Deflecting Criticism – Accusing the Critic

The internet rants of live blood analyst Errol Denton have prompted me to resume my survey of the methods used by quacks to deflect criticism. As the title of this posts suggests, one method is to accuse the critic of something more reprehensible than the behaviour of the quack.

In this case, Denton accuses his critics Jo Brodie and Josephine Jones of being racists. Jones has written a number of blogposts showing that live blood analysis has not a jot of evidence to support it plus she and Brodie have reported such quacks to the Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards, which has prompted rants such as this one:

Messages of support and mobilisation have began against this evil duo. One message left read Josephine Jones is “ a con artist and a criminal” others have joined the battle group and now the RACIST lynch mob will be challenged. More troops welcome to battle against this evil RACIST scum.

Sociopathic RACIST bullies Jo Brodie and cohort Josephine Jones are yet again in deep denial. Their denial of the fact that they are indeed RACISTS has become tedious with continuos attempts to use spin to change the subject.

What is the subject? Ah Yes Josephine Jones filthy Sociopathic RACIST. Jo Brodie Sociopathic RACIST. No twisting and slithering off the subject like a devious serpent. No using the ASA as an excuse it does not wash. No one has given these RACISTS the authority to be biased judge jury and executioner. The only authority is their Sociopathic MISLEADING RACIST minds.

Josephine Jones, Jo Brodie MISLEADING the public that you are not a RACIST is pathetic. The truth cuts like a knife to someone who is lying that is why it hurts you. If it were ludicrous that you are Sociopathic RACISTS (Which indeed you are) then you would merely laugh and ignore it. Errol Denton has been called a quack Doctor for the past 2 years by you and has laughed and ignored it. The fact that you are so desperate to try to ‘CON’ Vince everyone that you are not RACISTS speaks volumes about your shame. Sticks and stones may break ones bones but names can never harm one (unless it is the truth that is) People in glass houses should not throw stones. Stop MISLEADING the public Sociopathic RACISTS JO Brodie and Josephine Jones.

Jo Brodie Josephine Jones you are the archetypal Sociopathic RACIST NAZI. You hurl abuse and insults such as quack etc etc but you cannot take the truth when labeled RACISTS. FREEDOM of SPEECH you hurl to defame the characters of your victims. Then you say “Foul I am not a RACIST” Stop MISLEADING people you are RACISTS.


In my humble opinion his ravings could do with a good fisking by a psychiatrist. For the moment I’ll just stick to the implicit assumption that if a white person (assuming Jones and Brodie are in fact white of course) criticises a black, the motivation can only be racism. The best way of countering this is to look at the evidence. This has already been done:

Totting up these figures reveals that, of 107 identifiable individuals who are criticised on Jones’ blog, 83% are white, 12% are of unknown race, 3% are black and 2% are Asian. (The list includes every named person I could track down, but omits several companies whose owners can’t easily be found.)

Of the 94 inviduals whose ethnicity is known, 89 (95%) are white and 5% are non-white. According to this there are 9.1 million non-whites in the UK, ie they constitute 14% of the population and thus are under represented among Jones’ targets. The allegation of racism thus does not stand up.


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