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Warsi on Secular Society

February 15, 2012

Baroness Warsi has been complaining about the ‘militant secularisation’ of society and the ‘marginilisation of religion’. If she means that the views of the religious are not deferred to in policy making, she is probably right but does she really want to change that? As a Muslim, she should perhaps be careful what she wishes for. (more…)

Stuff Benedict XVI

September 26, 2010

I have been giving some thought to the Pope’s pronouncements while he was in the UK. (more…)

Atheism and Society

June 29, 2010

I have followed and participated in numerous net debates on science, religion and atheism over the years (and in many more off-line) and am increasingly of the view that our culture is ill-equipped to cope with people who publicly profess their atheism. (more…)

The ‘Health Ranger’ Backtracks (a bit)

January 30, 2010

[BPSDB]Mike Adams, the self-appointed ‘Health Ranger’ seems to be getting a tad defensive about his anti-sceptic diatribe (more…)

‘Tis The Season…

December 13, 2007

December always seems to bring out the self-righteous and self-satisfied out in force. Take this gem from the letters page of today’s Metro, for example:- (more…)