). They will either lie and nudge the study in their favor ( that heavy metals don’t do these things ) or just not do studies at all….with the later allowing them to hang onto their money and pride. It is kinda laughable that some in the medical community are arrogant enough to think laypeople are that stupid to believe everything they say. They hang on to the word “science” like it’s the end-all be-all…they toss around that word when they feel threatened or that their toes are being stepped on…when the fact is there is no science because no fair unbiased studies have ever been completed. Conventional medicine doctors only know what they were taught in medical schools, in which most are funded by, you guessed it, Big Pharma. Some day some of them will wisen up and get their heads out of their a$$e$.

    The MTHFH was a typo by whomever brought the subject up. Try Googling MTHFR and learn something. Chances are you are affected by MTHFR and will wish you had before it’s too late.

    Sorry to be on a tangent, but articles and/or blogposts by medical professionals who stand by the old “There is no science” is like hearing “I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’m going to try my best to come off as intelligent and as if I know what I’m talking about”.

    {{ Yawn}}

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Looks like all you’ve got are conspiracy theories and personal abuse. Med schools (in the UK at least) are funded by the Government, not Big Pharma.

      I have googled MTHFR. Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with metal poisoning.

      Your last sentence pretty much describes your own post.

      • Sterling Hill Says:

        Listen to us one more time. MTHFR gene mutation is hypomethylation. Are you with me so far? Hypomethylation is the inability to dump toxins. Are you hanging in there? So if I have a hypomethylation issue and you take a big fat flu shot with thimerasol in it and you have scientifically proven that MTHFR exists and is hypomethylation (the inability to clear toxins), don’t you think that is dangerous? Since you live in the UK, contact Patrick Holford, nutritionist/psychologist. He can help you better understand. I’m finished.

      • jaycueaitch Says:

        Would that be the same Patrick Holford who says we need to buy his vitamin supplements because oranges no longer contain vitamin C?

  6. Linda Says:

    You have to read the articles not just the titles. In your post you say how mercury disrupts methylation, DUH that is why we can’t rid your body of metals,. we already have low fuctioning methylation pathways.
    “Mercury is thought to inactivate S-adenosyl-methionine, which is necessary for catecholamine catabolism by catechol-o-methyl transferase.” This is the function of MTHFR!

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      And maybe you should read blogposts before commenting on them. I’m not disputing that mercury poisoning exists, nor its mechanism. I am disputing the claim that autism is caused by mercury poisoning, from vaccines or anywhere else.

  7. Linda Says:

    Vaccines don’t cause autism they cause mercury poisoning and it is labeled autism to let the doctors off the hook that have caused this epidemic. If you find an honest doctor that will read the science they will agree with me 100% of the time. My dad practiced orthodontics for 41 years and once he read the science (truth) he went through his medical/dental building showing his tenants the truth, they were stunned that vaccines contained mercury and joined my dad in trying to have mercury removed from vaccines. Unfortunately, those at the CDC and FDA have too much to lose if the truth is known.

    Why do you care anyway Jay, you appear to have a chip on your shoulder or big paycheck you are working for.

    Once you know your methylation status you can improve you health. Why would you not want people to improve their health.My son was once labeled autistic and after chelation he lost most of the stereotypical autistic symptoms. He now rides the city bus by himself and works at a pet store a few hours per week. He was the school districts most difficult behavioral case they have ever seen. They now call him the gentle giant.

  8. Andysnat Says:

    Hello trolly troll trolls and antivaxx nutters.

    Problem with antivaxx nutcases is that they destroy herd immunity, leaving vulnerable people like me at terrible risk.

    I think they should be sent into exile where they can’t do any harm, some island without real medical care, just chiroquacks, homeoquacks and naturoquacks, and no way off!!!

  9. Andysnat Says:

    I am at risk, my dear Linda, you selfish antivaxx troll, because I have Leukaemia.

    That means that vaccines do not work on my broken immune system, and because it is broken, it is far far easier for me to catch infections both trivial and deadly. In fact, the trivial ones can become deadly very very easily.

    So when the selfish, deluded, wilfully ignorant antivaxxers such as yourself start preaching their nonsense, like you do, it directly affects me.

