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Atheism and Society

June 29, 2010

I have followed and participated in numerous net debates on science, religion and atheism over the years (and in many more off-line) and am increasingly of the view that our culture is ill-equipped to cope with people who publicly profess their atheism. (more…)

Oh, The Hypocrisy

May 31, 2008

You’ve probably heard by now that Tony Blair wants to unite all religions. The man’s Messianic attitude is getting seriously out of hand. (more…)

Do Not Keep Silent

May 28, 2008

Early in the film “Jesus Camp” , we hear the words “We must not keep silent in this time of decision”. One of the few views expressed that I agreed with. (more…)

‘Tis The Season…

December 13, 2007

December always seems to bring out the self-righteous and self-satisfied out in force. Take this gem from the letters page of today’s Metro, for example:- (more…)