When Is Additive-Free Not Additive-Free?

It’s January so the diet industry will be gearing up to sell its products to over-indulgers. One such company is MXI, purveyors of xocai chocolate. And this is their offering, a natural cold pressed product with no preservatines or additives. Hmmm.

Given the prominence of the word “xocai” on the package you’d expect some sort of chocolate product. However, if we examine the list of ingredients we find that the first listed is whey protein isolate, a by-product of cheese manufacture used by some athletes to build muscle tissue. I will grant that the second commonest ingredient is cocoa fibre.

The third commenest is moltodextrin [digestion reistant type]. According to the link:-

Resistant maltodextrins are typically produced by purposeful rearrangement of starch or hydrolyzed starch to convert a portion of the normal alpha-1,4 glucose linkages to random 1,2-, 1,3- and 1,4-alpha or beta linkages. The human digestive system effectively digests only alpha– 1,4 linkages, therefore the other linkages render the molecules restant to digestion.

I am not really sure how adding artificially manipulated starch fits in with the claim to have no additives. I wonder if they do any better with the “no presevatives” claim? Looking down that list we find “High oleic sunflower oil (with tocopherol added to preserve freshness)”. Sounds like a preservative to me!

Other additives in the approximately fifty ingredients of this additive free meal replacement include sucralose an artificially chlorinated sugar known in Europe as the additive E955 and vanadyl sulfate which is extracted from petroleum residues.

I could go through the pros and cons of these and other additives but to be frank that would produce a very long and possibly not very interesting blogpost. Suffice to say that despite what it says on the package, this product is not additive and preservative free and despite the picture of cocoa beans and the description of the product as “extreme dark chocolate”, the biggest single constituent is not a chocolate product of any description. And the answer to the question posed in the blog-title is clearly “when it’s xocai meal replacement”.


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