    It threatens my life.

    (Can the island be a long long way away from me please? With armed guards, a big wall, and no access to the beach?)

    • Linda Says:

      I had a strong healthy immune system until the mercury in vaccines trashed it, I have had MS for 20 years. You are extremely selfish with your health to expect people to have poison imjected into themselves to protect you. My grandmother had Leukemia and the injection treatments she had contained thimerosal, which sent her to an early grave. By the way my husband, kids and I are all fully vaccinated, but we wouldn’t be if I had the knowledge I have today. GO find your island and live in a bubble you sound like another pharma paid idiot named Ken that only thinks of himself. Next you will claim to have a child with autism. Check your MTHFR status. Mine gives me and the rest of my family a medical exemption from vaccines. Unlike you, I don’t want anyone to be vaccinated unless they desire to be. I take my vitamin D3 to protect me from illness.

      • doomrock Says:

        Which illnesses does vitamin D3 protect you from? I may have got it wrong but you seem to be suggesting that it is a panacea. Besides the MS which it obviously doesn’t work on, do you ever have any other illnesses?

      • doomrock Says:

        Ooh, I forgot to ask. If vitamin D3 is a panacea does that mean that people that live in sunny places, say Africa or the Indian subcontinent, Never get ill?

  10. jaycueaitch Says:

    Vaccines protect the vaccinated as well. If enough people are vaccinated, infections cannot spread, this is known as ‘herd immunity’ and protects those with compromised immune systems because they are not exposed to people carrying infections. Vaccines are good for the individual and good for society.

  11. vertigowooyay Says:

    Wow, this is really a talkback full of the most emormous burning stupid.

    “GO find your island and live in a bubble you sound like another pharma paid idiot named Ken that only thinks of himself. ”

    I particularly like it when antivaxx trolls turn on each other when their combined bullshit doesn’t tally, and start accusing each other of being Pig Farmer shills.

    All of you antivaxx idiots: proof of your claims please. And whining that Pig Farmer covers up the proof is just a mendacious way of admitting you have no proof.

    Other than that, please carry on with your death-hungry mentality that would prefer to see thousands of children die from preventable disease. You truly exemplify the notion of the banality of evil.

  12. vertigowooyay Says:


    Fat Finger Syndrome. Must be from teh vaccines.

  13. colmcq Says:

    Wow troll tastic.

    The symptoms of mercury poisoning are not identical to autism.

    There was never mercury in vaccines anyway; it was Thimeresol, a mercury *compound* which was a good, effective, cheap preservative, that was proven safe, and should never have been removed from vaccines.[It was tragically removed because the CDC buckled to the unevidenced demands of antivax fruit loops]

    • Stephanie (@Chloes11968) Says:

      Actually there are a few people who are grateful that thimeresol was removed, being so allergic to it, I no longer have to throw a fit to get the preservative free kind.

      But you know, I totally agree it’s damn shame when science is forced kow-tow to bullshit…

      I also LOVED the line about why there aren’t cases of adult onset autism. lol!

  14. Andysnat Says:

    For Linda, just in case —-

    “Mendacity” means lying.

  15. jdc325 Says:

    “Vaccines don’t cause autism they cause mercury poisoning and it is labeled autism to let the doctors off the hook that have caused this epidemic.”
    Then why are the symptoms of autism and mercury poisoning not identical?

  16. doomrock Says:

    “Then why are the symptoms of autism and mercury poisoning not identical?”
    I can’t see that being answered…….

  17. doomrock Says:

    Linda. “I had a strong healthy immune system until the mercury in vaccines trashed it”
    How was this established?

