A Sixth Year of Steam

This will be a somewhat shorter than usual post as I’ve not blogged since May so there’s not so much on which to report.

The year began with MXI’s meal replacement therapy, which was not quite as additive free or choclaty as the label might suggest. Incidentally, the link I give in that post no longer leads to the product description. I know Xocai salesman Adam Paul Green reads this blog so perhaps blogging on their claims for their products is having some effect.

Just in case the xocai brigade might now claim this product never existed, here is a somewhat more gushing review of it.

It may seem a little paranoid to express such a concern but given that Adam Paul Green has in the past stolen my blogging name with the likely aim of manipulating google rankings and the Mafia-like behaviour of Norwegian xocai sellers it is clear that you can’t be too careful.

Other dodgy health claims covered were a magic drinking water bottle, the Guardian’s credulous and ignorant coverage of an Egyptian health scamand an unethical and incompetently set up homeopathy trial.

And that concluded my blogging year. Family issues (with which I will not bore you) got in the way. I hope to resume blogging in 2014 but I’m not sure if I will manage it. As I look around the house I see an awful lot of work that will consume a fair bit of my free time. But if I see a particularly egregious, piece of nonsense, I am sure I’ll be tempted back.


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