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Shiitake Mushrooms and Cervical Cancer

April 18, 2014

The Daily Mail’s Project Oncology appears to have discovered shiitake mushrooms with an item headlined “Could MUSHROOMS prevent cervical cancer?” Inevitably, this possible natural cancer cure has been picked up by Natural News. (more…)

What Doctors Don’t Tell You – the Magazine

September 30, 2012

Yesterday I picked up a copy of a new magazine called “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” which is clearly linked to the website of the same name. If you think from the title that the contents would be full of alleged health secrets that the medical establishment are with-holding from you, you’d be right. This blogpost just covers a sample of the contents. To do them justice would require a whole series of posts which I don’t have time to research and write at the moment. (more…)

Unhappy Herbalist

April 20, 2011

It would seem that some herbalists are not happy about the EU’s Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD). This is the directive that requires all herbal remedies sold over the counter to be approved by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and that some herbal remedies only be available on prescription from practitioners meeting strict guidelines. Since herbal remedies are being sold as medicine, and (unlike homeopathy) do have a pharmecological effect on the body, who can possibly object to that? (more…)

Mike Adams versus the Sceptics

January 26, 2010

[BPSDB]Mike Adams, the self-styled ‘Health Ranger’, has decided to debunk scepticism here. He claims that the views he describes have been pulled from sceptic websites but he gives no links. (more…)

The Pills of Rath

April 17, 2009

[BPSDB]The vitamin-peddlar Matthias Rath tried sueing Ben Goldacre and the Guardian newspaper when Ben reported on his activities. As a result, a chapter on Rath had to be cut from the trade paperback edition of his book. It shows what happens when nutritionistas who pander to the Western worried well apply their notions to the Third World. The activities of Rath and his acolytes and the fact that not one alternative practitioner condemned Rath’s activities shows the rotten-ness at the heart of CAM. Ben and his publishers have made the chapter freely available so if you’ve not read it yet you can here if you wish to (more…)

It’s All Gone Quiet Over There

April 1, 2008

Anybody who has read the works of homeopaths such as Dana Ullman or Sue Young will know they often bang on about “allopathy” and “iatrogenic illnesses”. Allopathy means “intending to cause symptoms different to those manifested by the patient” (homeopathy means “cause the same symptoms…”)  “iatrogenic” means “caused by doctors” although homeopaths use it to refer to the side effects of drugs. So if a patient had been killed by a medication sold by a big industry, you’d expect the homeopaths to be shouting about it from the roof-tops, wouldn’t you?