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A Sixth Year of Steam

December 31, 2013

This will be a somewhat shorter than usual post as I’ve not blogged since May so there’s not so much on which to report.


A Fifth Year of Steam

December 30, 2012

My fifth year of blogging has proved interesting in that it has supplied evidence that I’m getting under the skin of one of the dodgy characters I write about. I’m not talking about the personal abuse and snarky comments posted by homeopaths, scenar salesmen and UCKG mouthpieces but someone stealing my name to use in the url of his sales blogs. (more…)

A Xocai Salesman Doesn’t Seem to Like Me

April 30, 2012

Someone by the name of Adam Paul Green has taken a keen, if not obsessive interest in my blog. As will swiftly become clear, he’s a Xocai chocolate salesman. (more…)