  18. nc Says:

    I’m not sure where you collected your research from. Read this. I have an 8 year history of learning first hand what heavy metals do.
    My son was exposed to arsenic. This was 9 years ago. First he felt like he had the flu. As time went on the flu like symptoms increased. Severe stomach problems, loss of appetite, head aches, night sweats, body aches and unable to sleep at night. After about 9 months, he began having bladder and kidney issues. Some urine tests would show signs of infections then the next one would not. That is when we began the neurologist night mare. He, along with all the above mention problems, had extreme testicular pain. He said it was like someone was standing on his testicles wearing high heels. He felt like he had to urinate all the time 24/7. We saw 7 urologists over the next 5 years. With each one I asked the no-no never to ask question. Do you think this can be heavy metal poisoning? All said no and now I know why. Another story for another day. Into the 2nd year, he developed pelvic floor disease. Look it up. It is one of those life long chronic diseases. He went to the Cleveland clinic. Waste of time and money. His skin had a yellowish brown hue. His eyes became dull. He was losing weight. Sometime during all of this he had blood in his stool. About the 5th year, he started have extreme pain in his hips. It was difficult to walk. His vision started to blur in the 6th year and he was sometimes dizzy. His joints began to lock up and became sore and stiff. He would have strange rashes. Last year he had 4 hip surgeries. He had the hips of a 55 year old and he was only 34. The surgeon could not understand why. I gave up trying to tell doctors what I suspected. In the past if I did, they would send us away and refuse to see him any more. The last 2 surgeries were for necrosis of the femoral heads. Look it up. Scary stuff. My son doesn’t drink, smoke or take steroids. There are other suspected reason for his medical problems. Heavy metal Body Burden. When the arsenic over burdened his liver, every single toxin he came in contact with was given free rein in his organs and tissue. The arsenic destroyed his liver that was over working to rid itself of the poison. When it no longer functioned his cholesterol, hormones, and mineral balance was destroyed. His digestive system stop. He began to starve to death. The metals create neurological problems. The brain can’t communicate with cellular development. Cellular destruction begins–Cancer. By the time I finally found a doctor that understands heavy metal poisoning, my son had gone from 220 pound to 168 pounds and was praying to die. The two doctors said his body function tests said he should have. Again no one can explain why he didn’t die. I think it is my job to tell this story. Save the world? I’m joking.

    A human body can handle some heavy metals. Each person’s ability is not the same. My son had 14 identified heavy metals by the time I finally found someone to listen to me. Don’t believe a doctor or a toxicologist if they say arsenic contact causes instant death. Instant death would have been less painful than 9 years of arsenic poisoning.

    No one wants to listen to me. No one wants to hear my story. It’s real, I have all the medical records to prove it. After a 10 week detox infusion program, with added glutathione, my son is gaining weight, he is no longer yellow and best of all his bright blue eyes are twinkling once again.

    If you think you have been exposed to any heavy metal–please find me. I can help. I get nothing for this. I just know the pain.

    I have arsenic as a search bulletin attached to my e mail. If you send out another request for arsenic help questions that need answers, I will help you some more. I could write a book.

    I sometimes I think I sound like a real kook. Then I look at the 3 inch binder that holds 8 years of a mystery and remember.

    I hope this helps. STOP THE FRACKING. That is not the reason my son is sick. I know first hand what arsenic does to someone that had never been sick a day in his life. Now we are worried if he will ever go back to work. Oh just think of the innocent children. I know there are so many sick people that are being told that it is all in their head. The chronic pain is caused (according to the great and powerful doctors) by depression. Take an anti depression pill and it will all go away. NO IT WON”T. My son is taking nothing. At one time, he was taking 14 prescribed medications a day. Not one of them help fix the problems. All were prescribed to cover it up. When they didn’t work the doctor said “Sorry, I can’t help you anymore. You are depressed”.
    Find me if you need help.

    most research was found through Wikipedia
    some Web MD–not much
    testing facility with a great web site http://www.neuroscienceinc.comdoctorboynton@gmail.com Dr David Boynton http://www.everybodyshealth.net

  19. nc Says:

    The story about the 9 year mystery was not written by dr. maxwell as it seems to note on your blogg. This is the doctor that is treating my son.
    I, the mom of the poisoned person wrote the article. The references at the end of my blogg are the docs that are helping. This is my story and they had or have any interest in this blogg.


  20. Deflectig Criticism 2 – Ad Hom Attacks « Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] the FDA pay to dispute anything they can’t control or profit from”. A more recent critic says “Why do you care anyway Jay, you appear to have a chip on your shoulder or big paycheck you […]

  21. Deflecting Criticism 2 – Ad Hom Attacks « Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] the FDA pay to dispute anything they can’t control or profit from”. A more recent critic says “Why do you care anyway Jay, you appear to have a chip on your shoulder or big paycheck you […]

  22. Dude Says:

    Some people asked why mercury poisoned people didn’t demonstrate the exact symptoms of autistic people?

