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I have no objections to links in your comments but links unaccompanied by text are treated as spam by the system. I don’t always have time to check the spam filter before it is emptied so if you want to be sure of not being treated as spam, please include some relevent commentry.

One Response to “Posting Comments”

  1. Karl Wilhelm Tjensvoll Says:

    Hi! I read your article on Xocai choloate some time back. We just now have a case in Norway, where Xocai is suing two Norwegian bloggers for a 7 digit sum for criticizing their product. The norwegian Xocai community has gone as far as posting his personal details at their website, encouraging their members to visit him personaly. They have also sent several threats and denied every apology or attempt to fix any problems.

    Here’s a link in Norwegian, u can propably run it through google translate.

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