Strikers’ Demo, London 28 March 2012

There’s been a bit in the news about the teachers’ strike over pensions on Wednesday but remarkably little about the demonstration that took place in London that day. So here are some pictures taken by someone who was there:

Incidently, for those who still believe the Government line that the pensions campaign is just public sector workers protecting their ‘gold-plated’ pensions, the demo was joined by some employees of a Ford subsidiary that has been run into the ground. Their pension fund has apparantly done likewise.

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One Response to “Strikers’ Demo, London 28 March 2012”

  1. Prateek Buch (@prateekbuch) Says:

    you may be interested in this little-reported development –

    can’t promise that it will mean the end to insulting pensions in public and private sector, but there’s little doubt it’s a step in the right direction!



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