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Strange Attempt to Link Bad Science to a Suicide

January 7, 2014

A blogger appears to be blaming the Bad Science forum for a suicide. (more…)

The GMC Owes Stuart Jones An Apology

November 26, 2011

If anyone ever wondered why ‘Jonas’ chose to make his complaint about Dr. Sarah Myhill to the GMC ‘anonymously’, then they are now being answered by the extemist wing of the CFS/ME activist movement. (more…)

WHO, Big Pharma and the Swine Flu Vaccine

June 8, 2010

[BPSDB] A number of news articles, such as this one in the Guardian have covered financial links between World Health Organisation advisors and pharmaceutical companies. Naturally, NaturalNews gets in on the act with a typically measured piece from Mike Adams: (more…)

Cult Medicine

May 4, 2010

[BPSDB]I do not recall hearing anything about Doctor Sarah Myhill until I read this thread on the Bad Science forum. In the opening post forum member Jonas expressed some concerns about information on Dr Myhill’s website and added that he had reported it to the General Medical Council. (more…)

ODD Paranoia

March 28, 2010

[BPSDB] Over at NaturalNews, Mike Adams seems to be sliding towards levels of paranoia. He has taken to posting rants about an ‘American medical dictatorship’ such as this one which displays serious confusion about the nature of vaccination. (more…)

Hanging On to St. Wakefield

March 14, 2010

[BPSDB]It will probably surprise absolutely nobody to learn that NaturalNews are Wakefield defenders, although in this item by Aaron Turpen we can see a few goalposts being shifted. (more…)

The ‘Health Ranger’ and Our Precious Bodily Fluids

March 2, 2010

[BPSDB] Mike Adams is turning into a parody of himself. If I had read this just about anywhere other than NaturalNews, I would have thought the author was taking the piss. (more…)

Mike Adams versus the Sceptics

January 26, 2010

[BPSDB]Mike Adams, the self-styled ‘Health Ranger’, has decided to debunk scepticism here. He claims that the views he describes have been pulled from sceptic websites but he gives no links. (more…)

The “Health Ranger” On Nutrition

August 22, 2009

[BPSDB]Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews and self-styled “Health Ranger” thinks we’re all ignorant when it comes to our health. He writes:- (more…)

Swine Flu Paranoia

August 9, 2009

[BPSDB]It would appear that there is more to Natural News than Louise Mclean’s homeopathy factoids. There’s this where the American anti-government paranoia combines with the antivaxxer mind set to produce ravings whose last tenuous connection with reality has been broken. (more…)