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Joseph Chikelue Obi is Feeling the Heat

February 21, 2008

It is beginning to look like Joseph Chikelue Obi’s attempts to silence criticism of his quackery has been a spectacular own-goal. (more…)

Netcetera Cave In

February 18, 2008

Like Bold Sir Robin in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, web hosts Netcetera have bravely turned their tails and fled. On 23 January I described how a ludicrous quack, the self-styled “Professor Doctor” Joseph Chikelue Obi attempted to silence legitimate criticism of him on Quackometer. (more…)

Quacks versus Quackometer

January 23, 2008

Once again a quack is using legal threats to silence criticism. Read about it here. And once again the invertebrates running Netcetera have caved in. (more…)