    1. Autistics have SEVERAL metal toxicities, not only mercury. i.e. lead, aluminum, arsenic, cadium, etc.

    2. Mercury remains in their brains for a longer period than a normal person, so even if the mercury is cleared out the damage would be far more extensive because of their slow detoxification system.

  23. Kris Says:

    Hi, anyone know anything about bismuth and/or antimony poisoning? We suspect a family member was poisoned with these 2 HM’s 10 years ago. They still have mild versions of the original symptoms. We need help to ascertain whether this is a chronic issue as a result of the initial exposure of perhaps continual low-level exposure on items they own which may still carry traces of the HMs. Any way we can test this? Any advice would be helpful. Can either of these HMs be transferred via touch? Can they be ingested through the skin? Regards, Kris

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Asking for medical advice over the internet is most unwise. I suggest you consult your doctor. Though I have never heard of heavy metal poisoning being transferred by touch.

  24. nc Says:

    We are cleaning up heavy metal poisons. We believe the beginning symptoms began 10 years ago while working as a pipe fitter. I have learned way too much to write on this response page. Heavy metals are tricky things. The change the body chemistry and hide in organs while pretending to be the necessary trace minerals a body needs. Over time the neurological balances in the brain become dysfunctional and the cleaning organs over work and break down disabling them from doing their job. The ions in the metals create holes in the intestines and allow more toxins to re enter into the blood stream. This is called re toxification. The metals ions sneak into the soft tissues in become trapped as the persons auto immune system works to trap and remove. This causes the auto immune systems to flood the body with white blood cells that end up in the joints and cause joint pain. As the metals try to leave the body though the skin – rashes are seen in those areas. The joints become stiff and arthritis like. The millions of lymph nodes get over filled with toxins and white blood cells causing extreme pain. This pain can be in the groin, hips, knees, arm pits, below the rib cage, behind the eyes, in the neck, ankles, feet–another words every where. Vision can be impaired due to the swelling. Head aches are quite often a problem. As the body moves these toxins around so do the unexplainable pain symptoms. This make the poisoned person look crazy. Then the doctor prescribes all kinds of med to fix these symptoms- no to get into trouble I will not say which ones-all of which aggravates the entire problem and makes a cause for more drugs. As more time goes on the hormonal system of the body get destroyed. Now a person’s cholesterol is not balanced and the ability to digest food is becoming unraveled.

    Another words, heavy metal poison needs to be addressed years later. A person has to detox correctly and on a slow go schedule. Symptoms of heavy metal can come and go. It depends if the metals are actively circulating though the body or safely hiding in the bones (like lead pretends to be calcium and pushes the mineral calcium out and makes the bones brittle) or aluminum that hides in the brain and causes neurological issues.

    We searched and searched for 10 years. By the time I finally found the answers the hips had been totally compromised. It took 4 hit surgeries within a 10 month period to save them. We are still in this process. We are still removing 26 metals that so many doctors told us was not the cause or there. Look up metallosis. The medical world is finally having to admit that this is happening due to hip replacements. Someday they will also have to admit that a person can get the same health issues from environmental contact and work place exposure. We don’t have or every have we had hip implants–we just have the same medical problems with no place to go. So we figured it out by ourselves while we did battle with uneducated western trained determined to kill us doctors.

    I am not going to proof this–I have spent enough time trying to educate you and 1000000 of others that have found me looking for answers.

    If you want to contact me so I can put you in the final direction for testing and wellness–email me nclaytor@cinci.rr.com

    I get nothing except a good night sleep every time some one contacts me and within 3 months they are feeling better. The few doctors that I found that are not afraid to fight the status quo make the money. I just get the satisfaction of knowing my last 10 years of suffering were for a reason.

    Good luck and I hope I helped. Heavy metal poisoning is the same no matter what metal a person originally came in contact with. The symptoms end up in the same order and doing the same destructive slow painful death pattern.

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