Xocai, Norwegian Bloggers and the Streisand Effect

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have debunked the health claims made by some for xocai chocolate – and had run-ins with their marketeers as a result. However, my iss ues with them pale into significance when compared to the experiences of some Norwegian bloggers:

One blogger received this delightful missive:


As the Association of Norwegian Xoçai Members, we have in the past year received hundreds of angry calls from our members regarding your blog [anonymised].no.

The vast majority of our members think enough is enough acc. your libelous claims about the product and brand Xocai, the company MXI Corp. and company representatives – where everything that has been written in your blog for a long time now been sent to the company’s lawyers in the United States.

In connection with this, we have also had numerous requests to expand on your blog and your person at our website, which we now finally has been accepted on the basis of submitted information.

You can read more about the report at: http://www.sjokoservice.no

In recent weeks the Association has also received numerous emails from Norwegian Xoçai members, with attachments as follows below.

From what we’ve been told, this information these days has been sent out to approx. 9000 members only in Norway, as well as all your colleagues in the (the blogger’s place of work).

It is clear that someone has done a significant work by obtaining this information.

We cannot speculate who are behind this, and why the information about your family and home address have been sent out to our members all across Norway , but in light of the information we received, we expect that the likelihood is great that you are going to get some calls in the coming weeks to come from many Norwegian Xoçai members.

Association Sjokoservice Norway

There then follows directions to the bloggers home and pictures of members of his family. The threat is clear “We know where you live and may turn up mob-handed”.

Clearly the Norwegian Xocai shills have never heard of the Streisand effect because the story then turned up here, here (where we see a certain Adam Paul Green using the same creepy tactic against Norwegian bloggers as he has against me – hijacking critics’ names to use in the urls of his own websites) and here.

I really urge you to click and read that last link. It is the translation of a Norwegian blog post giving the full story of the threats and intimidation meted out to those who dare hold xocai sales patter up to scrutiny. Anybody who has waded through the comments left on my blog by xocai sales shills will be aware that they like to portray themselves as some sort of cottage industry fighting off the machinations of Big Pharma. The experience of bloggers in Norway make clear that the sales-teams over there are little more than criminal gangs who intimidate those who threaten their income stream. Frankly, I don’t think the situation is any better elsewhere in the world – I had a xocai sales shill claim that the product had been approved by Health Canada – a simple exchange of emails exposed that lie. There is also the creepy behaviour of Adam Paul Green as previously outlined. The whole xocai network needs to be investigated.

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5 Responses to “Xocai, Norwegian Bloggers and the Streisand Effect”

  1. Gunnar R Tjomlid Says:

    I’m the Norwegian blogger who startet the scandal in Norway and wrote about it on my blog tjomlid.com. Jay, I need to contact you about this blogpost. Can you please email me?

    Feel free to delete this comment afterwards…

  2. dharmaFarm (@dharmaFarm) Says:

    This story has now been covered independently in an English-language Ponzi Scheme and Internet Crime watchdog site http://www.patrickpretty.com: http://www.patrickpretty.com/2012/07/04/recommended-reading-the-age-of-evolving-mlm-radicalism-behindmlm-reports-on-lawsuit-threats-and-security-taunts-directed-at-blogger-who-took-issue-with-how-american-mlm-brand-xocai-chocolate-was/

  3. Silencing Critics: Legal Chill « Stuff And Nonsense Says:

    […] JQH wrote about Association Sjokoservice Norway threatening Norwegian bloggers who’d written about Xocai. Rate this:Share this:StumbleUponDiggRedditEmailFacebookTwitterLike […]

  4. A Sixth Year of Steam | Letting Off Steam Says:

    […] name</a> with the likely aim of manipulating google rankings and the <a href=”https://jaycueaitch.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/xocai-norwegian-bloggers-and-the-streisand-effect/&#8221&#8230; behaviour of Norwegian xocai sellers</a> it is clear that you can’t be too […]

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