About jaycueaitch

I normally post on forums as JQH but since wordpress doesn’t allow three letter user names I spelled it out. I suppose I could have used my real name! My previous attempts at blogging were on my aol account – I’ve added links to them in my blogroll if anyone is interested.

I’m a lab tech, live with my wife, stepdaughter and cat in South London. I have been reading and contributing to Bad Science for over a year and this blog is part of the War on Woo.

12 Responses to “About jaycueaitch”

  1. David Colquhoun Says:

    I don’t seem to have any record that we communicated before. I’m now wishing that I’d checked to site of Philip Porter straight away. I’d have realised I was wasting my time on him.
    The evangelical fervour of these guys is amazing uh?


  2. jaycueaitch Says:

    Me too. I covered Scenar at https://jaycueaitch.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/scenar-bioresonance/
    Ageed on the evangelism, though I do wonder how much extra income they generate by trolling sites such as this.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Good day.

    My name is Zura. I am from Georgia.

    A company named MXI corp., with a healthy chocolate, named Xocai, has been quite popular in our country recently. I have read some posts of yours here about their company and this product. But they are all old – date back into 2009 (or at least what i managed to find). Can you please please provide me with some newer information about Xocai – especially if they had been approved in UK.


    • jaycueaitch Says:

      The fact that you call it “healthy” suggests you have already made up your mind. As for providing newer information, most of the websites have been taken down. Draw your own conclusions.

  4. Zura Says:

    Yes – I have made up my mind.. but my decision is negative. I did not like it mostly because i could not find any evidence of its “healthiness”. And I call it “healthy” just so you can understand what I am talking about :)))

    I am really interested whether it has been approved by some Health officicals in UK. I’d appreciate your help.

    • jaycueaitch Says:

      Fair enough.

      To the best of my knowledge, the health claims have not been approved by any health authorities anywhere.

      The claims by one commenter here that it had been approved by Health Canada turned out to be lies.

  5. carolyn Says:

    Your article “The Man Who Would Be “Cracker” was really interesting. I just finished it and feel like it addresses some important problems in the British system. Would it be okay if I used a portion of the post for a new blog post my writing team would be creating in the future?


    Carolyn Pinker

  6. Lacedeck Says:

    I’ve been waiting for somebody to combat ” The Health Ranger ” – the guy is disappointingly popular in the US ‘twitter-sphere’ – facts be damned. Keep up the good work

  7. Karl Wilhelm Tjensvoll Says:

    Jaycueaitch, Please contact me by mail. I really like the blog, and I hope you could help us in Norway on the issue with Xocai.

  8. keirliddle Says:

    Want to write for the twenty first floor by any chance?

  9. GRCOOTE Says:

    Hi Jay,

    Apologies for spamming your posts with requests for communication with ex UCKG members.

    A few colleagues and I are producing an investigation into them over the next few weeks and are currently hunting for case studies.

    Please do get in touch if you know of anyone who might have something to say about them.

    Great job on the UCKG posts. They’re an extraordinary organisation… Have a look at the ‘Winners Chapel’ as well if you’re on the look out for similar millionaire, demon-delivering institutions to get worked up about.


  10. alcaponejunior Says:

    Hey it’s al capone junior. Can you pls email me? I have lost my way! Thanks!

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