Are Energy Efficient Boilers Any Good?

I ask because I recently received my energy usage statement from EdF and as a result I’m starting to have my doubts.

Is this much of a saving?

Gas Usage Statement

I had a new boiler installed in April last year as the previous one was pretty much kaput. I had one of the allegedly energy efficient condenser boilers installed as per current requirements. As you can see, my energy usage in the subsequent twelve months was down by a magnificent 6.676%. Not quite the huge savings I had been led to expect but better than a poke in the eye I suppose.

But then I got to thinking: the post Christmas period this year was a lot milder than last year so the heating was on a lot less anyway. How much of the saving was due to that rather than the much hyped efficiency of the new boiler. I suppose I’ll find out the next cold winter we have.

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